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Last modified 2023-05-09

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SDRplay RSPdx R2

A picture of SDRplay RSPdx R2


Type:HF/VHF/UHF 14-bit SDR receiver
Frequency range:0.001-2000 MHz
Tuning steps:Depending on software
Frequency stability:0.5 ppm @ 0 to 35C (32 to 95F)
Mode:Depending on software
Channels / memory management:Depending on software
Power supply:5 VDC (via USB 2.0 port)
Current drain / power consumption:120-190 mA (Excluding bias tee)
Antenna impedance / connector:50 ohm / Two SMA jacks (1 KHz to 2 GHz)
50 ohm / BNC (1 KHz to 200 MHz)
Dimensions (W*H*D):94*35*113 mm (3.7*1.38*4.45")
Weight:315 g (11.1 oz)
Other features: 14-bit ADC. Twelve high-selectivity front end filters. Selectable FM, MW
and DAB notch filters. Three software selectable antenna ports.
Up to 10 MHz of spectrum can be monitored and recorded.
Enhanced ability to cope with strong signals. Substancially enhanced
performance below 2 MHz. HDR mode for use below 2 MHz. External
reference clock input (MCX jack). 4.7 VDC bias tee output on port B.
SDRUno and SDRconnect software included. Other popular SDR packages
are also supported.

Receiver system: SDR
Image rejection:
Output IQ sample rate:Up to 10.66 MPS
Output IQ bandwidth:
AF output power / speaker:No
External speaker connector:No

Manufactured:England, 2024-202x
Additional info: Even more improved reception below 2 MHz over the original RSPdx.
Maximum recommended input power on the antenna
ports: 0 dBm (10 dBm for short periods)
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HDR mode (201 KB)
Modifications and fixes:
Options / Accessories:
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