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Odd CB bands:
Thailand - CB78
Thailand - CB245

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The CB-band is usually allocated to the segment 26.965-27.405 (most countries where CB is allowed) divided into 40 channels.
There are a few other allocations as well. Check out some of them here...

Note! Some of the transceivers in this section are marketed as "10 meter amateur transceiver", but are generally really made for
the CB/freeband/export market.

In the 70's and 80's, a huge number of CB radios were made in Japan, with various PCB:s manufactured by Cybernet Electronics.
In 1979, Cybernet became an affiliate to Kyocera Asia. In 1982, Cybernet, along with three other affiliates, merged with Kyoto
Ceramic Co. Ltd. to form Kyocera Corporation. Kyoto Ceramic Co. Ltd. itself was founded in 1959 as a company specializing
in fine ceramics. You have probably seen some of their ceramic IF filters.

Many CB designs are easy to convert for 10 m ham use.


PixModModelQRGModeMax P/OChannels

Acoms AT-100026.965-27.405 MHzFM? mW1

Alan EL-84326.965-27.405 MHzAM? mW1

Alan RC-3026.965-27.405 MHzFM100 mW3

Alan 3826.965-27.405 MHzAM5 W40

Albrecht AE-2990 AFSMultinormAM/FM/SSB4 W40/80/454

Asahi AW-200026.965-27.405 MHzFM? mW1

Asahi TR-30626.965-27.255 MHzAM? mW1

Belcom GT-2226.965-27.255 MHzAM2 W2

Cherokee AH-27F26.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40

Cherokee AH-10026.965-27.405 MHzAM/SSB4 W40

Cobra 38 WX ST26.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40

Colonel PR-24A26.965-27.255 MHzAM1 W2

Commander TC-1626.965-27.255 MHzAM100 mW1

Commander 78226.965-27.255 MHzAM3.5 W6

Com-Talk CT-99826.965-27.405 MHzFM200 mW1

Com-Talk GEE-60426.965-27.405 MHzFM220 mW2

Com-Talk GEE-88826.965-27.405 MHzFM4 W3

Com-Talk GEE-89826.965-27.405 MHzFM1 W2

Com-Talk GEE-98826.965-27.405 MHzFM100 mW1

Conrad Pocket Com 4026.965-27.405 MHzFM4 W40

Danita Beta 226.965-27.405 MHzFM220 mW2

Danita 8626.965-27.405 MHzFM0.4 W6

Danita 30126.965-27.405 MHzFM3 W40

Danita 60826.965-27.405 MHzFM4 W40

Dragon SS-20125.165-29.695 MHzAM/FM/SSB6 W454

Eico FB-1026.965-27.255 MHzAM? W?

Eico 740E26.965-27.255 MHzAM? W?

Emperor P-180226.965-27.255 MHzAM1 W2

Euro CB Pro-55026.965-27.405 MHzAM/FM4 W40

Eurosonic Ultimate26.965-27.405 MHz
27.60125-27.99125 MHz
FM4 W40 (CEPT) + 40 (UK)

Fanon T-061 "Vagabond"26.965-27.255 MHzAM70 mW1

Fanon T-40026.965-27.255 MHzAM100 mW3

Fanon T-60026.965-27.255 MHzAM1 W3

Fanon T-80026.965-27.255 MHzAM2.2 W6

Fanon T-90926.965-27.255 MHzAM3.2 W6

Fintec FC-2426.965-27.405 MHzFM4 W40

Franzens FS-5A26.965-27.255 MHzAM3.5 W6

GRE-Phone 10A26.965-27.255 MHzAM100 mW1

Ham International Select26.065-27.855 MHzAM/FM4 W160

Handic Micman26.965-27.405 MHzFM1 W2

Handic 1526.965-27.255 MHzAM0.6 W2

Handic 2126.965-27.255 MHzAM0.7 W2

Handic 2426.965-27.255 MHzAM/FM2 W24

Handic 3126.965-27.255 MHzAM? W?

Handic 3226.965-27.255 MHzAM1.3 W3

Handic 3626.965-27.255 MHzAM? W?

Handic 43C26.965-27.255 MHzAM1.8 W4

Handic 43CH26.965-27.255 MHzAM? W4

Handic 6226.965-27.255 MHzAM? W?

Handic 6427-31 MHzAM/FM1.5 W6

Handic 65C26.965-27.255 MHzAM3 W6

Herton TR-1007PR26.965-27.255 MHzAM? W2

Highland HP-56526.965-27.255 MHzAM2 W3

Hy-Gain 11 (1291)26.965-27.255 MHzAM1 W3

Hy-Gain 12 (1292)26.965-27.255 MHzAM4 W6

Intek H-520 Plus25.615-30.105 MHzAM/FM4 W40 (400)

ITM CB-2026.965-27.255 MHzAM1 W2

ITM CB-3026.965-27.255 MHzAM3 W3

Kraco 312A26.965-27.255 MHzAM3 W12

Lafayette Dyna-Com 3A26.965-27.255 MHzAM3 W3

Lafayette Dyna-Com 3B26.965-27.255 MHzAM? W?

Lafayette Dyna-Com 12A26.965-27.255 MHzAM5 W12

Lafayette Dyna-Com 2326.965-27.255 MHzAM5 W23

Lafayette Explorer26.965-27.405 MHzAM2 W3

Lafayette HA-73A26.965-27.255 MHzAM100 mW2

Lafayette HA-30326.965-27.255 MHzAM? W?

Lafayette HA-31026.965-27.255 MHzAM1 W3

Lafayette HA-310A26.965-27.255 MHzAM1.5 W3

Lafayette HA-71126.965-27.255 MHzAM1 W3

Magnum 101224.890-29.690 MHzAM/FM/SSB4 W40 (454)

Maycom AH-2726.965-27.405 MHz
27.60125-27.99125 MHz
FM4 W40 (CEPT) + 40 (UK)

Maxon HCB-10A26.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40

Maxon HCB-40WX26.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40 + 10 weather channels

Midland 13-11326.965-27.255 MHzAM100 mW1

Midland 13-123S26.965-27.255 MHzAM70 mW2

Midland 13-124C26.965-27.255 MHzAM100 mW3

Midland 13-13026.965-27.255 MHzAM1 W3

Midland 13-42626.965-27.255 MHzAM100 mW2

Midland 13-42926.965-27.255 MHzAM100 mW3

Midland 13-69826.965-27.255 MHzAM1 W2

Midland 13-724S26.965-27.255 MHzAM1.5 W3

Midland 13-72526.965-27.255 MHzAM2 W3

Midland 13-727E26.965-27.255 MHzAM1.5 W3

Midland 13-72926.965-27.255 MHzAM2 W3

Midland 13-762S26.965-27.255 MHzAM3.5 W3

Midland 13-76326.965-27.255 MHzAM3.5 W3

Midland 13-770B26.965-27.255 MHzAM5 W6

Midland 13-77226.965-27.255 MHzAM3.5 W12

Midland 13-77626.965-27.255 MHzAM3.5 W6

Midland 13-777E26.965-27.255 MHzAM3.5 W6

Midland 13-77926.965-27.255 MHzAM3.5 W6

Midland 13-785S26.965-27.255 MHzAM3.5 W3

Midland 13-79526.965-27.255 MHzAM3.5 W23

Midland 13-79626.965-27.255 MHzAM3.5 W23

Midland 75-719B26.965-27.255 MHzAM2 W3

Midland 75-764B26.965-27.255 MHzAM3.5 W3

Midland/Alan 3626.965-27.405 MHzFM4 W40

Midland/Alan 80/A26.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40

Midland/Alan 9526.965-27.405 MHzAM/FM4 W40

Midland/Alan 95 Plus26.965-27.405 MHzAM/FM4 W40 (400)

Midland/Alan 9826.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40 (120)

Midland M-4226.965-27.405 MHz
27.60125-27.99125 MHz
FM4 W40 (CEPT) + 40 (UK)

Minix 50 T/226.690-27.280 MHzAM0.1 W2

National Panasonic RJ-2726.965-27.255 MHzAM100 mW1

National Panasonic RJ-2826.965-27.255 MHzAM100 mW1

Nordland 20026.965-27.405 MHzFM4 W40

Pancom TR-100826.965-27.255 MHzAM? W?

Pocket-Com XB-100A26.965-27.255 MHzAM65 mW2

Pony CB-1626.965-27.255 MHzAM100 mW1

Pony CB-2626.965-27.255 MHzAM125 mW1

Pony CB-3626.965-27.255 MHzAM1.5 W2

Pony CB-46A26.965-27.255 MHzAM2 W2

President Glenn26.965-27.405 MHz
(26.065-28.755 MHz)
AM/FM4 W40 (240)

President Randy26.965-27.405 MHzAM/FM4 W40

President Randy IIMultinormAM/FM4 W27, 40 or 80

Realistic TRC-201 (21-1630)26.965-27.405 MHzAM2 W3

Realistic TRC-206 (21-1635)26.965-27.405 MHzAM3 W3

Realistic TRC-208 (21-1651)26.965-27.405 MHzAM5 W6

Realistic TRC-210 (21-1661)26.965-27.405 MHzAM5 W40

Realistic TRC-214 (21-1637)26.965-27.405 MHzAM3 W3

SAAB Pocket26.965-27.255 MHz
(25-45 MHz)
AM50 mW1

SBE Cascade (SBE-3CB)26.965-27.255 MHzAM3 W6

SBE Cascade II (SBE-5CB)26.965-27.255 MHzAM4 W6

SBE Cascade III (SBE-15CB)26.965-27.255 MHzAM4 W3

SBE Shasta I (SBE-31CB)26.965-27.255 MHzAM3.5 W6

SBE Shasta II (SBE-25CB)26.965-27.255 MHzAM4 W6

SBE Shasta III (SBE-24CB)26.965-27.255 MHzAM0.5 W3

Sharp CBT-5526.965-27.255 MHzAM? W?

Sharp Twincomm DX26.965-27.255 MHzAM? W?

Sharp Twincomm 5026.965-27.255 MHzAM? W?

Shinwa P-80026.965-27.405 MHzFM2 W40

Silver Star WE-910A26.965-27.255 MHzAM100 mW1

SR H-2426.965-27.255 MHzAM3.5 W24

Stabo SH-620026.965-27.405 MHzAM/FM4 W40

Svera TC-160726.965-27.255 MHzAM3.5 W3

Sydimport PR-1B26.965-27.255 MHzAM3 W2

Sydimport PR-526.965-27.255 MHzAM? W?

Sydimport PR-5626.965-27.255 MHzAM3.5 W6

Team KP-400026.965-27.405 MHzFM4 W40

Team Maxi-904026.965-27.405 MHzFM4 W40

Team Profi-90 FM26.965-27.405 MHzFM4 W40

Tokai TC-926.965-27.255 MHzAM? W?

Tokai TC-250326.965-27.255 MHzAM1 W3

Tokai 2015A26.965-27.255 MHzAM2 W?

Transvoice FM-27A126.965-27.405 MHzFM? mW1

Zodiac P-504CH27.005-27.135 MHzAM100 mW2

Zodiac P-160326.965-27.255 MHzAM? W3

Zodiac P-2004C26.965-27.255 MHzAM1 W4

Zodiac P-2012CH27.005-27.135 MHzAM100 mW12

Zodiac P-204026.965-27.405 MHzFM3 W40

Zodiac P-210426.965-27.405 MHzFM? W4

Zodiac P-220226.965-27.225 MHzAM/FM500 mW22

Zodiac P-2402FM26.965-27.255 MHzAM/FM800 mW24

Zodiac P-2706FM27.425-27.495 MHzFM0.5 W6

Zodiac P-300326.965-27.255 MHzAM1.5 W3

Zodiac P-3006C26.965-27.255 MHzAM? W6

Zodiac P-310626-31 MHzFM2 W6

Zodiac P-320626-31 MHzFM2 W6

Zodiac P-502426.965-27.255 MHzAM5 W24

Zodiac P-600026.965-27.405 MHzFM0.7 W4

Zodiac P-700026.965-27.255 MHzAM/FM2 W24

Zodiac P-800026.965-27.405 MHzFM2 W40


PixModModelQRGModeMax P/OChannels

Alan 2126.965-27.405 MHzAM/FM4.5 W40

Alan 54E26.965-27.405 MHzFM4 W40

Alan 8725.615-28.315 MHzAM/FM/SSB/CW25 W271

Alan 88S26.865-27.265 MHzAM/FM/SSB4.8 W34 (240)

Alan 100E26.965-27.405 MHzFM4 W40

Alan 31826.965-27.405 MHz + BCAM/FM (WFM)4 W40 (120)
Alan 900126.500-30.200 MHzAM/FM/SSB/CW25 W-

Albrecht AE485SMultinormAM/FM/SSB25 WMax 454

Albrecht AE4190MultinormAM/FM? W40 or 80

Albrecht AE5890EUMultinormAM/FM4-25 W40-400
Albrecht Ultraforce25.165-29.695 MHzAM/FM/SSB/CW30 W454

Alpha SSB-2326.965-27.255 MHzAM/SSB25 W23

AnyTone AD-7777----

AnyTone AT-555525-30 MHzAM/FM/SSB/CW21 W360

AnyTone AT-5555N25.615-30.105 MHzAM/FM/SSB30 W-

AnyTone AT-666625.615-30.105 MHzAM/FM/SSB60 W400 (10*40)

Belcom 23 Synthesizer26.965-27.255 MHzAM5 W23

Beltone 603CBR26.965-27.255 MHz
0.535-1.605 / 88-108 MHz
3.5 W23

Binatone 5 Star27.60125-27.99125 MHzFM4 W40 (UK)

Braun SE-21127.005-27.135 MHzAM0.5 W12

Carmen Gold26.???-27.??? MHzAM10 W120

Carmen Gold Special26.???-27.??? MHzAM? W120

Carmen Silver26.???-27.??? MHzAM? W120

Carmen Spot26.???-27.??? MHzAM? W40

Carmen Super26.???-27.??? MHzAM? W?

Carmen 69X26.???-27.??? MHzAM? W120

CB-Master N501026.965-27.??? MHzAM3.5 W?

Chaser MC-300026.965-28.305 MHzAM10 W120

Cherokee CM-526.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40

Cherokee CM-1026.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40

Cherokee Nightrider 15026.965-27.405 MHzAM/SSB12 W40

Clarion JC-201E26.965-27.255 MHzAM3.5 W23

Cobra Transceiver MK V26.000-30.000 MHzAM/FM/SSB/CW40 W?

Cobra UK 25 LTD ST26.965-27.405 MHz (EU)
27.60125-27.99125 MHz (UK)
4 W
4 W

Cobra 18 LTD26.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40

Cobra 18 WX ST26.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40 + 3 NOAA weather channels

Cobra 18 WX ST II26.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40 + 10 NOAA weather channels

Cobra 1926.965-27.255 MHzAM3.5 W23

Cobra 19 DX26.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40

Cobra 19 DX II26.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40

Cobra 19 DX III26.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40

Cobra 19 DX IV26.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40

Cobra 19 DX IV EUMultinormAM/FM4 W36, 40 or 80

Cobra 19 GTL26.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40

Cobra 19 GTL-FM26.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40

Cobra 19 LTD Classic26.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40

Cobra 19 LTD II Classic26.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40

Cobra 19 M26.965-27.255 MHzAM3.5 W23

Cobra 19 Plus26.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40

Cobra 19 Ultra26.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40

Cobra 19 Ultra II26.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40

Cobra 19 Ultra III26.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40

Cobra 19 X26.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40

Cobra 19 XS26.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40

Cobra 2026.965-27.255 MHzAM3.5 W23

Cobra 2126.965-27.255 MHzAM3.5 W23

Cobra 21 GTL26.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40

Cobra 21 LTD26.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40

Cobra 21 LTD Classic26.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40

Cobra 21 LTD ST26.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40

Cobra 21 LTD WX Classic26.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40 + 3 weather channels

Cobra 21 Plus26.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40

Cobra 21 X26.965-27.255 MHzAM4 W23

Cobra 21 X FM27.60125-27.99125 MHzFM4 W40 (UK)

Cobra 21 XLR26.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40

Cobra 23 Plus26.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40 + 3 weather channels

Cobra 25 LTD26.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40

Cobra 25 LTD Classic (Older 5-pin mike)26.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40

Cobra 25 LTD Classic (Newer 4-pin mike)26.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40

Cobra 25 NW ST26.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40

Cobra 25 Plus26.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40

Cobra 25 WX NW ST26.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40 + 7 weather channels

Cobra 25 WX ST26.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40 + 7 weather channels

Cobra 2826.965-27.255 MHzAM3.5 W23

Cobra 29 LTD26.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40

Cobra 29 LTD Army Edition26.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40

Cobra 29 LTD BT26.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40

Cobra 29 LTD Classic26.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40

Cobra 29 LTD ST26.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40

Cobra 29 LX26.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40 + 10 weather channels

Cobra 29 LX EU26.965-27.405 MHzAM/FM4 W40

Cobra 29 LX MAX26.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40 + 10 weather channels

Cobra 29 NW ST26.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40

Cobra 29 WX NW ST26.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40 + 7 weather channels

Cobra 32 XLR26.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40

Cobra 75 WX ST26.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40 + weather channels

Cobra 13226.265-27.255 MHzAM/SSB10 W23

Cobra 132 XLR26.265-27.405 MHzAM/SSB12 W40

Cobra 13826.265-27.255 MHzAM/SSB12 W23

Cobra 138 XLR26.265-27.405 MHzAM/SSB12 W40

Cobra 138 XLR-A26.265-27.405 MHzAM/SSB12 W40

Cobra 148 FGTL DX+24.265-29.655 MHzAM/FM/SSB/CW12 W480 (12*40)

Cobra 148 GTL (Older 5-pin mike)26.965-27.405 MHzAM/SSB12 W40

Cobra 148 GTL (Newer 4-pin mike)26.965-27.405 MHzAM/SSB12 W40

Cobra 148 GTL DX26.515-27.855 MHzAM/FM/SSB/CW12 W120

Cobra 148 GTL ST26.965-27.405 MHzAM/SSB12 W40

Cobra 148 NW ST26.965-27.405 MHzAM/SSB12 W40

Cobra 200 GTL DX26.065-29.695 MHzAM/FM/SSB/CW100 W337

Cocker 4326.965-27.405 MHzFM4 W40

Cocker 8026.965-27.405 MHzAM/FM/SSB4 W40

Colonel 32426.965-27.255 MHzAM4 W2*23

Colonel CB-512S26.965-27.255 MHzAM4 W12

Colonel CB-52326.965-27.255 MHzAM3.5 W23

Colonel CB-523A26.965-27.225 MHzAM3.5 W23

Colonel M-504026.965-27.255 MHzAM3.5 W24

Colonel FR36026.965-27.405 MHz
27.365-27.805 MHz
28.365-28.805 MHz
AM/SSB12 W120

Colonel Silver Star26.965-27.255 MHzAM/SSB12 W25 (1-24 + 11A)

Colt 190 "Bold warrior"26.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40

Colt 21026.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40

Colt 22026.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40

Colt 22226.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40

Colt 29026.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40

Colt 29527.60125-27.99125 MHzFM4 W40 (UK)

Colt 320 DX "Black Shadow SSB"26.965-28.305 MHzAM/SSB12 W120

Colt 320 FM "Black Shadow SSB"26.965-28.305 MHzAM/FM/SSB12 W120

Colt 390 "Black Shadow"26.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40

Colt 44426.515-27.855 MHzAM10 W120

Colt 444 AM/FM26.515-27.855 MHzAM/FM10 W120

Colt 48026.965-27.405 MHzAM/SSB12 W40

Colt 485 "Black Shadow SSB"26.965-27.405 MHzAM/SSB12 W40

Colt 485 DX "Black Shadow SSB"26.965-27.855 MHzAM/SSB12 W80

Colt 51026.515-27.855 MHzAM/FM? W120

Colt 1200DX26.515-27.855 MHzAM/FM/SSB15 W120

Comcord 52326.965-27.255 MHzAM5 W23

Commander Mini-726.965-27.255 MHzAM3.5 W6

Commander PR-2626.965-27.255 MHzAM3.5 W23+3

Commander TR-2826.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40

Commander TX-2526.965-? MHzAM3.5 W?

Commander 119.13726.965-27.255 MHzAM/SSB25 W23

Commtron IV26.965-27.405 MHzAM/FM4 W40

Commtron VIII26.965-27.855 MHzAM/FM5 W80

Connex CX-33TLM325.615-28.305 MHzAM/FM15 W240

Courier Classic I26.965-27.255 MHzAM3.5 W23

Courier Classic II26.965-27.255 MHzAM3.5 W23

Courier Classic III26.965-27.255 MHzAM3.5 W23

Courier Classic PLL26.965-27.255 MHzAM3.5 W23

Courier Classic PLL4026.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40

CRE 890025-30 MHzAM/FM/SSB/CW21 W360

CRT RCI-2950F26-32 MHzAM/FM/SSB/CW25 W-

CRT SS-690025.615-30.105 MHzAM/FM/SSB/CW21 W360 (6*60)

CRT SS-790025.615-30.105 MHzAM/FM/SSB30 W

CRT SS-990025.615-30.105 MHzAM/FM/SSB60 W400 (10*40)

CRT Superstar G.Neptune25.615-28.305 MHzAM/FM/SSB/CW20 W240

CRT Superstar 3900 Chrome25.615-28.305 MHzAM/FM/SSB15 W240

CRT 2000MultinormAM/FM4 W27, 40, 80 or 400

Dak Mark III26.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40

Danita Mark 326.965-27.405 MHzFM4 W40

Danita Mark 526.965-27.405 MHzFM4 W40

Danita 240 FM26.965-27.405 MHzFM4 W40

Danita 34026.965-27.405 MHzFM4 W40

Danita 44026.965-27.405 MHzFM4 W40

Danita 64026.965-27.405 MHzFM4 W40

Danita 640 AM26.965-27.405 MHzAM/FM4 W40

Danita 124026.965-27.405 MHzFM4 W40

Danita 1240 AM26.965-27.405 MHzAM/FM4 W40

Danita 154026.965-27.405 MHzFM4 W40

Danita 160826.965-27.405 MHzFM4 W40

Danita 300026.965-27.405 MHzFM4 W40

Danita 3000 MultiMultinormAM/FM4 W40 (400)

Danita 3000 UK26.965-27.405 / 27.60125-27.99125 MHzFM4 W40 (CEPT) + 40 (UK)

DNT Calypso25.615-29.700 MHzAM/FM/SSB15 W240

Dragon 202426.965-27.255 MHzAM3.5 W24

Eagle II26.965-27.255 MHzAM3.5 W23

Effect Mini 526.965-27.255 MHzAM3.5 W6

Elbex CB-34AF26.865-27.265 MHzAM/FM2 W34

Emperor Shogun26.0-29.7 MHzAM/FM/SSB/CW21 W-

Emperor TS-3010 (v1)25.615-28.755 MHzAM/SSB12 W280

Emperor TS-3010 (v2)25.165-28.755 MHzAM/SSB12 W320
Emperor TS-501026.0-29.7 MHzAM/FM/SSB/CW21 W-

Excalibur Samurai25.615-28.315 MHzAM/FM/SSB/CW12 W240

Fanon Fanfare 10026.965-27.255 MHzAM4 W23

Fanon Fanfare 12026.965-27.255 MHzAM4 W23

Fanon Fanfare 125F26.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40

Fanon Fanfare 18227.015-27.225 MHzAM4 W18

Fanon Fanfare 184D27.015-27.225 MHzAM4 W18

Fanon Fanfare 185DF26.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40

Fanon Fanfare 190DF27.015-27.405 MHzAM4 W40

Fanon Fanfare 33026.965-27.255 MHzAM4 W23

Fanon Fanfare 350 SSB26.965-27.255 MHzAM/SSB12 W23

Fanon Spokesman 1RX: 0.525-1.65 / 26.910-27.295 MHz
TX: 27.125 MHz
AM? mW1

Fieldmaster TC-201527.005-27.135 MHzAM0.5 W12

Fintec FC-22026.965-27.225 MHzAM/FM3.5 W23

Fintec FC-40026.965-27.405 MHzFM4 W40

Fiveniner SD-22026.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40

Formac 4026.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40

Formac 12026.?-27.? MHzAM/FM4 W120

Formac 24026.?-27.? MHzAM/FM10 W120

Galaxy DX-29HP26.965-29.655 MHzAM/FM10 W240

Galaxy DX-33HML26.965-29.655 MHzAM/FM7 W240

Galaxy DX-33HP25.615-28.305 MHzAM/FM50 W240

Galaxy DX-33HP226.965-29.655 MHzAM/FM10 W240

Galaxy DX-44HP26.965-29.655 MHzAM/FM10 W240

Galaxy DX-44V25.165-28.755 MHzAM/FM7 W320

Galaxy DX-45MP25.165-28.755 MHzAM/FM10 W320

Galaxy DX-47HP26.965-29.655 MHzAM/FM40 W240

Galaxy DX-48T25.165-28.755 MHzAM/FM50 W320

Galaxy DX-55HP25.165-28.305 MHzAM/FM10 W240

Galaxy DX-55V25.615-28.305 MHzAM/FM7 W240

Galaxy DX-66V25.165-28.755 MHzAM/FM7 W320

Galaxy DX-73V25.165-28.755 MhzAM/FM10 W320

Galaxy DX-77HML25.615-28.305 MHzAM/FM/SSB25 W240

Galaxy DX-88HL25.615-28.315 MHzAM/FM/SSB25 W320

Galaxy DX-93T25.165-28.755 MHzAM/FM/SSB50 W320

Galaxy DX-94HP25.165-28.755 MHzAM/SSB100 W320

Galaxy DX-95T25.165-28.755 MHzAM/FM/SSB150 W320

Galaxy DX-95T225.165-28.755 MHzAM/FM/SSB150 W320

Galaxy DX-98VHP25.165-28.755 MHzAM/SSB200 W320

Galaxy DX-99V25.165-28.755 MHzAM/FM/SSB30 W320

Galaxy DX-99V225.165-28.755 MHzAM/FM/SSB25 W320

Galaxy DX-91926.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40

Galaxy DX-92926.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40

Galaxy DX-93926.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40

Galaxy DX-94926.965-27.405 MHzAM/SSB12 W40

Galaxy DX-95926.965-27.405 MHzAM/SSB12 W40

Galaxy DX-97926.965-27.405 MHzAM/SSB12 W40

Galaxy II26.065-28.305 MHzAM/FM/SSB12 W200

Gemtronics GTX-2326.965-27.255 MHzAM3.5 W23

General Electric 3-5804F26.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40

General Electric 3-5814A26.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40

General Electric 3-5814B26.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40

Globephone GS-480DX26.965-27.405 / 27.665-28.105 MHzAM/SSB/CW12 W80

GME TX-82226.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40

GME TX-83526.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40

GRE-Phone 500MA26.965-27.255 MHzAM4 W12

Ham International Concorde II26.965-28.305 MHzAM/FM/SSB/CW12 W120

Ham International Concorde 326.065-28.305 MHzAM/FM/SSB/CW12 W200

Ham International Hamscan 40-FM26.965-28.405 MHzFM? W40

Ham International Mariner FM26.965-28.225 MHzFM? W22

Ham International Multimode II26.965-28.305 MHzAM/FM/SSB12 W120

Ham International Multimode 326.065-28.305 MHzAM/FM/SSB12 W200

Ham International Puma26.965-27.855 MHz or
26.965-28.305 MHz
AM/FM6 W80 or 120 depending
on version

Ham International UK 120FM26.965-28.305 MHzAM/FM10 W120

Ham International Viking26.965-27.855 MHzAM/FM4 W80

Ham International Viking 226.065-27.855 MHzAM/FM4 W160

Ham International Viking 326.065-28.305 MHzAM/FM4 W200

Handic 12326.965-27.225 MHzAM3.5 W23

Handic 18926.965-27.255 MHzAM3.5 W23

Handic 19926.965-27.255 MHzAM3.5 W23

Handic 224S26.965-27.255 MHzAM/FM3.5 W24

Handic 23026.965-27.255 MHzAM3.5 W23

Handic 23526.965-27.255 MHzAM3.5 W23

Handic 235 dan26.965-27.255 MHzAM3.5 W23

Handic 24026.965-27.255 / 0.53-1.65 / 88-108 MHzAM/WFM3.5 W23

Handic 30526.965-27.255 MHzAM3.5 W3

Handic 40526.965-27.255 MHzAM3.5 W23

Handic 42326.965-27.225 MHzAM3.5 W23

Handic 60526.965-27.255 MHzAM3.5 W6

Handic 605DL26.965-27.255 MHzAM3.5 W6

Handic 605DL Safety26.965-27.255 MHzAM3.5 W6

Handic 92426.965-27.255 MHzAM/FM3.5 W23

Handic 92526.965-27.255 MHzAM/FM3.5 W24

Handic 94026.965-27.405 MHzFM4 W40

Handic 160527.005-27.135 MHzAM0.5 W6

Handic 204026.965-27.255 / 0.54-1.6 / 88-108 MHzAM/WFM3.5 W23

Huracan HR-07-HP25.615-32.990 MHzAM/FM/SSB50 W320

Hy-Gain 268026.965-27.255 MHzAM4 W23

Hy-Gain I (2701)26.965-27.255 MHz (26.965-27.405 MHz)AM3.5 W23 (40)

Hy-Gain II (2702)26.965-27.255 MHz (26.965-27.405 MHz)AM3.5 W24 (40)

Hy-Gain III (Older)26.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40

Hy-Gain III (2703)26.965-27.255 MHz (26.965-27.405 MHz)AM3.5 W24 (40)

Hy-Gain III AM/FM26.965-27.855 MHzAM/FM4 W80

Hy-Gain V (2705)26.965-27.405 MHzAM/SSB12 W40

Hy-Gain V (2705A)26.965-27.255 MHzAM/SSB15 W25

Hy-Gain V AFS (2705AFS)26.965-27.255 MHzAM/FM/SSB12 W25

Hy-Gain V (2795 80ch)26.965-27.855 MHzAM/FM/SSB12 W80

Hy-Gain V (2795 120ch)26.965-28.305 MHz (early version)
26.515-27.855 MHz (later version)
AM/FM/SSB12 W120

Hy-Gain V (2795DX)26.965-28.305 MHz (early version)
26.515-27.855 MHz (later version)
AM/FM/SSB12 W120

Hy-Gain V (8795DX)25.965-28.005 MHzAM/FM/SSB/CW12 W200

Hy-Gain 9 (2679)26.965-27.255 MHzAM3.5 W23

Hy-Gain 270626.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40

Hy-Gain 279026.515-27.855 MHzAM/FM/SSB12 W120

Hy-Gain Hy-Range I (670)26.965-27.255 MHzAM3.5 W23

Hy-Gain Hy-Range I (670B)26.965-27.255 MHzAM4 W23

Hy-Gain Hy-Range Ia (681-PR)26.965-27.255 MHzAM4 W23

Hy-Gain Hy-Range II (671)26.965-27.255 MHzAM3.5 W23

Hy-Gain Hy-Range II (671B)26.965-27.255 MHzAM4 W23

Hy-Gain Hy-Range III (672)26.965-27.255 MHzAM3.5 W23

Hy-Gain Hy-Range III (672B)26.965-27.255 MHzAM4 W23

Hy-Gain Hy-Range V (674B)26.965-27.255 MHzAM/SSB12 W23

Hygen 32325.615-28.305 MHzAM/FM/SSB15 W240

Icom ICB-105027.60125-27.99125 MHzFM4 W40 (UK)

Intek M-795 PowerMultinormAM4 W (20 W)40 (400)

Intek M-401026.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40

Intek M-403026.965-27.405 MHzAM/FM4 W40

Intek Multicom-48526.965-27.405 MHz (25.165-29.655 MHz)AM/FM/SSB4 W (12 W)40 (400)

Intek Multicom-323026.965-27.405 MHz (26.?-29.700 MHz)AM/FM/SSB4 W (25 W)40 (240)

Intek Tornado 34S26.965-27.405 MHzAM/FM/SSB12 W40

Irradio MC-70026.865-27.265 MHzAM/FM4 W34

Irradio MC-700S26.865-27.265 MHzAM/FM4 W34

ITM CB-5026.965-27.255 MHzAM5 W24

JIL 606CBS0.53-1.61 / 26.965-27.255 / 88-108 MHzAM/WFM3.5 W23

Johnson Messenger 12026.965-27.255 MHzAM3.5 W5

Johnson Messenger 121A26.965-27.255 MHzAM3.5 W5

Johnson Messenger 13026.965-27.255 MHzAM3.5 W23

Johnson Messenger 323M26.965-27.255 MHzAM3.5 W23

Johnson 25226.965-27.? MHz?? W?

Kernow Beta 110027.60125-27.99125 MHzFM4 W40 (UK)

Kernow Beta 310026.965-27.405 MHz
27.60125-27.99125 MHz
FM4 W40 (CEPT) + 40 (UK)

Kernow Beta 410026.965-27.405 MHz
27.60125-27.99125 MHz
FM4 W40 (CEPT) + 40 (UK)

Kernow DW-900FM27.60125-27.99125 MHzFM4 W40 (UK)

Kingspoint CB-70026.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40

K-PO DX-500025-30 MHzAM/FM/SSB/CW30 W360

K-PO M-880025.615-30.105 MHzAM/FM/SSB/CW40 W360

Kraco CB DeLuxe (KCB-2320)26.965-27.255 MHzAM4 W23

Kraco CB DeLuxe (KCB-2320A)26.965-27.255 MHzAM4 W23

Kraco CB DeLuxe (KCB-2320B)26.965-27.255 MHzAM4 W23

Kraco CB Super DeLuxe (KCB-2330)26.965-27.255 MHzAM4 W23

Kraco CB Super DeLuxe (KCB-2330A)26.965-27.255 MHzAM3.5 W23

Kraco CB Super DeLuxe (KCB-2330B)26.965-27.255 MHzAM3.5 W23

Kraco CCB-4007A26.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40

Kraco KCB-400426.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40

Kraco TS-400726.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40

Kraco 241026.965-27.255 MHzAM3.5 W24

Kraco 2410-A26.965-27.255 MHzAM3.5 W24

Kraco 2410-D26.965-27.255 MHzAM0.5 W23

Kraco 242026.965-27.255 MHzAM3.5 W24

Kraco 243026.965-27.255 MHzAM3.5 W24

Kraco 244026.965-27.255 MHzAM/FM3.5 W24

Kraco 250026.965-27.255 MHzAM/SSB3.5 W25

Kraco 253026.965-27.255 MHzAM/FM/SSB3.5 W25

Kraco 4001 (KCB-4001)26.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40

Kraco 402426.965-27.255 MHzAM/FM3.5 W24

Kris XL-2326.965-27.255 MHzAM3.5 W24

Lafayette AFS-64026.515-28.305 MHzAM/FM/SSB? W160

Lafayette AFS-805 MKII26.065-28.305 MHzAM/FM/SSB/CW50 W200

Lafayette AFS-100526.515-28.755 MHzAM/FM/SSB/CW12 W200

Lafayette Boston26.965-27.405 MHzAM/FM5 W40

Lafayette California26.965-27.405 MHzAM/FM5 W40

Lafayette Com-Phone 23 (99-33011W)26.965-27.255 MHzAM3.5 W23

Lafayette Com-Phone 23A (99-33342W)26.965-27.255 MHzAM3.5 W23

Lafayette EvolutionMultinormAM/FM4 W40+

Lafayette Hawaii26.965-27.405 MHzAM5 W40

Lafayette HB-23 (99-3149WX)26.965-27.255 MHzAM3.5 W23

Lafayette HB-23A (99-32351W)26.965-27.255 MHzAM3.5 W23

Lafayette HB-525A (99-3125WX)26.965-27.255 MHzAM4 W23

Lafayette HB-525B (99-3144WX)26.965-27.255 MHzAM4 W23

Lafayette HB-525C (99-3156WX)26.965-27.255 MHzAM4 W23

Lafayette HB-525D (99-31759WX)26.965-27.255 MHzAM4 W23

Lafayette HB-525E (99-32369WX)26.965-27.255 MHzAM4 W23

Lafayette HB-525F (99-32492W)26.965-27.255 MHzAM4 W23

Lafayette HB-550 (99-33516W)26.965-27.255 MHzAM4 W23

Lafayette HB-625 (99-3148WX)26.965-27.255 MHzAM4 W23

Lafayette HB-625A (99-32138)26.965-27.255 MHzAM4 W23

Lafayette HB-640 (99-33565W)26.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40

Lafayette HB-650 (99-33334W)26.965-27.255 MHzAM3.5 W23

Lafayette HB-700 (99-32773W)26.965-27.255 MHz (156-163 MHz)AM (FM RX)4 W23 + 3*VHF (RX)

Lafayette HB-740 (99-33573)26.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40

Lafayette HB-750 (99-33318W)26.965-27.255 MHzAM3.5 W23

Lafayette HB-850 AM/FM26.965-27.255 MHzAM/FM3.5 W24

Lafayette HB-870AFS26.965-27.255 MHzAM/FM/SSB15 W25

Lafayette HB-940 (99-33599W)26.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40

Lafayette HB-940 AM/FM26.515-27.855 MHzAM/FM8 W120

Lafayette HB-950 (99-33334W)26.965-27.255 MHzAM3.5 W23

Lafayette Kentucky26.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40

Lafayette LM-100 AM/FM26.965-27.255 MHzAM/FM3.5 W24

Lafayette LM-124 AM/FM26.965-27.255 MHzAM/FM3.5 W24

Lafayette LM-200 AM/FM26.965-27.255 MHzAM/FM3.5 W24

Lafayette LMS-4026.965-27.405 MHzAM/SSB15 W40

Lafayette Micro-326.965-27.255 MHzAM3.5 W3

Lafayette Micro-12 (99-31957WUX)26.965-27.255 MHzAM3.5 W12

Lafayette Micro-66 (99-32716W)26.965-27.255 MHzAM3.5 W6

Lafayette Micro-72326.965-27.255 MHzAM3.5 W23

Lafayette Micro-92326.965-27.255 MHzAM3.5 W23

Lafayette Telsat 50 (99-3217WX)26.965-27.255 MHz + VHF RXAM3.5 W23

Lafayette Telsat 150 (99-3215WX)26.965-27.255 MHz + VHF RXAM3.5 W23

Lafayette Telsat SSB-25 (99-32377WUX)26.965-27.255 MHzAM/SSB8 W23

Lafayette Telsat SSB-25A (99-32559)26.965-27.255 MHzAM/SSB12 W23

Lafayette Telsat SSB-50 (99-32666W)26.965-27.255 MHzAM/SSB12 W23

Lafayette Telsat SSB-50A (99-32849W)26.965-27.255 MHzAM/SSB12 W23

Lafayette Telsat SSB-75 (99-33052W)26.965-27.255 MHzAM/SSB12 W23

Lafayette Telsat SSB-80 (99-33607W)26.965-27.405 MHzAM/SSB12 W40

Lafayette Telsat SSB-120 (99-33631W)26.965-27.405 MHzAM/SSB12 W40

Lafayette Texas26.965-27.405 MHzAM/FM5 W40

Lafayette Zeus26.965-27.405 MHzAM/FM4 W40

Lafayette 1200FM26.965-28.305 MHzAM/FM/SSB12 W120

Lafayette 8790DX26.515-27.855 MHzAM/FM/SSB12 W120

Lankar DW-120026.965-27.405 MHzAM/SSB12 W40

Maas DX-500025-30 MHzAM/FM/SSB/CW21 W360

Magnum DeltaForce25-30 MHzAM/FM/SSB40 W-

Magnum M-1? MHzAM/FM? W240 (6*40)

Magnum MiniMag26-30 MHzAM15 W-

Magnum OmegaForce S4525-30 MHzAM/FM/SSB40 W-

Magnum Raptor26-30 MHzAM/FM80 W240

Magnum S-325-30 MHzAM/FM45 W240 (6*40)

Magnum S-625.615-32.990 MHzAM/FM45 W320 (8*40)
Magnum S-925.615-32.990 MHzAM/FM/SSB45 W320 (8*40)

Magnum 25726-30 MHzAM/FM/SSB30 W-

Major Echo 20026.065-28.305 MHzAM/FM/SSB12 W200

Major M-36026.515-28.305 MHzAM/FM/SSB12 W160

Major M-78826.065-28.305 MHzAM/FM/SSB12 W200

Marko CB-8826.965-27.405 MHzAM/FM/SSB12 W40

Maxlog M-880025.615-30.105 MHzAM/FM/SSB/CW40 W360

Maxon MX-21E27.60125-27.99125 MHzFM4 W40 (UK)

Maxon MX-100026.965-27.405 MHzFM4 W40

Maxon MX-200026.965-27.405 MHzFM4 W40

Maxon MX-300026.965-27.405 MHzAM/FM4 W40

Maycom EM-2726.965-27.405 MHz
27.60125-27.99125 MHz
FM4 W40 (CEPT) + 40 (UK)

Mega Com 2326.965-27.255 MHzAM5 W23

Mickey M-5028S26.965-27.255 MHzAM3.5 W24

Midland 100M26.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40

Midland 13-85226.965-27.255 MHzAM3.5 W23

Midland 13-85326.965-27.255 MHzAM4 W23

Midland 13-86126.965-27.255 MHzAM3.5 W23

Midland 13-88126.965-27.255 MHzAM3.5 W23

Midland 13-881B26.965-27.255 MHzAM4 W23

Midland 13-882C26.965-27.255 MHzAM3.5 W23

Midland 13-883B26.965-27.255 MHzAM3.5 W23

Midland 13-88426.965-27.255 MHzAM3.5 W23

Midland 13-88826.965-27.255 MHzAM4 W23

Midland 13-89326.965-27.255 MHzAM/SSB4 W23

Midland 13-95526.965-27.255 MHzAM3.5 W23

Midland 77-11526.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40

Midland 79-26526.965-27.405 MHzAM/SSB12 W40

Midland 79-29026.965-27.405 MHzAM/SSB12 W40 + 7 weather channels

Midland 79-89226.965-27.405 MHzAM/SSB12 W40

Midland 2001 (80 ch)26.515-27.405 MHzAM/FM4 W80

Midland 2001R26.965-27.405 MHzAM/FM4 W40

Midland 2001T27.60125-27.99125 MHzFM4 W40 (UK)

Midland 4001 (77-004)26.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40

Midland 4001 (77-004 UK)27.60125-27.99125 MHzFM4 W40 (UK)

Midland 4001 (80 ch)26.965-27.855 MHzAM/FM5 W80

Midland 4001 (120 ch)26.515-27.855 MHzAM/FM5 W120

Midland 4001 "40th anniversary model"26.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40

Midland 4001 RD26.965-27.405 MHzAM/FM4 W40

Midland 7001 (79-007)26.965-27.405 MHzAM/SSB12 W40

Midland 7001 (120 ch)26.515-27.855 MHzAM/FM/SSB12 W120

Midland 7001 (400 ch)26.005-27.995 MHzAM/FM/SSB12 W400
Midland 8001 XT25.615-30.105 MHzAM/FM/SSB12 W400

Midland/Alan 1826.965-27.405 MHzAM/FM4 W40 (120)

Midland/Alan 27E26.965-27.405 MHzFM4 W40

Midland/Alan 2826.965-27.405 MHzAM/FM4 W40

Midland/Alan 4426.965-27.405 MHzAM/FM4 W40

Midland/Alan 4826.965-27.405 MHzAM/FM4 W40 (200)

Midland/Alan 48 Plus26.965-27.405 MHzAM/FM4 W40 (400)

Midland/Alan 48 Plus Multi26.965-27.405 MHzAM/FM4 W40 (400)

Midland/Alan 58E26.965-27.405 MHzFM4 W40

Midland/Alan 68S26.875-27.265 MHzAM/FM4.5 W34 (120)

Midland/Alan 7826.965-27.405 MHzAM/FM4 W40

Midland/Alan 78 Plus26.965-27.405 MHzAM/FM4 W40 (400)

Midland/Alan 78 Plus Multi26.965-27.405 MHzAM/FM4 W40 (400)

Midland/Alan 8026.965-27.405 MHzAM/FM4.5 W40

Midland/Alan 100 Plus26.965-27.405 MHzAM/FM4 W40

Midland/Alan 10226.960-27.400 MHzAM/FM4 W40

Midland/Alan 71126.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40 (120)

Midland/Alan 800125.615-28.315 (29.655) MHzAM/FM/SSB25 W271 (400)

Midland/Alan 8001 Plus25.615-28.315 MHzAM/FM/SSB? W271

Midland/Alan 8001S26.965-27.405 MHzAM/FM/SSB4 W40

Midland/Alan 8001S Euro26.965-27.405 MHzAM/FM/SSB4 W40

Mini T26.965-27.225 MHzAM3.5 W6

Mirage MX-36HP25.615-28.315 MHzAM10 W240

Mirage MX-86HP25.615-28.315 MHzAM/SSB25 W240

Mirage Stealth One24.265-30.105 MHzAM/FM10 W600

Mirage Stealth Pro24.265-30.105 MHzAM/FM100 W600

Mocoma 2726.965-27.225 MHzAM3.5 W23

Mocoma 27 FM26.965-27.405 MHzFM4 W40

Mocoma 4526.965-27.225 MHzAM/FM3.5 W23

Mocoma 9926.965-27.225 MHzAM/FM3.5 W23

Mocoma 704026.965-27.405 MHzFM4 W40

Mocoma 744026.965-27.405 MHzFM4 W40

Moeller Copilot SX-1226.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40

Montgomery Ward 68026.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40

Montgomery Ward 69626.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40

Montgomery Ward 71626.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40

Montgomery Ward 73026.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40

Montgomery Ward 77426.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40

Moonraker FA-500026.965-27.405 MHz
27.60125-27.99125 MHz
FM4 W40 (CEPT) + 40 (UK)

Moonraker Minor27.60125-27.99125 MHzFM4 W40 (UK)

Moonraker Minor Plus26.965-27.405 MHz
27.60125-27.99125 MHz
FM4 W40 (CEPT) + 40 (UK)

Motorola CM540 System 50026.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40

Murphy DS-60227.60125-27.99125 MHzFM4 W40 (UK)

National Panasonic RJ-310026.965-27.255 MHzAM3.5 W23

National Panasonic RJ-320026.965-27.? MHzAM? W?

Nato 200026.065-27.855 MHz
27.60125-27.99125 MHz
40 (UK)

Necom Elite26.965-27.405 MHzFM4 W40

NFT 200226.965-27.405 MHzAM/FM/SSB15 W40

Nordland 01-600-A26.965-27.225 MHzAM/FM0.5 W23 (1-22 + 11A)

Nordland 02-22526.965-27.225 MHzAM/FM3.5 W23

Pace CB-16626.965-27.255 MHz (26.965-27.405 MHz)AM4 W23 (40)

Pace Sidetalk 1000M26.965-27.255 MHzAM/SSB12 W23

Pace Signal 2326.965-27.255 MHzAM3 W23

Pace 12326.965-27.255 MHzAM3.5 W23

Palomar SSB-60026.965-27.? MHzAM/SSB12 W?

Palomar SSB-290026.965-27.405 MHzAM/SSB12 W40

Palomar SSB-5500 VFO27.775-29.775 MHzAM/SSB12 WVFO

Panther 11 HD-12226.965-28.305 MHzAM10 W120+2

Partner P-108A26.965-27.855 MHzAM10 W80

Pearce-Simpson Cheetah SSB26.965-27.255 MHzAM/SSB12 W23

Pearce-Simpson Cheetah SSB/226.965-27.255 MHzAM/SSB12 W23

Pearce-Simpson Super Cheetah26.965-27.405 MHzAM/SSB12 W40

Pearce-Simpson Super Cheetah MkII25.615-28.305 MHzAM/SSB21 W240

Pearce-Simpson Super Cheetah MkIII26.965-27.405 MHzAM/SSB12 W40

Pearce-Simpson Super Tiger 40A26.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40

Pearce-Simpson Tiger 2326.965-27.255 MHzAM4 W23

Pearce-Simpson Wildcat II26.965-27.255 MHzAM3 W6

Pegasus I26.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40

Pegasus II26.965-27.855 MHzAM? W80

Pegasus III26.515-27.855 MHzAM4 W120

Petrusse Pacific 2002 RE26.065-28.305 MHzAM/FM/SSB12 W200

PeWe SSB-126.965-27.405 MHzAM/FM/SSB12W40

Phantom Communicator26.965-27.405 MHzAM/SSB12W40

Philips CB26.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40

Polmar Tennessee26.865-27.265 MHzAM/FM/SSB3.7 W34

Pony CB-7126.965-27.255 MHzAM3.5 W12

Pony CB-7426.965-27.255 MHzAM3.5 W6

Pony CB-7826.965-27.255 MHzAM3.5 W23

Premier CB-100026.965-27.405 MHzFM4 W40

President Adams26.965-27.405 MHzAM/SSB12 W40

President Adams VFO27.775-29.775 MHzAM/SSB12 WVFO

President AR-726.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40

President AR-1426.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40

President AR-14426.965-27.405 MHzAM/SSB12 W40

President Barry FMMultinormAM/FM4 W27/40/80

President Bill ASCMultinormAM/FM4 W27/40/80

President Bill FCC26.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40 + 10 weather channels

President Billy26.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40

President George26.965-27.405 MHzAM/FM/SSB12 W40 (240)

President Grant (Original)26.965-27.405 MHzAM/SSB12 W40

President Grant26.965-27.405 MHz
26.515-27.855 MHz

President Grant Classic26.965-27.405 MHz
26.515-27.855 MHz

President Grant IIMultinormAM/FM/SSB12 WMultinorm

President Harrison26.965-27.405 MHzAM/FM4 W40

President Harry26.965-27.405 MHzAM/FM4 W40

President Herbert26.965-27.405 MHzAM/FM4 W40

President Jackson (Mk1)26.065-28.315 MHzAM/FM/SSB21 W224

President Jackson (Mk2)25.615-28.315 MHzAM/FM/SSB21 W271

President Jackson ASC26.965-27.405 MHzAM/FM/SSB4 W40

President Jackson Classic25.615-28.315 MHzAM/FM/SSB30 W271

President Jackson II ASC26.965-27.405 MHzAM/FM/SSB12 W40 (400)

President Jackson FM26.965-27.405 MHzFM4 W40

President JFK ASC26.965-27.405 MHz
26.515-27.855 MHz
AM/FM4 W40

President JFK Classic26.965-27.405 MHz
26.515-27.855 MHz
AM/FM4 W40

President Jimmy26.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40

President John Q26.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40

President Johnny26.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40

President Johnson26.965-27.405 MHzAM/FM4 W40

President Lincoln26-30 MHzAM/FM/SSB/CW21 W-

President Lincoln II26-30 MHzAM/FM/SSB/CW31 W-

President Marshall----

President McKinley26.965-27.405 MHzAM/SSB12 W40

President McKinley Export26.965-27.855 MHzAM/FM/SSB12 W80

President Old Hickory26.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40

President P20026.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40

President P21026.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40

President P22026.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40

President P30026.965-27.405 MHzAM/SSB12 W40

President PC-4026.965-27.405 MHzAM/FM? W40

President Pulser 80026.965-27.855 MHzAM8 W80

President Richard26.965-28.305 MHzAM/FM/SSB15 W120

President Taylor26.965-27.405 MHzAM/FM4 W40

President Thomas ASC26.965-27.405 MHz
26.565-27.405 MHz
27.60125-27.99125 MHz
80 (D)
40 (UK)

President Thomas J.26.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40

President Thomas J. AM/FM26.965-27.855 MHzAM/FM4 W80

President Valery26.965-27.405 MHzAM/FM4 W40

President Walker26.965-27.405 MHzAM/FM4 W40

President Wilson26.965-27.405 MHzAM/FM4 W40

RadioShack TRC-48526.965-27.405 MHzAM/SSB12 W40

Ranger RCI-TLM126.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40

Ranger RCI-63FFC228.245-29.655 MHz
25.615-28.305 MHz
AM/FM200 W240

Ranger RCI-69FFB428.245-29.655 MHz
24.265-29.655 MHz
AM/FM/SSB/CW400 W480

Ranger RCI-69FFC228.245-29.655 MHz
25.615-28.305 MHz
AM/FM/SSB/CW200 W240

Ranger RCI-295026-32 MHzAM/FM/SSB/CW25 W-

Ranger RCI-2950DX24-32 MHzAM/FM/SSB/CW25 W-

Ranger RCI-297026-32 MHzAM/FM/SSB/CW100 W-

Ranger RCI-2970DX24-32 MHzAM/FM/SSB/CW150 W-

Ranger RCI-2970N224-32 MHzAM/FM/SSB/CW200 W-

Ranger SS-3900EGHP25.615-28.305 MHzAM/FM/SSB/CW25 W240

Realistic TRC-2426.965-27.255 MHzAM4 W23

Realistic TRC-4626.965-27.255 MHzAM/SSB12 W23

Realistic TRC-4726.965-27.255 MHzAM/SSB12 W23

Realistic TRC-4826.965-27.255 MHzAM/SSB12 W23

Realistic TRC-41926.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40

Realistic TRC-421A26.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40

Realistic TRC-422A26.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40

Realistic TRC-42726.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40

Realistic TRC-43026.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40

Realistic TRC-43526.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40

Realistic TRC-44926.965-27.405 MHzAM/SSB12 W40

Realistic TRC-45126.965-27.405 MHzAM/SSB12 W40

Realistic TRC-45326.965-27.405 MHzAM/SSB12 W40

Realistic TRC-456 "CB-Fone 40"26.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40

Realistic TRC-461 "One-hander"26.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40

Realistic TRC-46526.965-27.405 MHzAM/SSB12 W40

Realistic TRC-48026.965-27.405 MHzAM/SSB12 W40

Regency CB-50126.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40

Regency CR-18526.965-27.255 MHzAM4 W23

Regency CR-23026.965-27.255 MHzAM4 W23

Roberts RCB-4026.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40

Robyn PLL-2326.965-27.225 MHzAM3.5 W23

Robyn TR-210D26.965-27.225 MHzAM3.5 W23

Robyn WV-2326.965-27.255 MHzAM3.5 W23

Rotel RVC-22027.60125-27.99125 MHzFM4 W40 (UK)

Rotel RVC-23027.60125-27.99125 MHzFM4 W40 (UK)

Rotel RVC-24027.60125-27.99125 MHzFM4 W40 (UK)

Royce 1-590A26.965-27.255 MHzAM3.5 W3

Royce 1-60626.965-27.255 MHzAM4 W23

Royce 1-61226.965-27.255 MHzAM4 W23

Royce 1-63126.965-27.255 MHzAM/SSB12 W23

Royce 1-63526.965-27.255 MHzAM/SSB12 W23

Royce 63926.965-27.405 MHzAM/SSB12 W40

Rystl CB-408226.965-27.405 MHzAM/SSB12 W40

SA-280 XII Super Deluxe26.-27. MHzAM/SSB? W120

Samlex 300026.965-27.405 MHzAM/FM4 W40

Satcom Scan40 F26.965-27.405 MHzFM4 W40

SBE Aspen (SBE-41CB)26.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40

SBE Brute (SBE-34CB)26.965-27.255 MHzAM3.5 W23

SBE Capri (SBE-2CB)26.965-27.255 MHzAM4 W5

SBE Capri II (SBE-23CB)26.965-27.255 MHzAM2 W5

SBE Catalina (SBE-9CB)26.965-27.255 MHzAM4 W23

SBE Catalina II (SBE-22CB)26.965-27.255 MHzAM4 W23

SBE Catalina III (SBE-29CB)26.965-27.255 MHzAM4 W23

SBE Coronado (SBE-1CB)26.965-27.255 MHzAM4 W23

SBE Coronado II (SBE-10CB)26.965-27.255 MHzAM4 W23

SBE Cortez (SBE-21CB)26.965-27.255 MHzAM3.5 W23

SBE Cortez 40 (SBE-42CB)26.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40

SBE Formula D (SBE-26CB)26.965-27.255 MHzAM4 W23

SBE Formula D (SBE-26CB/A)26.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40

SBE Formula D Touch/Com (SBE-32CB)26.965-27.255 MHzAM4 W23

SBE Key/Com 1000 (SBE-54CB)26.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40

SBE Land Command LCM-526.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40

SBE Land Command LCM-826.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40

SBE Land Command LCM-8P26.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40

SBE Land Command LCMS-426.965-27.405 MHzAM/SSB12 W40

SBE Malibu (SBE-29CB)26.965-27.255 MHzAM4 W23

SBE Malibu 40 (SBE-44CB)26.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40

SBE Sidebander (SBE-6CB)26.965-27.255 MHzAM/SSB15 W23

SBE Sidebander II (SBE-12CB)26.965-27.255 MHzAM/SSB15 W23

SBE Sidebander III (SBE-18CB)26.965-27.255 MHzSSB15 W23

SBE Sidebander IV (SBE-27CB)26.965-27.255 MHzAM/SSB12 W23

SBE Sidebander IV (SBE-27CB/A)26.965-27.405 MHzAM/SSB12 W40

SBE Sidebander V (SBE-39CB)26.965-27.405 MHzAM/SSB12 W40

SBE Sidebander VI26.965-27.405 MHzAM/SSB12 W40

SBE Stowaway (SBE-47CB)26.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40

SBE Tahoe 40 (SBE-49CB)26.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40

SBE Touch/Com 40 (SBE-43CB)26.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40

Scooper DKY-440B26.???-27.??? MHzAM? W80

Scooper MKY-550E26.515-27.855 MHzAM? W120

Sears Roadtalker 4026.965-27.405 MHzAM5 W40

Sears 2326.965-27.255 MHzAM4 W23

Sharp CB-246026.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40

Sommerkamp TS-310DX26.965-27.405 / 27.665-28.105 MHzAM/SSB/CW18 W80

Sommerkamp TS-34026.965-27.405 MHzAM/SSB12 W40

Sommerkamp TS-340DXDepending on versionAM/SSB/CW12 W80

Sommerkamp TS-340DX Spezial?-? MHzAM/FM/SSB18 W120

Sommerkamp TS-600G26.965-27.255 MHzAM2 W6

Sommerkamp TS-630S26.965-27.295 MHzAM? W30

Sommerkamp TS-660S26.965-27.595 MHzAM10 W60

Sommerkamp TS-680EDX26.965-27.755 MHzAM50 W80

Sommerkamp TS-727GT26.?-27.? MHzAM0.5 W6

Sommerkamp TS-780DX26.325-27.855 MHzAM/FM/SSB/CW100 W120

Sommerkamp TS-788DX26-30 MHzAM/FM/SSB/CW100 W-

Sommerkamp TS-788DXCC26-30 MHzAM/FM/SSB/CW100 W-

Sommerkamp TS-789DX26-30 MHzAM/FM/SSB/CW35 W-

Sommerkamp TS-800DX26.965-27.405 MHz
(26.065-28.755 MHz)
AM/FM4 W40

Sommerkamp TS-2000DX26-32 MHzAM/FM/SSB/CW25 W-

Sony ICB-77026.968-27.144 MHzAM500 mW8

Sony ICB-R526.968-27.144 / 0.53-1.605 MHzAM500 mW8

Sound Air SS-33026.???-27.??? MHzAM15 W80

Spoken 15E26.???-27.??? MHzAM15 W80

SR Mini-626.965-27.255 MHzAM3.5 W23

SR 600 Special26.965-27.255 MHzAM3.5 W6

SS-12026.965-27.405 MHzAM/SSB? W40

Stabo Magnum MultiMultinormAM/FM4 W40 / 80

Stabo XM3001EMultinormAM4 W40 / 80

Stabo XM3003MultinormAM/FM4 W40 / 80

Stabo XM3003EMultinormAM/FM4 W40 / 40 (UK) / 80

Stabo XM304426.965-27.405 MHzAM/FM4 W40

Stabo XM308226.565-27.405 MHzAM/FM4 W80

Stabo XM3200 II26.965-27.405 MHzFM4 W40

Stabo XM500326.565-27.405 MHz
26.965-27.405 MHz
AM/FM4 W80

Stabo XM708226.565-27.405 MHz
25.910-29.490 MHz
AM/FM4 W80

Stabo XM808226.565-27.405 MHzAM/FM4 W80

Stag 35726.965-27.405 MHzAM/SSB12 W40

Startone 34126.965-27.255 MHzAM/FM5 W24

Super Galaxy26.065-28.305 MHzAM/FM/SSB12 W200

Superscope Aircommand CB-64026.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40

SuperStar SS-3925.615-28.305 MHzAM/FM25 W240

SuperStar SS-158EDX24.265-29.655 MHzAM/FM/SSB/CW25 W480

SuperStar 12026.?-27.? MHzAM4 W120

SuperStar 120FM26.?-27.? MHzAM/FM7 W120

SuperStar 36026.965-28.305 MHzAM/SSB/CW12 W120

SuperStar 360FM (Mk1)26.965-28.305 MHzAM/FM/SSB/CW12 W120

SuperStar 360FM (Mk2)26.965-28.305 MHzAM/FM/SSB/CW12 W120

SuperStar 360FM (UK)27.60125-27.99125 MHzFM4 W40 (UK)

SuperStar 80026.965-27.855 MHzAM/FM/SSB? W80

SuperStar 200026.065-28.305 MHzAM/FM/SSB/CW18 W200

SuperStar 220026.065-28.305 MHzAM/FM/SSB/CW12 W200

SuperStar 240026.065-28.755 MHzAM/FM/SSB/CW12 W240

SuperStar 280026.005-29.005 MHzAM/FM/SSB12 W280

SuperStar 3900 (Mk1)25.615-28.305 MHzAM/FM/SSB/CW12 W240

SuperStar 3900 EU26.965-27.405 MHz
25.615-28.305 MHz
35 W

Svera AM-FM00126.965-27.255 MHzAM/FM3.5 W24

Svera 21126.965-27.255 MHzAM3.5 W24

Svera 32426.965-27.255 MHzAM/FM3.5 W24

Swiss-CB MK I26.965-27.225 MHzAM/FM0.5 W22

Swiss-CB MK II26.965-27.225 MHzAM/FM0.5 W22

Swiss-CB MK III26.965-27.225 MHzAM/FM/SSB0.5 W22

Sydimport CB-7826.965-27.255 MHzAM3.5 W23

Sydimport PR-234026.965-27.225 MHzAM3.5 W23

Tandy TRC-61326.965-27.225 MHzFM0.5 W22

Teaberry Stalker V26.965-27.855 MHzAM4 W80

Teaberry Stalker IX26.965-27.855 MHzAM/SSB12 W80

Teaberry Titan T26.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40

Team Classic 401226.965-27.405 MHzAM/FM4 W40

Team Lucky Star 4026.965-27.405 MHzFM4 W40

Team MX-8 Mark 126.965-27.405 MHz
26.585-27.405 MHz
27.60125-27.99125 MHz
26.960-27.400 MHz
AM/FM4 W40 or 80

Team Transcom 800026.965-27.405 MHz
27.60125-27.99125 MHz
FM4 W40 (CEPT) + 40 (UK)

Team TRX-40426.965-27.405 MHzFM4 W40

Team TS-Phone26.965-27.405 MHzFM4 W40

Team TS-6M26.965-27.405 MHz
26.585-27.405 MHz
27.60125-27.99125 MHz
26.960-27.400 MHz
AM/FM4 W40 or 80

Team TS-40426.965-27.405 MHzFM4 W40

Tokai PW-502426.965-27.255 MHzAM3.5 W24

Tokai PW-5024h-n26.965-27.255 MHzAM3.5 W24

TTI TCB-55026.965-27.405 MHzAM/FM4 W40

Uniden Bearcat 68026.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40

Uniden Bearcat 88026.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40 + weather channels

Uniden Bearcat 980SSB26.965-27.405 MHzAM/SSB4 W40 + weather channels

Uniden BearTracker 88526.965-27.405 MHz
25-54 / 137-225 / 320-512 / 758-960 MHz
4 W

Scanner section

Uniden Grant26.965-27.405 MHzAM/SSB12 W40

Uniden Grant LT26.965-27.405 MHzAM/SSB12 W40

Uniden PC-68LTW26.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40 + 7 weather channels

Uniden PC-78LTW26.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40 + 7 weather channels

Uniden PC-40426.965-27.405 MHzFM4 W40

Uniden Pro 510XL26.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40

Uniden Pro 520XL26.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40

Uniden Pro 538XL26.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40 + 3 weather channels

Uniden 283026-30 MHzAM/FM/SSB/CW21 W-

Unik Sound CB-2326.965-27.255 MHzAM3.5 W23

Universe 550026.965-27.255 MHzAM/SSB12 W40

Voice 120226.515-27.855 MHzAM? W120+2

Volvo MR-62 VS26.965-27.225 MHzAM3.5 W23

Voyage BR-9200 25.615-30.105 MHzAM/FM/SSB/CW40 W360

Voyage VR-9000 25.565-28.305 MHzAM/FM/SSB/CW25 W240

Westland 70726.515-28.305 MHzAM/FM/SSB12 W160

Whistler 90026.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40

Wild 46026.965-27.255 MHzAM10 W23?

Wipe 200026.965-27.225 MHzAM/FM/SSB0.5 W22

Yeticom Optima24.500-30.000 MHzAM/FM/SSB50 W-

Yeticom Optima MkII24.500-30.000 MHzAM/FM/SSB50 W-

Yeticom Optima MkIII24.500-30.000 MHzAM/FM/SSB50 W-

York JCB-86327.60125-27.99125 MHzFM4 W40 (UK)

Zodiac Consul26.965-27.255 MHzAM/FM/SSB15 W25

Zodiac Contact 2426.965-27.255 MHzAM3.5 W24

Zodiac Digi 24 FM26.965-27.255 MHzAM/FM3.5 W24

Zodiac Digi 4026.965-27.255 MHzAM3.5 W23

Zodiac Digital 2326.965-27.255 MHzAM3.5 W23

Zodiac Hider 4026.965-27.255 MHzAM3.5 W23

Zodiac Mini-626.965-27.255 MHzAM3.5 W6

Zodiac M-14426.965-27.405 MHzFM4 W40

Zodiac M-24426.965-27.405 MHzFM4 W40

Zodiac M-200026.965-27.405 MHzFM4 W40

Zodiac M-220226.965-27.225 MHzAM/FM0.5 W22

Zodiac M-300026.965-27.405 MHzFM4 W40

Zodiac M-5006 LM26.900-31.000 MHzAM/FM3.5 W6

Zodiac M-501226.965-27.255 MHzAM3.5 W12

Zodiac M-502626.965-27.255 MHzAM3.5 W24

Zodiac M-503426.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40

Zodiac M-503626.965-27.405 MHzAM/FM4 W40

Zodiac M-512326.965-27.255 MHzAM/FM3.5 W23

Zodiac M-512626.965-27.255 MHzAM/FM3.5 W23

Zodiac M-700026.965-27.255 MHzAM/FM3.5 W24

Zodiac M-800026.965-27.405 MHzFM4 W40

Zodiac MB-501226.965-27.255 MHzAM3.5 W12

Zodiac Profi 626.6-30 MHzFM4 W6

Zodiac Roader 4026.965-27.255 MHzAM3.5 W23

Zodiac Searcher 23 FM26.965-27.225 MHzAM/FM3.5 W23

Zodiac Searcher 4026.965-27.255 MHzAM3.5 W23

Zodiac SSB-1507226.965-27.255 MHzAM/SSB15 W23

Zodiac Taurus26.965-27.255 MHzAM/SSB15 W23 (24)

Zodiac Tokyo26.?-28.? MHzAM/FM/SSB? W240

Zodiac Winner26.965-27.235 MHzAM/FM3.5 W23


PixModModelQRGModeMax P/OChannels

Albrecht AE-8090MultinormAM/FM4 W40 or 80

Archer Space Patrol26.?-27.? MHzAM? W?

Braun SE-41127.005-27.135 MHzAM0.5 W12

Cadre 510-A26.965-27.255 MHzAM5 W5 (Or VFO)

Carmen VT-10126.?-28.? MHzAM45 W138+6

ChannelMaster CB-4026.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40

Cherokee CBS-50026.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40

Cherokee CBS-100026.965-27.405 MHzAM/SSB12 W40 + 10 weather channels

Cobra CAM 8826.965-27.255 MHzAM3.5 W23

Cobra CAM 8926.965-27.255 MHzAM3.5 W23

Cobra 2526.965-27.255 MHzAM3.5 W23

Cobra 8526.965-27.255 MHzAM3.5 W23

Cobra 9826.965-27.255 MHzAM3.5 W23

Cobra 13526.965-27.255 MHzAM/SSB? W?

Cobra 13926.965-27.255 MHzAM/SSB? W?

Cobra 139XL-A26.965-27.405 MHzAM/SSB12 W40

Cobra 142 GTL26.965-27.405 MHzAM/SSB12 W40

Cobra 2000 GTL26.965-27.405 MHzAM/SSB12 W40

Cobra 2010 GTL WX26.965-27.405 MHzAM/SSB12 W40 + weather channels

Colonel 200026.965-27.225 MHzAM3.5 W23

Colonel 500026.965-27.255 MHzAM/SSB12 W25

Colt Excalibur SSB26.965-27.405 MHz or moreAM/SSB (FM/CW)12 W40, 120, 160 or 200

Commander CB-3026.965-27.255 MHzAM3.5 W23

Commander HA-2326.965-27.255 MHzAM3.5 W23

Commander PR-26 Base26.965-27.255 MHzAM3.5 W23+3

Connex Saturn CX-3325.615-29.205 MHzAM/FM/SSB/CW25 W240

Courier Centurion26.965-27.? MHzAM? W?

Courier Conqueror II26.965-27.? MHzAM? W?

Craig L20126.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40

Craig 420126.965-27.? MHzAM? W?

CRT Galaxy Saturne26.065-28.305 MHz
25.615-28.305 MHz

CRT Hercule26-32 MHzAM/FM/SSB/CW100 W-

CRT Hercule B-2950F26-32 MHzAM/FM/SSB/CW25 W-

CRT Hercule Turbo26-32 MHzAM/FM/SSB/CW100 W-

Dak Mark X26.965-27.405 MHzAM/SSB12 W40

Danita 854026.965-27.405 MHzFM4 W40

Dragon SS-49725.165-29.695 MHzAM/FM/SSB12 (25) W40 (454)

E.F.Johnson Messenger I26.965-27.405 MHzAM5 W5

Eico 76026.965-27.255 MHzAM? W?

Eico 760E26.965-27.255 MHzAM? W?

Executive CTZ-10F26.965-27.255 MHzAM? W?

Fanon Fanfare 88026.965-27.255 MHzAM4 W23

Fidelity CB-3000FM27.60125-27.99125 MHzFM4 W40 (UK)

Furuno DR2-226.-27. MHzAM? W12

Furuno DR-326.-27. MHzAM? W12

Furuno FC-2626.-27. MHzAM/SSB? W?

Galaxy DX-251725.615-29.205 MHzAM/FM/SSB/CW25 W240

Galaxy DX-252726-32 MHzAM/FM/SSB/CW25 W-

Galaxy DX-254726.695-27.845 MHzAM/SSB12 W40+

Galaxy Melaka25.?-28.? MHzAM/FM/SSB/CW12 W240

Galaxy Saturn25.615-28.305 MHzAM/FM/SSB/CW21 W240

GemTronics GTX-230026.965-27.255 MHzAM4 W23

GemTronics GTX-500026.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40

General Stonewall Jackson25.615-29.205 MHzAM/FM/SSB/CW150 W240

Grundig CBH-100027.005-27.135 MHzAM0.5 W12

Grundig CBH-200027.005-27.135 MHzAM/FM0.5 W12

Grundig CBH-300027.005-27.135 MHzAM/FM0.5 W12

Hallicrafters CB-126.965-27.255 MHzAM? W1

Hallicrafters CB-226.965-27.255 MHzAM5 W4

Hallicrafters CB-326.965-27.255 MHzAM5 W8

Hallicrafters CB-3A26.965-27.255 MHzAM5 W8

Hallicrafters CB-526.965-27.255 MHzAM5 W6

Hallicrafters CB-726.965-27.255 MHzAM5 W6

Hallicrafters CB-926.965-27.255 MHzAM5 W6

Hallicrafters CB-1426.965-27.255 MHzAM5 W23

Hallicrafters CB-1726.965-27.255 MHzAM5 W6

Hallicrafters CB-1926.965-27.255 MHzAM5 W8

Ham International Jumbo26.965-28.305 MHzAM/FM/SSB18 W120

Ham International Jumbo226.965-28.305 MHzAM/FM/SSB18 W120

Ham International Jumbo 326.065-28.305 MHzAM/FM/SSB/CW20 W227

Handic 230526.965-27.255 MHzAM3.5 W23

Handic 360526.965-27.255 MHz
26.965-27.405 MHz
AM3.5 W
4 W

Handic 1230526.965-27.255 MHzAM3.5 W23

Hy-Gain IV (3084)26.965-27.255 MHzAM3.5 W23

Hy-Gain VII (3087)26.965-27.255 MHzAM4 W23

Hy-Gain VII (3107)26.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40

Hy-Gain VIII (3078)26.965-27.255 MHzAM/SSB4 W23

Hy-Gain 62326.965-27.255 MHzAM/SSB12 W23

Hy-Gain Hy-Range IV (673)26.965-27.255 MHzAM3.5 W23

Hy-Gain Hy-Range IV (673B)26.965-27.255 MHzAM4 W23

Hy-Gain Hy-Range VII (3077)26.965-27.255 MHzAM3.5 W23

Johnson Messenger 124M26.965-27.255 MHzAM3.5 W23

Johnson Messenger 13226.965-27.255 MHzAM3.5 W23

Johnson Messenger 25026.965-27.255 MHzAM3.5 W23

Johnson Messenger 423026.965-27.? MHz?? W?

Jopix Delos25.165-29.695 MHzAM/FM/SSB15 W454

Kraco KB-234526.965-27.255 MHzAM3.5 W23

Kraco SSB DeLuxe26.965-27.255 MHzAM/SSB12 W24

Kraco 2445A26.965-27.255 MHzAM3.5 W24

Kraco 2445FM26.965-27.255 MHzAM/FM3.5 W24

Kraco 245526.965-27.255 MHzAM3.5 W24

Kraco 2455FM26.965-27.255 MHzAM/FM3.5 W24

Kraco 255526.965-27.255 MHzAM/SSB12 W25

Kraco 2555FM26.965-27.255 MHzAM/FM/SSB12 W25

Lafayette Com-Phone Mark II (99-33078W)26.965-27.255 MHzAM3.5 W23

Lafayette Comstat-25A26.965-27.255 MHzAM3.5 W23

Lafayette Comstat-3526.965-27.255 MHzAM3.5 W23

Lafayette HE-1526.965-27.? MHzAM? W?

Lafayette HE-20C26.965-27.? MHzAM? W?

Lafayette HE-20T26.965-27.255 MHzAM3.5 W12 (23)

Lafayette Telsat-23 (99-3157WX)26.965-27.255 MHzAM3.5 W23

Lafayette Telsat 805B26.515-28.755 MHzAM/FM/SSB/CW12 W200

Lafayette Telsat 92526.965-27.255 MHzAM4 W23

Lafayette Telsat-1000 (99-33508W)26.965-27.255 MHzAM3.5 W23

Lafayette Telsat-1023 (99-32997W)26.965-27.255 MHzAM3.5 W23

Lafayette Telsat-1050 (99-33292W)26.965-27.255 MHzAM3.5 W23

Lafayette Telsat 2000 AM/FM26.965-27.255 MHzAM/FM3.5 W24

Lafayette Telsat SSB-100 (99-33060W)26.965-27.255 MHzAM/SSB12 W23

Lafayette Telsat SSB-140 (99-33649W)26.965-27.405 MHzAM/SSB12 W40

Magnum S-3200B?-? MHzAM/FM/SSB/CW? W?

Midland 13-87726.965-27.? MHz?? W?

Midland 13-88526.965-27.? MHz?? W?

Midland 13-88626.965-27.255 MHzAM4 W23

Midland 13-88726.965-27.255 MHzAM3.5 W23

Midland 13-89826.965-27.255 MHzAM/SSB12 W23

Midland 13-898B26.965-27.255 MHzAM/SSB12 W23

Midland 76-900 UK27.60125-27.99125 MHzFM4 W40 (UK)

Midland 78-99926.965-27.405 MHzAM/SSB12 W40

Midland/Alan 55525.615-28.315 MHzAM/FM/SSB/CW21 W271

Midland/Alan 56026-32 MHzAM/FM/SSB/CW100 W-

Montgomery Ward 70226.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40

Mypet MP-271-C26.965-27.? MHzAM? W2

Ofuna OF-64826.965-27.255 MHzAM5 W8

Pace CB-7626.965-27.255 MHzAM4 W23

Pace CB-11326.965-27.255 MHzAM4 W23

Pace 1000B26.965-27.255 MHzAM/SSB12 W23

Panasonic CB-4026.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40

Panophone26.965-27.255 MHzAM? W?

Pearce-Simpson 2326.965-27.255 MHzAM? W23

Pearce-Simpson 23C26.965-27.255 MHzAM? W23

Pearce-Simpson Bearcat 2326.965-27.255 MHzAM? W23

Pearce-Simpson Guardian 2326.965-27.255 MHzAM? W23

Pearce-Simpson Super Lynx26.965-27.255 MHzAM? W23

Pony CB-7526.965-27.255 MHzAM4 W23

President Benjamin26.965-27.405 MHz
(25.515-27.855 MHz)
AM/FM/SSB12 W40 (120)

President Dwight D26.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40

President Franklin26.065-28.305 MHzAM/FM/SSB/CW21 W200

President Madison (V.1)26.965-27.405 MHzAM/SSB12 W40

President Madison (V.2)26.965-27.405 MHzAM/SSB12 W40

Radiofon PR-326.965-27.255 MHzAM? W?

Ranger RCI-298025.615-28.305 MHzAM/FM/SSB/CW25 W

Ranger RCI-2980WX25.615-29.655 MHzAM/FM/SSB/CW25 W? + weather channels

Ranger RCI-2985DX24-32 MHzAM/FM/SSB/CW25 W-

Ranger RCI-299026-32 MHzAM/FM/SSB/CW150 W-

Ranger RCI-2990DX24-32 MHzAM/FM/SSB/CW150 W-

Ranger RCI-2995DX24-32 MHzAM/FM/SSB/CW150 W-

Ranger RHF-61824-32 MHzAM/FM/SSB/CW25 W-

Realistic Navaho Pro Niner26.965-27.? MHz?? W?

Realistic TRC-5526.965-27.? MHzAM? W?

Realistic TRC-57 "Navaho"26.965-27.? MHzAM/SSB? W?

Realistic TRC-432 "Navaho"26.965-27.? MHzAM? W?

Realistic TRC-454 "CB-Fone 40"26.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40

Realistic TRC-45526.965-27.? MHz?? W?

Regency CR-123B26.965-27.255 MHzAM/SSB12 W23

Regency CR-14226.965-27.255 MHzAM4 W23

Regency Formula 2326.965-27.255 MHzAM4 W23

Robyn SB-520D26.965-27.405 MHzAM/SSB12 W40

Robyn SB-540D26.965-27.405 MHzAM/SSB12 W40

Robyn T-123B26.965-27.255 MHzAM3.5 W23

Robyn T-240D "The Executive"26.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40

Royce T-2826.965-27.? MHz?? W?

Royce 61926.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40

Royce 64226.965-27.405 MHzAM/SSB12 W40

SBE Console (SBE-8CB)26.965-27.255 MHzAM/SSB12 W23

SBE Console II (SBE-16CB)26.965-27.255 MHzAM/SSB12 W23

SBE Console V (SBE-40CB)26.965-27.405 MHzAM/SSB12 W40

SBE Console VI26.965-27.405 MHzAM/SSB12 W40

SBE Land Command LCBS-426.965-27.405 MHzAM/SSB12 W40

SBE Land Command LCBS-826.965-27.405 MHzAM/SSB12 W40

SBE Sierra (SBE-7CB)26.965-27.255 MHzAM4 W23

SBE Super Console (SBE-14CB)26.965-27.255 MHzAM/SSB12 W23

SBE Trinidad (SBE-11CB)26.965-27.255 MHzAM3.5 W23

SBE Trinidad II (SBE-30CB)26.965-27.255 MHzAM4 W23

SBE Trinidad III (SBE-45CB)26.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40

Sears Roadtalker 40 (562.38220700)26.965-27.405 MHz?? W40

Sears Roadtalker 40 CM-7100S (934.38310700)26.965-27.405 MHzAM/SSB12 W40

Siltronix 1011C?-? MHzAM/SSB? WVFO

Sommerkamp TS-740 SSB26.965-27.405 MHzAM/SSB? W40

Spitfire Mark III26.965-27.255 MHzAM3.5 W23

Sparkomatic CB-500026.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40

Sparkomatic CB-510026.965-27.? MHzAM? W?

Stabo XF-401226.965-27.405 MHzAM/FM4 W12/40

Stabo XF-4012N26.965-27.405 MHzAM/FM4 W12/40

Stabo XF-908226-29 MHzAM/FM/SSB30 W?

Stoner Pro-4026.965-27.405 MHzSSB10 W40

Svera 10526.965-27.255 MHzAM/FM/SSB15 W25

Svera 21226.965-27.255 MHzAM3.5 W24

Svera 23026.965-27.255 MHzAM3.5 W24

Teaberry Stalker Two26.965-27.? MHzAM/SSB12 W?

Teaberry Stalker XII26.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40

Teaberry Stalker XV26.965-27.? MHzAM/SSB12 W?

Teaberry Stalker XX (TBX-820)26.965-27.405 MHzAM/SSB12 W40

Teaberry Stalker XX (Export)26.965-27.855 MHzAM/FM/SSB12 W80

Teaberry T-Command26.965-27.? MHzAM4 W?

Teaberry T-Dispatch26.965-27.? MHzAM4 W?

Team Euro 3004F26.965-27.405 MHzFM4 W40

Team Euro 800026.965-27.405 MHz
27.60125-27.99125 MHz
FM4 W40 (CEPT) + 40 (UK)

Texas Ranger 193WX26.965-27.405 MHzAM4 W40

Texas Ranger 696 Base?-? MHzAM/FM/SSB? W?

Tokai PW-505626.965-27.255 MHzAM3.5 W23

Tram D-30026.965-27.405 MHz?4 W40

Tram Titan II26.965-27.? MHz?? W?

Uniden Madison (V.3)26.965-27.405 MHzAM/SSB12 W40

Uniden Madison (V.4)26.965-27.405 MHzAM/SSB12 W40

Uniden P-100026.965-27.405 MHzFM4 W40

Uniden Pro-62026.965-27.405 MHzFM4 W40

Uniden Washington26.965-27.405 MHzAM/SSB12 W40

Zodiac B-2012P27.005-27.135 MHzAM0.5 W12

Zodiac BC-523FM26.965-27.255 MHzAM/FM3.5 W23

Zodiac Homer 4026.965-27.255 MHzAM3.5 W23

Odd CB bands: Thailand - CB78

(All 78 MHz transceivers must be yellow according to Thai law)
PixModModelQRGModeMax P/OChannels

-- MHzFM- W-

Odd CB bands: Thailand - CB245

(All 245 MHz transceivers must be red according to Thai law)
PixModModelQRGModeMax P/OChannels

ADI Commando 246BM245.0000-245.9875 MHzFM30 W80

Alinco DR-245PL245.0000-245.9875 MHzFM10 W80

Fujitel FB-150A245.0000-245.9875 MHzFM10 W80

Icom IC-2100FX245.0000-245.9875 MHzFM10 W80

Motorola Commander 245245.0000-245.9875 MHzFM5 W80

Spender TM-581DTV245.0000-245.9875 MHzFM25 W80

Yaesu FT-245245.0000-245.9875 MHzFM10 W80