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Aurora Eurotech SSRx

A picture of Aurora Eurotech SSRx A picture of Aurora Eurotech SSRx
Pre-production pictures


Type:SSR Mode-S/ADS-B virtual radar receiver (SSR = Secondary Surveillance Radar)
Frequency range: 1090 MHz
Tuning steps:-
Frequency stability:? ppm
Mode:Digital, 1 Mb/s PPM
Channels / memory management: One fixed channel
Power supply:5 VDC (Via USB connector)
Current drain / power consumption:Max ? mA
Antenna impedance / connector:50 ohm / SMA
Dimensions (W*H*D):81*30*130 mm (3.19*1.18*5.12")
Weight:? g (? oz)
Other features: Connect to a PC, start the software and you'll get a virtual radar screen
that will display all properly equipped aircrafts in your covered area, including
ID, location, altitude and much more. 3D view and true real time data output.

Receiver system: ? conversion superheterodyne
Image rejection:
AF output power / speaker:-
External speaker connector:-

Manufactured:2010-20xx (Discontinued)
Additional info:
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Options / Accessories:
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A picture of the Aurora Eurotech SSRx package