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Last modified 2023-05-19


January 2022:Yaesu's new basic mobile dual bander: FTM-6000E (Europe) and FTM-6000R (USA & Australia)
November 2021:Yaesu's new fusion HT: FT-5DE (Europe) and FT-5DR (USA & Australia)
August 2021:A new superscanner for the civil and military air bands from AOR, the AR-7400
August 2021:A new compact mobile VHF/UHF rig from QYT: KT-WP12
July 2021:Ranger's latest 10/11/12 m rig, the RCI-X9
April 2021:Yaesu's new desktop microphone: M-70
December 2020:Yaesu's latest HF/6 m transceiver with hybrid SDR: the FTdx-10
August 2020:Icom's latest D-Star HT with image TX/RX: ID-52A (USA) / ID-52E (Europe)
February 2020:New "Fusion" mobiles from Yaesu: FTM-300DE (Europe) / FTM-300DR (USA)
August 2019:Icom's brand new portable HF/VHF/UHF multibander with D-Star, the IC-705
August 2019:Finally, a new HF/6 m linear amplifier from Icom: IC-PW2
August 2019:An improved Oscar 100 upconverter, the DXPatrol QO-100 Up-converter Mk2
May 2019:New SDR transceivers from Elecraft: K4, K4D & K4HD
May 2019:A new SDR receiver from Airspy, the HF+ Discovery
May 2019:New FM/DV HT's from Yaesu: FT-3DE / FT-3DR (Europe / USA)
April 2019:A new Oscar 100 upconverter, the DXPatrol QO-100 Up-converter
March 2019:A new mobile FM/DMR rig from AnyTone, the AT-D578UV
March 2019:New analog/digital scanners from Uniden; SDS-200 and SDS-200E (USA / Europe)
October 2018:A new FM/DMR HT from Baofeng, the DM-9HX
September 2018:A new FM/DMR HT from Baofeng, the RD-5R
August 2018:A new FM/DMR HT from AnyTone, the AT-D878UV
August 2018:New HT's from Yaesu: FT-4VE / FT-4VR and FT-4XE / FT-4XR
May 2018:Kenwood's latest HF/VHF transceiver: TS-890S
May 2018:Yaesu's first HF/VHF SDR transceiver, the FTdx-101D
May 2018:A new SDR receiver with dual tuners from SDR Play: RSPduo
April 2018:A new advanced hand scanner with SDR technology: Uniden Bearcat SDS-100
March 2018:Yaesu's new replacement for FT-817ND, the FT-818ND
December 2017:A new, high-power 2 m transceiver from Yaesu: FT-2980E (Europe) / FT-2980R (USA)
December 2017:A new AirSpy, the HF+
October 2017:A new HF/6 m transceiver from Xiegu, the X5105
September 2017:A new triband, DV-capable allmode transceiver from Icom, the IC-9700
September 2017:New digital capable receivers/scanners from AOR: AR-Alpha II, AR-DV10 and AR-5700D
August 2017:New transceivers from Flexradio: Flex-6400, Flex-6400M, Flex-6600 and Flex-6600M
July 2017:A scanner and CB hybrid from Uniden, the Beartracker 885
July 2017:A new dual band, FM/DMR mobile transceiver from TYT, the MD-9600 Dual Band
June 2017:New rugged HT's from Yaesu: FT-25E and FT-65E (Europe) / FT-25R and FT-65R (USA)
May 2017:Yet another chinese mobile VHF/UHF dual bander, TYT TH-8600
May 2017:A new chinese HF SDR transceiver: Risen RS-918SSB
April 2017:A new dual band, Fusion capable HT from Yaesu: FT-70DE (Europe) / FT-70DR (USA)
April 2017:A new SDR receiver from Expert Electronics, the ColibriNano
March 2017:A new DV capable hand scanner from Uniden: UBC-D3600XLT
March 2017:A new dual band HT from smartphone maker Xiaomi, the MiJia
February 2017:A new mobile D-Star rig from Icom, ID-4100A (USA) / ID-4100E (Europe)
February 2017:Sotabeams has released an HF Lowpass filter kit
November 2016:A new SDR receiver from SDRPlay, the RSP2
November 2016:A new mobile multinorm CB from CRT: 2000
November 2016:A new dual band HT from Baofeng, the UV-6R
October 2016:Two new tribanders for the US market from Baofeng/Btech: UV-5X3 and UV-50X3
October 2016:A new miniature/pocket APRS transceiver, DB1NTO PicoAPRS
September 2016:A new 2 m transverter from Kuhne, the TR-144 Pro
September 2016:A new external speaker from Icom made to match IC-7300, the SP-38
September 2016:A new high-end desk microphone from Yaesu, the M-1
August 2016:Updated ID-51 HT with new D-Star modes: Icom ID-51A Plus2 / ID-51E Plus2 (USA/Europe)
August 2016:Kenwood's new HT with DV, APRS and allmode RX: TH-D74A / TH-D74E (USA/Europe)
August 2016:Finally a 991 with a usable realtime scope. The updated Yaesu FT-991A
August 2016:Two new multi-DV capable receivers/scanners from Icom: IC-R30 and IC-R8600
August 2016:A new HF/6 m SDR transceiver from Icom: IC-7610
June 2016:A new SSB/CW filter module from Sotabeams for Yaesu FT-817, the Laserbeam-817
June 2016:A new QRP transceiver from Ukraine, the Mini SW2016
May 2016:A new HT with allmode RX, DV and APRS from Kenwood: TH-D74
May 2016:A new super compact HF rig from Elecraft, the KX-2
May 2016:A new ground breaking FM/DV mobile tribander from Wireless Holdings, the DV4mobile
May 2016:A new HF/6 m rig from Yaesu, the FT-891
May 2016:New mobile dual banders with DV option from Alinco: DR-735E / DR-735T (Europe / USA)
May 2016:New scanners from Whistler with DMR capability: TRX-1 and TRX-2
March 2016:New digital audio filter modules from Sotabeams: CW, SSB & General Purpose
March 2016:A new SSR/ADS-B receiver with a twist, the Airnav Radarbox ComStation
March 2016:A new System Fusion VHF mobile from Yaesu: FTM-3200DE / FTM-3200DR (Europe / USA)
January 2016:Europe's first mobile PMR446: Midland GB1
November 2015:New versions of System Fusion rigs from Yaesu: FT-1XDE and FTM-400XDE
October 2015:A new SDR receiver from RFspace: Cloud-IQ
October 2015:Alinco releases a new mobile 2 m QRO rig: DR-B185HE / DR-B185HT (Europe / USA)
September 2015:A new high end HF/VHF SDR transceiver from Expert Electronics: MB1
September 2015:A new chinese DMR capable HT, Yanton DM-980
August 2015:Yaesu's new HF rig, the FT-410
August 2015:Alinco's new PMR446 HT, DJ-FX446
August 2015:Icom's new HF/6 m rig with RF direct sampling SDR, the IC-7300
August 2015:Alinco's new mobile VHF/UHF transceiver, DR-735H
June 2015:Icom's new high end HF/6 m transceiver, the IC-7851
May 2015:Yaesu's new mobile dual bander with DV & APRS, the FTM-100DE
January 2015:A new 10/11 meter rig from AnyTone, the AT-5555N
December 2014:Alinco's new mobile dual bander, the DR-638H
December 2014:Yaesu's new system fusion HT, the FT-2DR
November 2014:A new chinese VHF/UHF tribander, Anytone AT-5888UV III
November 2014:There are of course also the european and american versions: IC-2730A & IC-2730E
November 2014:Icom's latest mobile VHF/UHF transceiver, the IC-2730D
November 2014:A new HF/6 m SDR transceiver from Apache Labs, the Anan-200D
October 2014:A new FM/DMR transceiver from Kirisun, the TM840 UHF
September 2014:A new QRP HF transceiver from Xiegu, the X-108
September 2014:An updated SDR receiver from CommRadio, the CR-1A
September 2014:A new 4 m transceiver from Noble Radio, the NR-4SC
August 2014:An anniversary, top of the line HF/VHF transceiver from Icom, the IC-7850
August 2014:A new analog and DV scanner/receiver from AOR; AR-DV1
August 2014:A new HF/VHF/UHF "System fusion" rig from Yaesu; FT-991
July 2014:New dual band/dual mode repeaters from Yaesu; DR-1, DR-1X and DR-1XE
June 2014:Two new mobiles from Vidatone; 79D and 2780
May 2014:A new mobile dual bander from China; Leixen VV-898
March 2014:A new dual band HT from Wouxun with a large color display, the KG-UV8D
March 2014:New dual digital mode (DMR + D-Star) HT's from CSI: CS7000 VHF and CS7000 UHF
March 2014:New chinese CB/export/10 m transceivers, CRT SS-9900 and AnyTone AT-6666
February 2014:A new chinese DMR HT, Shi Ying: DG-318
February 2014:A new quadbander from Wouxun, the KG-UV950P
February 2014:Icom's new D-Star rig with touch screen, Bluetooth and Android functionality: ID-5100
January 2014:A multi-mode DV decoder from AOR, the ARD-300
January 2014:The latest incarnation of AOR's 8200 series, the AR-8200D
January 2014:Kenwood's updated APRS dual bander, now with built-in GPS; the TM-D710GA and TM-D710GE
December 2013:President's latest 10-11 m allmode rig: Lincoln II
October 2013:Two new Hungarian VHF QRO power amps, M+E ME1500-FD and ME1500-V
October 2013:New compact QRP PSK transceivers from SilentSystem: HandyPSK 20 and HandyPSK 40
September 2013:A new chinese allmode HF rig, KN-920
September 2013:Yet another chinese dual band transceiver: Powerwerx DB-750X
September 2013:A new QRP rig from LNR, the FX-4
August 2013:A new super-wideband receiver from AOR: AR-6000
August 2013:A new SDR receiver from CommRadio, the CR-1
August 2013:A new HF/6 m rig from Yaesu: FTdx-1200
July 2013:A new HF SDR transceiver from Elad, the FDM-Duo
July 2013:New miniature FM mobiles from China; Leixen VV-808U and VV-808V
July 2013:Palstar's first HF transceiver, the TR-30
June 2013:New HTs from Yaesu: FT-252 and FT-257
April 2013:New experimental HF receivers from Stampfl: Mini-SWRX and Micro-SWRX
April 2013:A 6 & 4 meter transceiver from a new manufacturer, Noble Radio NR-6N4
August 2012:Yet another Chinese dual band HT: TYT TH-UVF9
August 2012:Two new chinese dual banders, HYS TC-UV55 and TC-UV66
August 2012:Yaesu's latest mobile DV-capable rig, FTM-400D
August 2012:Icom's new HF/VHF/UHF multibander with touch-screen and D-Star, IC-7100
August 2012:TYT has made an FT-8900R clone, the TH-9800
August 2012:Icom's new dual band handie with D-Star, ID-51A / ID-51E (USA / Europe)
June 2012:Icom hatches a new mobile 2 m rig, the IC-2300H
May 2012:Yaesu goes DV with the new FT-1DE / FT-1DR (Europe / USA)
May 2012:Yaesu's latest HF/6 m rig, the FTdx-3000
May 2012:Finally! A brand new high-end HF/6 m rig from Kenwood. Behold the TS-990S
April 2012:Cobra's new, slightly different CB rig, the 29 LX EU
March 2012:Yet another multimode 10/11 m rig, CRE 8900
February 2012:A new ADS-B/AIS/AM/FM receiver från Kinetic Avionic: the SBS-3
November 2011:A new 2 m HT from Kenwood, TH-K20AT
October 2011:A new 5 KW monster PA from Kojinsha, behold the mighty KL-1
October 2011:A new QRP rig from Ten-Tec, Model 539
October 2011:A new high-end receiver/scanner from Boger, the BO-3500
October 2011:China spits out yet another dual band handie: KYD IP-VU1A
October 2011:Alinco breaks new ground with a 222/902 MHz dual band HT: DJ-G29T
August 2011:Kenwood releases a new 2 m mobile: TM-281A
June 2011:Icom's new UHF handie with DV/GPS, the ID-31E
June 2011:A new spectacular CB base from Ranger: RHF-618
May 2011:A brand new SDR transceiver from Elecraft: KX3
May 2011:Yaesu's latest HF/6 m linear amp, the VL-2000
April 2011:A small BT-headset styled UHF RX, Team RX-EP-U
December 2010:Icom's newest HF/6 m rig, the IC-7410
October 2010:Finally a mobile dual bander from Wouxun. Behold the KG-UV920R
September 2010:A brand spanking new HF rig from Ten-Tec, the Eagle
July 2010:Wouxuns latest dual band HT: KG-UV2D
July 2010:Standard releases their new handie scanner, the VR-160
July 2010:New wideband receivers from AOR: AR-5001D and AR-2300
July 2010:A new scanning marvel from Uniden, the HomePatrol-1
June 2010:A new handie scanner from Alinco, the DJ-X11E / DJ-X11T (Europe / USA)
May 2010:A new APRS HT from Kenwood, the TH-D72
May 2010:A new HF/6 m rig from Kenwood, the TS-590S
May 2010:Yet another virtual radar system: Planegadget Radar
February 2010:A new virtual radar system: Aurora Eurotech SSRx
February 2010:Yet another handie scanner from Icom, the IC-R6
November 2009:A new HF rig from Alinco: DX-SR8E / DX-SR8T (Europe/USA)
November 2009:A new HF/6 m base station from Yaesu: FTdx-5000MP
August 2009:A new mobile VHF/UHF rig with APRS from Yaesu: FTM-350
August 2009:A new DC-to-daylight, all-mode (and DV) shack-in-a-box from Icom: IC-9100
July 2009:A new HF QRP rig from China: HB-1A MKII
June 2009:Two new upgraded Bearcats from Uniden: BCD-996XT and BCT-15X
May 2009:New gear from Yaesu: FT-250R, FT-270, FT-1900R, FT-2900R and FT-7900R
April 2009:A new 220 MHz radio from Jetstream, the JT-220M
April 2009:A new handie scanner from Intek: AR-109
February 2009:Alinco's first shot at 23 cm with their new triband HT, the DJ-G7
February 2009:Two new entry level D-STAR rigs from Icom: ID-80 and ID-880D
January 2009:Two new CB rigs with a new concept: Connex CX-33TLM3 and Ranger RCI-TLM1
January 2009:A new HT from Alinco: DJ-175E/DJ-175T (Europe / USA)
August 2008:A new handie scanner from AOR, the AR-Mini
August 2008:Yet another HF/6 m rig from Icom: IC-7600
May 2008:Icom's latest hand scanner, IC-RX7
May 2008:Yaesu's new HT with packet/APRS and bluetooth: VX-8R
May 2008:Uniden's new GPS-enabled Bearcat scanner for Europe, the UBC-800XLT
January 2008:Icom's new D-Star HT for Europe: IC-E92D
January 2008:Finally a new Grundig. Behold the Satellit 750
November 2007:Icom's new D-Star HT: IC-92AD
September 2007:Alinco's new 220 MHz HT and 6 m mobile: DJ-V27 / DR-06T
August 2007:Icom's newest HF/6 m rig: IC-7200
August 2007:Yaesu's latest HF/6 m rig: FT-950
July 2007:Alinco's new handie scanner: DJ-X30E / DJ-X30T (Europe / US)
July 2007:Kenwood's first VHF/UHF D-Star rigs: TMW-706 and TMW-706S (Lo/Hi pwr)
July 2007:Maldol's new VHF and UHF HT's: TMH-21 and TMH-41
May 2007:Kenwood's new VHF HT: TH-255A
May 2007:Yaesu's new microsized VHF/UHF HT: VX-3R
May 2007:A brand spanking new HF/6m rig from Icom: IC-7700
April 2007:Standard's asian version of the new bluetooth VHF/UHF rig: FTM-10
April 2007:A new HF/6m rig from Elecraft: K3/10 and K3/100 (10 and 100 W version)
March 2007:Kenwood's new VHF/UHF mobiles: TM-D710A, TM-V71A (US) and TM-V71E (Europe)
March 2007:Yaesu's latest HF/6m rig: FT-450
March 2007:Yaesu's latest mobile VHF/UHF rig with bluetooth: FTM-10R
March 2007:A new megabuck HF receiver from JRC, NRD-630
February 2007:Alinco's new monoband HT's: DJ-S17E, DJ-S47E, DJ-V17E, DJ-V17T, DJ-V47E
and DJ-V47T
February 2007:Alinco's newest handie scanner, DJ-X8
February 2007:Icom's latest VHF HT: IC-V85
February 2007:New VHF/UHF mobiles with DV option, Icom IC-2820H (US) and IC-E2820 (Europe)
December 2006:Uniden's new handie scanner: USC-230
December 2006:A new portable DAB/DRM multimode receiver, Sangean DRM-40
November 2006:Ten-Tec's new HF/6 m transceiver: Omni VII
September 2006:Two new Uniden HF/VHF/UHF scanners for Europe: UBC-3500XLT and UBC-785XLT
September 2006:Icom's new HF/6 m super transceiver: X3
September 2006:A new HF/6 m transceiver from Tokyo Hy-Power: HT-200
August 2006:Icom's new super receiver: IC-R9500
August 2006:AOR's new super receiver: AR-Alpha
June 2006:Magnum's latest CB base: S-3200B
May 2006:Icom's new VHF/UHF HT with digital option: IC-E91
April 2006:New HF-SHF scanners with D-Star option from Icom: IC-R2500 and IC-PCR2500
February 2006:Icom's latest VHF/UHF D-Star HT: ID-91
February 2006:Yaesu's latest mobile VHF transceiver: FT-1802E
January 2006:A new UHF HT from Alinco: DJ-S45E / DJ-S45T (Europe / USA)
January 2006:A new LPD/PMR446 dualband HT from Alinco: DJ-S45CQS/CQL
December 2005:The very interesting new "Virtual radar receiver" from Kinetic Avionic: SBS-1
December 2005:A new HF/VHF/UHF receiver/scanner with built-in SDU from AOR: SR-2000
November 2005:Uniden's latest digital trunktracking scanner: UBC-D396T
November 2005:New HF-SHF scanners from Icom: IC-R1500 and IC-PCR1500
October 2005:Icom's latest VHF/UHF HT's: IC-E7 / IC-P7A (Europe / USA)
October 2005:A world first from Uniden, the GPS-enabled BCD-996T HF/VHF/UHF trunktracker
October 2005:A new race track scanner from Uniden, the BR-330T.
September 2005:A new professional HF transceiver from Vertex Standard, the VX-1700.
September 2005:A hot new HF transceiver from Hilberling: PT-8000A
August 2005:Yaesu's new prototype HF/VHF transceiver: FT-2000
June 2005:Yaesu's latest VHF HT's: VX-120 and VX-170
June 2005:Uniden's latest digital trunktracking scanner: BC-D396T (USA)
June 2005:Alinco's new mobile dual bander with digital option: DR-635E/DR-635T (Europe/USA)
June 2005:Alincos latest VHF/UHF HT: DJ-C6E
June 2005:Alinco's new HF/VHF/UHF scanner: DJ-X7
June 2005:Uniden's latest HF/VHF/UHF scanner: UBC-92XLT
March 2005:Yaesu's new VHF/UHF HT: VX-6R
February 2005:Icom's hot new mobile HF/VHF/UHF transceiver: IC-7000
November 2004:New transceivers from Icom with digital voice capability: ID-800D, IC-V1, IC-V82, IC-U1 & IC-U82
November 2004:A new DRM receiver from Coding Technologies: Digital World Traveller
October 2004:More new trunktrackers from Uniden: BC-246T, BC-296D and BC-796D
September 2004:A new trunktracking scanner from Uniden: UBC-3300XLT
September 2004:Two more HF/6m monsters from Yaesu: FTdx-9000 Contest and FTdx-9000MP
September 2004:A new marine VHF transceiver from Vertex Standard: VM-3500E
August 2004:Icom's new HF/VHF transceiver: IC-756 Pro III
June 2004:Alinco's new professional HF transceiver: DX-801
May 2004:Yaesu's new VHF/UHF HT: FT-60R
May 2004:Yaesu's new automatic ATU: FC-40
April 2004:New VHF/UHF handies from Alinco: DJ-C7, DJ-520J and DJ-530J
April 2004:Alinco's new handy scanner: DJ-X01
March 2004:Yaesu's new monster HF/6m transceiver: FTdx-9000D
March 2004:Icom's latest 2m mobile transceiver with digital option: IC-2200H
March 2004:A new wristwatch PMR446 transceiver, FreeQuency PMR200W
February 2004:The worlds first consumer grade, DRM-capable receiver, Mayah DRM-2010
February 2004:Icom's new super wideband hand scanner, IC-R20
January 2004:Motorola's new PMR-446 HT, XTN-446
December 2003:Kenwood's new HT's, TH-K2E, TH-K2ET & TH-K4E
December 2003:Icom's new professional HF transceiver, IC-F7000
December 2003:Elecraft's new ultra-portable HF transceiver, KX1
November 2003:Kenwood's new VHF mobile, TM-271A
November 2003:New DAB receivers from Sangean, DDR3, DPR1 & DPR-2
November 2003:Alinco's new mobile VHF transceivers, DR-135E MKII/DR-135T MKII (Europe/USA)
November 2003:Alinco's new VHF/UHF HT's, DJ-593E MKII & DJ-596E MKII
October 2003:Yaesu's new VHF/UHF dual bander, FT-7800H
September 2003:Two new linears from DanAmps, Dual band & Millinium
June 2003:New DAB receivers from Roberts, RD-1, RD-2, RD-3 & RD-4
June 2003:More new DAB receivers, Ministry of Sound DR-011 & Pure Pocket DAB
May 2003:Icom's new mobile VHF/VHF transceiver, the IC-E208
May 2003:Icom's new monster HF/VHF transceiver, the IC-7800
May 2003:Yaesu's new mobile VHF/UHF transceiver, the FT-8800R
May 2003:Kenwood's new HF/VHF transceiver, the TS-480HX
April 2003:Yaesu's new VHF/UHF HT, the VX-2R
April 2003:Icom's new mobile VHF/UHF transceiver, the IC-208D
January 2003:Ten-Tec's new DSP HF transceiver, the Argonaut V (516)
January 2003:New Bearcat scanners with trunking & digital capability, BC-250D and BC-785D
January 2003:Yaesu's new mobile VHF transceiver, the FT-2800M
January 2003:Yaesu's new HF-VHF-UHF transceiver, the FT-857
October 2002:Alinco's new mobile dualbander: DR-620E / DR-620T (Europe / USA)
September 2002:Icom's new QRP HF/6 m mobile/portable, the IC-703
August 2002:Yaesu's new mobile quadbander, the FT-8900R
August 2002:AOR's new professional receiver, the AR-One
August 2002:AOR's new scanning receiver, the AR-8600 MKII
August 2002:Icom's new triband HT: IC-E90 / IC-T90 (Europe / USA)
May 2002:Icom's new 2 m/70 cm mobile, the IC-2720H
April 2002:Kenwood's new 2 m/70 cm mobile, the TM-V708
April 2002:Icom's new 2 m/70 cm mobile, the IC-2725E
March 2002:Yet another new FT-1000 version from Yaesu, the FT-1000MP Mark V Field
March 2002:Icom's new 2 m QRO mobile, the IC-V8000
March 2002:Zodiac's new hand scanner, the FR-100
March 2002:Zodiac's new PMR HT's, Supertalk 446 and Me2You
March 2002:More new professional HT's from Zodiac, PA5099 and PA5499
March 2002:Yaesu's new VHF/UHF HT, the VX-7R
March 2002:Ten-Tec's new HF transceiver, the Orion
March 2002:Zodiac's new professional HT's, Proline 100 B and Proline 400 B
January 2002:Icom's new HF/6 m/2 m transceiver, the IC-746 Pro
November 2001:Alinco's new 70 cm HT, the DJ-S40
October 2001:Ten-Tec's new HF receiver, the RX-350
October 2001:AOR's new wide band scanner, the SR-1030
October 2001:Icom's new HF/6 m transceiver, the IC-756 Pro II
September 2001:Icom's new HF/VHF transceiver, the IC-7400
September 2001:Yaesu's new HF/VHF/UHF transceiver, the FT-897
September 2001:Kenwood's new linear, the TL-933
September 2001:Alinco's new 70 cm mobile with digital option, the DR-435T
August 2001:Alinco's new dual band HT with digital option, the DJ-596T
August 2001:Alinco's new PMR HT, the DJ-446
August 2001:Yaesu's new dual band mobile, the FT-7100M
August 2001:Icom's new 2 m HT, the IC-T3H
August 2001:Maycom's new hand scanner, the FR-100
August 2001:Kenwood's new dual band HT with 0.1-1300 MHz RX, the TH-F7E
June 2001:Alinco's new 0.1-1300 MHz hand scanner, the DJ-X3
June 2001:Kenwood's new triband HT with 0.1-1300 MHz RX, the TH-F6A
February 2001:Alinco's new 220 MHz mobile, the DR-235T
February 2001:Alinco's new 0.1-2150 MHz hand scanner, the DJ-X2000
February 2001:Uniden's new trunktracker, the Bearcat BC-780XLT
January 2001:Icom's new triband HT with 0.5-1320 MHz RX, the IC-T82R
December 2000:Yaesu's new 0.1-1300 MHz micro sized hand scanner, the VR-120
November 2000Alinco's new 2 m mobile with built-in TNC, the DR-135TP
November 2000It's official; Icom's tribander in an international QRO version. The IC-910H
November 2000:Alinco's new HT's with odd features, the DJ-196T and the DJ-496T
October 2000:Yaesu's new portable multibander, the FT-817
September 2000:Icom's new tri-band base station, the IC-910D
September 2000:AOR's new 0.5-2040 MHz all-mode receiver, the AR-8600
September 2000:Yupiteru's new 0.5-1320 MHz all-mode receiver, the MVT-7300
August 2000:Yaesu's new 0.1-2600 MHz all-mode receiver, the VR-5000
August 2000:Alinco's new 0.522-1000 MHz microsized hand scanner, the DJ-X2
July 2000:Kenwood does it almost "DC to daylight" with the new TS-2000