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Last modified 2020-08-21

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Kraco 2555FM

A picture of Kraco 2555FM


Type:Citizen band transceiver
Frequency range:26.965-27.255 MHz
Channels/tuning steps: 25 (1-24 + 11A)
According to swedish law at the time, SSB was only allowed on ch 24, and
therefore, switching this radio to LSB or USB automatically changed the
channel to 24.
Frequency control:PLL (PLL02A)
Frequency stability:? ppm
Power supply:Mains: 220 VAC (Fixed power cord)
Current drain/power consumption:RX: ? W
TX: Max 75 W @ 220 VAC
Antenna impedance/connector:50 ohm / Two SO-239 (Switchable)
Dimensions (W*H*D):405*150*300 mm (15.95*5.9*11.81"), without rack mounting handles
Weight:8.5 Kg (18.74 lb)
Other features:ANL/NB. PA. SWR meter. External selcall option.

Receiver system:Single conversion superheterodyne (SSB)
IF: 10.695 MHz
Double conversion superheterodyne (AM/FM)
1st IF: 10.695MHz
2nd IF:455 KHz
Sensitivity:AM: 1 uV (10 dB S/N)
FM: 1 uV (20 dB S/N)
SSB: 0.3 uV (10 dB S/N)
Selectivity:AM/FM: 4 KHz (-5 dB), 10 KHz (-50 dB)
Image rejection:>50 dB
AF output power/speaker:2 W at 10% distortion / 8 ohm
External speaker connector:3.5 mm, 8 ohm

RF output power:AM/FM: 3.5 W
SSB: 12 W (PEP)
Modulation system:AM: High and low level class B collector modulation
FM: ?
SSB: Dual balanced modulation
Max FM deviation:1.5 KHz
Spurious emissions:Less than -60 dB
Microphone impedance/connector:600 ohm / 4-pin (Metal screw ring connector)
Microphone input sensitivity:? mV

Manufactured:Japan, 1982-198x (Discontinued)
Main PCB:PTBM058COX by Cybernet Enterprise Japan
Additional info:
Related documents: User manual (1.5 MB)
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A top inside picture of Kraco 2555FM
A bottom inside picture of Kraco 2555FM
A rear picture of Kraco 2555FM