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Last modified 2024-02-25

Integrated circuits and modules - All cathegories (and more)

AD9850125 MHz DDS synthesizer
AD9851180 MHz DDS/DAC synthesizer
AN103VCO, mixer and amplifierNTE1192
AN2144 Watt audio power amplifier
AN240PFM IF amplifier and discriminatorNTE712
AN2525 Watt audio power amplifierNTE1365
AN377FM IF-amplifier and detectorNTE788
AN612Balanced modulatorNTE1249
AN829Dual attenuator
AN5215FM IF Amplifier and DiscriminatorNTE1234
AN5730FM IF Amplifier and DiscriminatorNTE1234
AN5732FM IF Amplifier and DiscriminatorNTE1234
AN6040PLL Frequency SynthesizerPLL02A
AN6821NHigh Speed Frequency DividerNTE1499
AN71405 Watt Audio Power AmplifierNTE1365
AN7205RF Front End Amplifier, Mixer and IF-Amplifier
APR9600Single-chip sound recording/playback device
AS3935Franklin lightning sensor IC
AT89C20518-bit CMOS microcontroller
AY-3-8910Programmable sound generator (PSG)
AY-3-8912Programmable sound generator (PSG)
AY-3-8913Programmable sound generator (PSG)

BA401Balanced RF / IF AmplifierNTE1104
BA403FM IF-Amplifier and DiscriminatorNTE1541
BA5215 Watt Audio Power AmplifierNTE1166
BA140475-108 MHz FM stereo transmitter
BA4112FM IF detector
BA5210FSSpeaker/headphone switch power amplifier
BA4260Tuner system
BA4422ANFM front end
BH1415F70-120 MHz FM stereo transmitter
BH1415FV70-120 MHz FM stereo transmitter
BH1417FVFM stereo transmitter
BH1418FV70-120 MHz FM stereo transmitter

C3001AVCO Mixer and AmplifierNTE1292
C5121PLL Frequency Synthesizer for CB
C5122PLL Frequency Synthesizer for CB
CA3012FM IF Wideband AmplifierNTE726
CA3028A/BHF AmplifierNTE724
CA3053HF AmplifierNTE724
CA3089FM IF-amplifier and DetectorNTE788
CA3240Dual 4.5 MHz, BiMOS Operational Amplifier
CA3240ADual 4.5 MHz, BiMOS Operational Amplifier
CB302M1WDouble balanced mixer
CB302M2Double balanced mixer
CB302M2BDouble balanced mixer
CB303M1WDouble balanced mixer
CB303M2Double balanced mixer
CB303M2BDouble balanced mixer
CB303M3WDouble balanced mixer
CB304M1Double balanced mixer
CB304M2Double balanced mixer
CB304M2BDouble balanced mixer
CB304M3WDouble balanced mixer
CB312M1Double balanced mixer
CB312M1BDouble balanced mixer
CB313M1Double balanced mixer
CB313M1BDouble balanced mixer
CB314M1ADouble balanced mixer
CB314M1BDouble balanced mixer
CB324M1Double balanced mixer
CB324M1BDouble balanced mixer
CB324M2BDouble balanced mixer
CB334M1Double balanced mixer
CB346M1ADouble balanced mixer
CB346M1BDouble balanced mixer
CB413M1Double balanced mixer
CB413M2Double balanced mixer
CB414M1Double balanced mixer
CB414M2Double balanced mixer
CB424M1Double balanced mixer
CB424M2Double balanced mixer
CX7925BSerial Input PLL Frequency Synthesizer
CX20111WFM/AM receiver
CXA1002M/NLow power FM IF
CXA1619FM/AM radio IC
CXA1619AFM/AM radio IC
CXA1619BFM/AM radio IC
CXK58257M32768*8 CMOS SRAM
CXK58257P32768*8 CMOS SRAM
CXK58257SP32768*8 CMOS SRAM

DBL1011FM/AM IF-amplifier and Detector
DMD5802Serial PLL Frequency Synthesizer
DMD5803Serial PLL Frequency Synthesizer
DS18S201-wire digital thermometer
DS1302Serial timekeeping chip (RTC)
DS1307I2C Real-time clock (RTC)

EMM5081V1BKu-band MMIC power amplifier, Pout 33.56 dBm

FX003SelCall tone decoder
FX118Duplex frequency inverter
FX315CTCSS/PL encoder
FX465Extended-code CTCSS/PL encoder/decoder

GALI84+6 GHz wideband MMIC amplifier, max 26 dB gain
GL3201FM IF Amplifier and DiscriminatorNTE712
GL5808Tuner System for Radio
GL5835AM Tuner System for Car Radios
GL6533Serial PLL Frequency Synthesizer
GM653560 MHz dual PLL Frequency Synthesizer

HA1124FM IF Amplifier and Discriminator
HA1125FM IF Amplifier and DiscriminatorNTE712
HA1137WFM IF-amplifier and DetectorNTE788
HA1139Video AmplifierNTE749
HA1366W5.5 Watt Audio Power Amplifier
HA1366WR5.5 Watt Audio Power Amplifier
HA11225FM IF Amplifier and DiscriminatorNTE1488
HD42851PLL Frequency SynthesizerNTE1254, uPD861
HD42853PLL Frequency SynthesizeruPD2814
HD404829RMCU with LCD driver
HT8950Voice modulator
HT9202A2 memory pulse/dialer
HT9202B2 memory pulse/dialer
HT9202C2 memory pulse/dialer
HT9202D2 memory pulse/dialer
HT9202F1 memory pulse/dialer
HT9202G1 memory pulse/dialer
HT9202H1 memory pulse/dialer
HT9202L1 memory pulse/dialer
HT9202S2 memory pulse/dialer
HYL21011Serial PLL Frequency SynthesizerKS8805

IR3M03ADC/DC-converter. Input 2.5-40 V. Output 1.25-40 V. Max 1.8 A
IR3N05Tone decoderLM567
IR3N06Low Power Narrowband FM IFNTE853

KA2101FM IF Amplifier and DiscriminatorNTE712
KA2245FM IF Amplifier and DiscriminatorNTE1541
KA2247Tuner System for Radio
KA3361BLow Power Narrowband FM IFNTE853
KA22495FM Front End Amplifier, Mixer and IF-Amplifier
KB4402FM IF-amplifier and DetectorNTE788
KIA6003SFM IF-Amplifier and Discriminator
KIA6037AM Tuner System for Radio
KIA6040PFM IF-Amplifier and Discriminator
KIA6058FRF Front End Amplifier, Mixer and IF-Amplifier
KIA6058S/ASRF Front End Amplifier, Mixer and IF-Amplifier
KIA6078SFM Front End for Radio
KIA6410PVCO Mixer and AmplifierNTE1192
KIA7130PFM IF Amplifier and Audio Preamplifier
KIA7217APAudio Power AmplifierNTE1370
KIA7310PVCO Mixer and AmplifierNTE1192
KM5624PLL Frequency SynthesizeruPD2814
KS8805Serial PLL Frequency Synthesizer
KS8805BUniversal programmable PLL Frequency Synthesizer
KT615Balanced RF / IF AmplifierNTE1104
KT3361BLow Power Narrowband FM IFNTE853
KTA6058RF Front End Amplifier, Mixer and IF-Amplifier

L78S05Voltage regulator. 5 Volt, 2 A
L78S09Voltage regulator. 9 Volt, 2 A
L78S10Voltage regulator. 10 Volt, 2 A
L78S12Voltage regulator. 12 Volt, 2 A
L78S15Voltage regulator. 15 Volt, 2 A
L78S18Voltage regulator. 18 Volt, 2 A
L78S24Voltage regulator. 24 Volt, 2 A
L78S75Voltage regulator. 7.5 Volt, 2 A
LA1060Antenna Switching Diversity Circuit
LA1061MAntenna Switching Controller
LA1130AM Tuner for Car Radio
LA1135AM Tuner System for RadioNTE712
LA1136NAM Tuner System for Radio
LA1137NAM Tuner System for Radio
LA1140FM IF System for Car RadioNTE1604
LA1143FM IF System for Car Radio
LA1145FM IF System (Quadrature Detector)
LA1150NFM IF Amplifier and DiscriminatorNTE1541
LA1175FM Front End For Car Radio
LA1177Electronic Tuning-Use FM Front
LA1178MRF Front End Amplifier, Mixer and IF-Amplifier
LA1185RF Front End Amplifier, Mixer and IF-Amplifier
LA1186NFM Front End for Radio
LA1225MFM IF Detector
LA1230FM IF system
LA1231NFM IF Amplifier and DiscriminatorNTE1441
LA1235FM IF Amplifier and Discriminator
LA1245AM Electronic TunerNTE1608
LA1260Tuner System for Radio
LA1265FM/AM Tuner System
LA1266AM/FM Tuner System
LA1267FM/AM Tuner System
LA1365FM IF Amplifier and Discriminator
LA1600One-Band AM-Radio
LA1800FM/AM Single-Chip Radio
LA4200Audio Power Amplifier
LA4201Audio Power AmplifierNTE1470
LA4260Audio Power AmplifierNTE1685
LA4422Audio Power Amplifier, 5.8 W
LA4446Audio Power Amplifier
LA4485Audio Power Amplifier
LA6458MDual Operational Amplifier
LA6458SDual Operational Amplifier
LB1403N5-dot LED level meter
LB1413N5-dot LED level meter
LB1423N5-dot LED level meter
LB1433N5-dot LED level meter
LB1443N5-dot LED level meter
LC5121PLL Frequency Synthesizer
LC7110PLL Frequency Synthesizer
LC7113PLL Frequency Synthesizer
LC7120PLL Frequency Synthesizer for CBNTE7120
LC7130PLL Frequency Synthesizer for CB
LC7131PLL Frequency Synthesizer for CBNTE1475
LC7132PLL Frequency Synthesizer for CB
LC7135PLL Frequency Synthesizer for CB
LC7136PLL Frequency Synthesizer for CB
LC7137PLL Frequency Synthesizer for CB
LC7152Dual Serial PLL Frequency Synthesizer
LC7185PLL Frequency Synthesizer and controller for CB
LC7216MPLL Frequency Synthesizer
LC7218PLL Frequency Synthesizer
LC7232NSingle-Chip Microcontroller with Display driver and PLL
LC7233NSingle-Chip Microcontroller with Display driver and PLL
LC72122VPLL frequency synthesizer for portable equipment
LC72131AM/FM PLL frequency synthesizer
LC72131MAM/FM PLL frequency synthesizer
LC72322NSingle-Chip Microcontroller with Display driver and PLL
LC72322RSingle-Chip Microcontroller with Display driver and PLL
LC72323RSingle-Chip Microcontroller with Display driver and PLL
LC72336Single-Chip Microcontroller with Display driver and PLL
LC72338Single-Chip Microcontroller with Display driver and PLL
LM124Quad Operational Amplifier
LM224Quad Operational Amplifier
LM324Quad Operational Amplifier
LM339Quad single supply comparator
LM3802.5 W Audio Power Amplifier
LM384Audio Power Amplifier, 5 W
LM386Audio Power AmplifierNTE823
LM567Tone decoder
LM733Video Amplifier
LM1396Balanced modulator / Demodulator
LM1458Dual Operational Amplifier
LM1458CDual Operational Amplifier
LM1496Balanced modulator / Demodulator
LM1596Balanced modulator / Demodulator
LM1881Video sync separator
LM2111NLow Power Narrowband FM IFNTE708, ULN2111A
LM2111N-01Low Power Narrowband FM IFNTE708, ULN2111N
LM2113NLow Power Narrowband FM IFNTE709
LM2940-xxVoltage regulator. 1 A, low dropout
LM3028HF AmplifierNTE724
LM3053HF Amplifier
LM3065NFM IF Amplifier and DiscriminatorNTE712
LM3089Low Power Narrowband FM IFNTE788
LM3189FM IF-amplifier and Detector
LM3361ALow Power Narrowband FM IF
LM3820AM radio system
LM3914Dot/bar display driver. Linear increments
LM3915Dot/bar display driver. Logarithmic 3 dB increments
LM4558Dual Operational Amplifier
LMX1501A1.1 GHz Serial PLL Frequency Synthesizer
LMX15111.1 GHz Serial PLL Frequency Synthesizer
LMX22160.1-2 GHz low noise amplifier/mixer
LMX2306550 MHz PLL Frequency Synthesizer
LMX23161.2 GHz PLL Frequency Synthesizer
LMX23262.8 GHz PLL Frequency Synthesizer
LSC1008PFM IF Amplifier and DiscriminatorNTE712
LV2105V530 MHz PLL Frequency Synthesizer

M5183PVideo AmplifierNTE749
M51131L2-channel electronic volume balance
M51173PFM IF Amplifier and Discriminator
M51361PGeneral Purpose Phase Lock Loop
M54459LHigh Speed Frequency Divider
M54460L130 MHz high speed frequency divider
M56760PLL Frequency Synthesizer
M57704H450-470 MHz, 13 W
M57713144-148 MHz, 17 W
M57727144-148 MHz, 37 WIcom SC1013
M57732144-175 MHz, 7 W
M5773550-54 MHz, 19 WIcom SC1069
M57737R144-148 MHz, 30 WIcom SC1124
M57752RF power module. 430-450 MHz, 13 W
M57762RF power module. 1240-1300 MHz, 18 W
M57788MRF power module. 430-450 MHz, 45 W
M57793903-905 MHz, 5 W
M57796H150-175 MHz, 5 W
M57796MA144-148 MHz, 5 W
M57797H450-470 MHz, 5 W
M57797MA430-450 MHz, 5 W
M58472PPLL Frequency Synthesizer
M58473PPLL Frequency Synthesizer
M58476PLL Frequency Synthesizer
M64897GPPLL Frequency Synthesizer with DC-DC converter
M67727144-148 MHz,60 WIcom SC1113
MAR-1+1 GHz wideband MMIC amplifier, max 18 dB gain
MAR-6+2 GHz wideband MMIC amplifier, max 22 dB gain
MAX260545-70 MHz VCO
MAX260670-150 MHz VCO
MAX2607150-300 MHz VCO
MAX2608300-500 MHz VCO
MAX2609500-650 MHz VCO
MAX7461Loss-of-sync alarm
MB501L1.1 GHz prescaler
MB504520 MHz prescaler
MB1501Serial PLL Frequency Synthesizer
MB15A01Serial PLL Frequency Synthesizer
MB1502Serial PLL Frequency Synthesizer
MB15A02Serial PLL Frequency Synthesizer
MB15E03Serial PLL Frequency Synthesizer with 1.2 GHz prescaler
MB15F07SLDual Serial PLL Frequency Synthesizer
MB1501Serial PLL Frequency Synthesizer
MB1502Serial PLL Frequency Synthesizer
MB1503Serial PLL Frequency Synthesizer
MB1504Serial PLL Frequency Synthesizer
MB1505Serial PLL Frequency Synthesizer
MB1507Serial PLL Frequency Synthesizer
MB1508Serial PLL Frequency Synthesizer
MB1511Serial PLL Frequency Synthesizer
MB1512Serial PLL Frequency Synthesizer
MB37125,7 Watt Audio Power Amplifier
MB37135,7 Watt Audio Power Amplifier
MB3714A6 Watt Audio Power Amplifier
MB3715A6 Watt Audio Power Amplifier
MB8719PLL Frequency Synthesizer
MB8733PLL Frequency Synthesizer
MB8734PLL Frequency Synthesizer
MB8738PLL Frequency Synthesizer
MB87014ASerial Input PLL Frequency Synthesizer
MB87086ASerial Input PLL Frequency Synthesizer
MC1350PIF amplifierNTE746
MC1352PVideo AmplifierNTE749
MC1357Low Power Narrowband FM IFNTE708
MC1496Balanced modulator / Demodulator
MC2831AFM Transmitter System
MC2833FM Transmitter System
MC3356Wideband FSK receiver
MC3357Low power NFM IF and squelch
MC3359Low Power Narrowband FM IF
MC3361Low Power Narrowband FM IF
MC3361BLow Power Narrowband FM IF
MC3362Low power narrowband FM receiver
MC3363Low power narrowband FM receiver
MC3371Low Power Narrowband FM IF
MC3372Low Power Narrowband FM IF
MC4044Phase-frequency detector
MC4344Phase-frequency detector
MC5800Wideband RF amplifier. 10 dB gain, 3 dB NF
MC5805Wideband RF amplifier. 17 dB gain, 4 dB NF
MC12181125-1000 MHz PLL Frequency Synthesizer
MC13135Low Power Narrowband FM IF
MC13136Low Power Narrowband FM IF
MC14046BPLL Frequency Synthesizer
MC145104PLL Frequency Synthesizer
MC145106PLL Frequency Synthesizer
MC145107PLL Frequency Synthesizer
MC145109PLL Frequency SynthesizerNTE1167
MC145112PLL Frequency Synthesizer
MC145151-2Parallel PLL Frequency Synthesizer
MC145152-2Parallel PLL Frequency Synthesizer
MC145155-2Serial PLL Frequency Synthesizer
MC145156-2Serial PLL Frequency Synthesizer
MC145157-2Serial PLL Frequency Synthesizer
MC145158-2Serial PLL Frequency Synthesizer
MC145159-1Serial PLL Frequency Synthesizer
MC145162Serial PLL Frequency Synthesizer
MC145163PLL Frequency Synthesizer
MC145170Serial PLL Frequency Synthesizer
MHW710-1400-440 MHz, 13 W
MHW710-2440-470 MHz, 13 W
MHW710-3470-512 MHz, 13 W
MHW720A1400-440 MHz, 20 W
MHW720A2440-470 MHz, 20 W
ML1350IF amplifier
ML13135Low Power Narrowband FM IF
ML145162Serial PLL Frequency Synthesizer
MM48141PLL Frequency Synthesizer
MM55104PLL Frequency Synthesizer
MM55106PLL Frequency Synthesizer
MM55107PLL Frequency Synthesizer
MM55108PLL Frequency Synthesizer
MM55116PLL Frequency Synthesizer
MM55126PLL Frequency Synthesizer
MMG3H21NT16 GHz wideband InGaP HBT amplifier, 19.3 dB gain @ 900 MHz
MN6040PLL Frequency Synthesizer
MN6040APLL Frequency Synthesizer
MSC42502PPLL Frequency Synthesizer
MSM5806PLL Frequency Synthesizer
MSM5807PLL Frequency Synthesizer
MSM5907PLL Frequency Synthesizer
MT8870BDTMF decoder
MT8870DDTMF decoder
MWA110Wide-Band RF Amplifier
MWA120Wide-Band RF Amplifier
MWA130Wide-Band RF Amplifier
MX355CTCSS encoder/decoder
MX365CTCSS encoder/decoder with audio filters
MX465CTCSS encoder/decoder with audio filters

N5596Balanced modulator / Demodulator
NDC40013PLL Frequency Synthesizer
NE565General Purpose PLLNTE989
NE592Video AmplifierNTE927D
NE602ADouble-balanced mixer and oscillator
NE605FM IF Amplifier and Discriminator
NE606FM IF Amplifier and Discriminator
NE612ADouble-balanced mixer and oscillator
NE616FM IF Amplifier and Discriminator
NE5205Wide-band high frequency amplifier, 600 MHz, 20 dB, 50-75 ohms
NIS-110ANoise detector network (by Taiyo)
NIS-112455 KHz IF amp/AGC/AM detector
NIS-115Lowpass filter
NIS-116Bandpass filter
NIS-117Bandpass filter
NIS-119VCO module
NIS-130VCO module
NIS-1311/2 prescaler, 2.2 GHz
NJ8820PLL Frequency Synthesizer
NJ8821PLL Frequency Synthesizer
NJ88C22PLL Frequency Synthesizer
NJ8823PLL Frequency Synthesizer
NJ88C24PLL Frequency Synthesizer
NJ88C25PLL Frequency Synthesizer
NJ88C28PLL Frequency Synthesizer
NJ88C29PLL Frequency Synthesizer
NJ88C30PLL Frequency Synthesizer
NJ88C51PLL Frequency Synthesizer
NJM386Audio Power Amplifier
NJM386BAudio Power Amplifier
NJM1496Balanced modulator / DemodulatorNTE973D
NJM2070Audio Power Amplifier
NJM2073Dual low voltage audio power amplifier
NJM2203Double-balanced mixer and oscillator
NJM2206FM IF-Amplifier and Discriminator
NJM2236FM Front End for Radio
NJM2902NQuad Operational Amplifier
NJM3357Low Power Narrowband FM IFNTE853
NJM3359Low Power Narrowband FM IF
NJM4558Dual Operational Amplifier
NJM4559Dual Operational Amplifier
NM24C1616 K-bit 2-wire bus EEPROM
NTE1254PLL Frequency Synthesizer for CB

PC817Compact optocoupler (Photocoupler). 1 channel
PC827Compact optocoupler (Photocoupler). 2 channels
PC837Compact optocoupler (Photocoupler). 3 channels
PC847Compact optocoupler (Photocoupler). 4 channels
PIC16F83Flash-based 8-bit CMOS microcontroller
PIC16F84Flash-based 8-bit CMOS microcontroller
PIC16F627Flash-based 8-bit CMOS microcontroller
PIC16F628Flash-based 8-bit CMOS microcontroller
PIC16F873Flash-based 8-bit CMOS microcontroller
PIC16F873AFlash-based 8-bit CMOS microcontroller
PIC16F874Flash-based 8-bit CMOS microcontroller
PIC16F874AFlash-based 8-bit CMOS microcontroller
PIC16F876Flash-based 8-bit CMOS microcontroller
PIC16F876AFlash-based 8-bit CMOS microcontroller
PIC16F877Flash-based 8-bit CMOS microcontroller
PIC16F877AFlash-based 8-bit CMOS microcontroller
PIC16F882Flash-based 8-bit CMOS nanoWatt microcontroller
PIC16F883Flash-based 8-bit CMOS nanoWatt microcontroller
PIC16F884Flash-based 8-bit CMOS nanoWatt microcontroller
PIC16F886Flash-based 8-bit CMOS nanoWatt microcontroller
PIC16F887Flash-based 8-bit CMOS nanoWatt microcontroller
PLL01APLL Frequency Synthesizer
PLL02APLL Frequency SynthesizerMC145109, NTE1167
PLL03APLL Frequency Synthesizer
PLL08APLL Frequency Synthesizer
PLL0210APLL Frequency Synthesizer
PLL0305ASerial PLL Frequency SynthesizerSM5158A
PLL2001Serial PLL Frequency SynthesizerSM5158A
PLL2002Serial PLL Frequency SynthesizerSM5158A
PT2399Echo and delay audio processor

RC4558Dual Operational Amplifier
RCI8719PLL Frequency Synthesizer
RCL10483Narrowband FM/AM IF-amplifier and Demodulator
RDA1846Single chip transceiver for walkie-talkies
RDA5802EFM broadcast stereo tuner chip
REC86345PLL Frequency Synthesizer
REN11655 Watt Audio Power AmplifierNTE1165
RL7320Balanced Modulator / Demodulator

S-AV5RF power module. 144-148 MHz, >15 W
S-AV6RF power module. 154-162 MHz, 30 W
S-AV17RF power module. 144-148 MHz, >50 W
SA602ADouble-balanced mixer and oscillator
SA604ALow Power Narrowband FM IFNTE129
SA605FM IF Amplifier and Discriminator
SA606Low voltage high performance mixer FM IF
SA612ADouble-balanced mixer and oscillator
SA2132CAM/FM receiver
SA5205Wide-band high frequency amplifier, 600 MHz, 20 dB, 50-75 ohms
SAA1057Radio tuning PLL frequency synthesizer
SAB0600Three-tone chime. 7-11 V
SAB0601Single-tone chime. 7-11 V
SAB0602Dual-tone chime. 7-11 V
SAE800Programmable single/dual/triple tone gong. 2.8-18 V
Samsung S3P7324CMOS microcontroller
SC70231PVideo Amplifier
SE565General Purpose PLLNTE989
SE5004L (SiGe5004L)RF amplifier. 5.15-5.85 GHz. 26 dBm highly linear. 34 dBm P1dB
SE5205Wide-band high frequency amplifier, 600 MHz, 20 dB, 50-75 ohms
Si4460Low current transceiver. 119-1050 MHz. Max 13 dBm
Si4461Low current transceiver. 119-1050 MHz. Max 16 dBm
Si4463Low current transceiver. 119-1050 MHz. Max 20 dBm
Si4464Low current transceiver. 119-1050 MHz. Max 20 dBm
SK11665 Watt Audio Power Amplifier
SK3225Balanced RF / IF AmplifierNTE1104
SK3445VCO Mixer and AmplifierNTE1192
SK3487FM IF Amplifier and DiscriminatorNTE124
SK38275 Watt Audio Power AmplifierNTE1166
SK7799Audio Power AmplifierNTE1470
SL5018Low Power Narrowband FM IF
SM5104PLL Frequency Synthesizer
SM5107PLL Frequency Synthesizer
SM5109PLL Frequency SynthesizerNTE1176
SM5118PLL Frequency Synthesizer
SM5123APLL Frequency Synthesizer
SM5124APLL Frequency Synthesizer
SM5128A1PLL Frequency Synthesizer
SM5132Serial PLL Frequency Synthesizer
SM5142Serial PLL Frequency Synthesizer
SM5152ASerial PLL Frequency Synthesizer
SM5158ASerial PLL Frequency Synthesizer
SM5160CMProgrammable PLL Frequency Synthesizer
!!--SN16913PRF Mixer
SN76514Balanced mixer
SN76600PVideo Amplifier
SN76642NLow Power Narrowband FM IFNTE709
SN76643NLow Power Narrowband FM IFNTE708
SN76650PVideo AmplifierNTE749
SN76664NFM IF Amplifier and DiscriminatorNTE712
SO42PDouble Balanced Modulator / Demodulator
SP8704Frequency Divider
SP8715Frequency Divider
SP8716Frequency Divider
SP8718Frequency Divider
SP8719Frequency Divider
SP8720Frequency Divider
SP8789Frequency Divider
SP8792Frequency Divider
SP8793Frequency Divider
STV5730AOSD chip
STK4241VAudio Power Amplifier
SY-105Single-Chip Microcontroller with Display driver and PLL
SY-202Single-Chip Microcontroller with Display driver and PLL
SY-203Single-Chip Microcontroller with Display driver and PLL
SY-204Single-Chip Microcontroller with Display driver and PLL
SY-501Single-Chip Microcontroller with Display driver and PLL
SZM-2166Z2.3-2.7 GHz. 27 dBm highly linear. 35 dBm P1dB

TA7045HF AmplifierNTE724
TA7060APFM-IF amplifier
TA7061APFM-IF amplifier
TA7130PFM-IF amplifier and detectorNTE1234
TA7176PFM IF Amplifier and DiscriminatorNTE1236
TA7200Audio Power Amplifier
TA7204Audio Power Amplifier
TA7205APAudio Power AmplifierNTE1155, KIA7217
TA7217APAudio Power AmplifierNTE1370
TA7222APAudio Power AmplifierNTE1278
TA7303PFM IF Amplifier and Discriminator
TA7310PVCO Mixer and AmplifierNTE1192
TA7320PBalanced Modulator / Demodulator
TA7358APRF Front End Amplifier, Mixer and IF-AmplifierNTE1843
TA7368Audio Power Amplifier
TA7378PFM Front End for Radio
TA8207KAudio Power Amplifier
TA75557Dual Operational AmplifierNTE1529
TA75558Dual Operational AmplifierNTE1529
TB31202FNPLL frequency synthesizer
TB31206PLL frequency synthesizer
TBA820MAudio Power AmplifierNTE1117
TC1014 series (Microchip)Voltage regulators, 50 mA. 1.8, 2.5, 2.6, 2.7, 2.8, 2.85, 3.0, 3.3, 3.6, 4.0, 5.0 Volts
TC1015 series (Microchip)Voltage regulators, 100 mA. 1.8, 2.5, 2.6, 2.7, 2.8, 2.85, 3.0, 3.3, 3.6, 4.0, 5.0 Volts
TC1185 series (Microchip)Voltage regulators, 150 mA. 1.8, 2.5, 2.6, 2.7, 2.8, 2.85, 3.0, 3.3, 3.6, 4.0, 5.0 Volts
TC4051Single 8-channel multiplexer/demultiplexer
TC4052Differential 4-channel multiplexer/demultiplexer
TC4053Triple 2-channel multiplexer/demultiplexer
TC5080PProgrammable Divider
TC5081APPhase comparatorNTE1208
TC5082POscillator and 12 stage dividerNTE1197
TC9100PPLL Frequency SynthesizerNTE1167
TC9102PLL Frequency Synthesizer
TC9103PLL Frequency Synthesizer
TC9106BPPLL Frequency Synthesizer
TC9109BPPLL Frequency Synthesizer
TC9119PLL Frequency Synthesizer
TC9122PHigh speed BCD programmable counter
TC9125BPPLL Frequency Synthesizer
TCA3189FM-IF-amplifier and DetectorNTE7016
TCM3105FSK modem
TDA1047FM-IF amplifier and detector
TDA1200FM-IF-amplifier and DetectorNTE788
TDA1352Video AmplifierNTE749
TDA1905Audio Power AmplifierNTE7000
TDA2002Audio Power AmplifierNTE7000
TDA2003Audio Power AmplifierNTE1288
TDA6130-5X42 GHz mixer
TDA7000FM radio circuit
TDA7021TFM tuner with MPX output
TDA7040TPLL stereo decoder
TDA7050TAudio Power Amplifier
TDA7330BRDS/RBDS decoder
TDA7088TFM receiver for battery supply
TK10420Narrowband FM/AM IF-amplifier and Demodulator
TK10483Narrowband FM/AM IF-amplifier and Demodulator
TK10487Narrowband FM/AM IF-amplifier and Demodulator
TK10930Narrowband FM/AM IF-amplifier and Demodulator
TL084Quad J-FET Operational Amplifier
TL084AQuad J-FET Operational Amplifier
TL084BQuad J-FET Operational Amplifier
TM1104Balanced RF / IF AmplifierNTE1104
TM1153Audio Power Amplifier
TMS320C6727BFloating point Digital Signal Processor
TS461Single OP. Rail to rail
TS462Dual OP. Rail to rail
TS464Quad OP. Rail to rail
TSA55111.3 GHz PLL Frequency Synthesizer

U6239B2.9 GHz PLL Frequency Synthesizer
UC1152Scanner CPU
ULN2111ALow Power Narrowband FM IF
ULN2111NLow Power Narrowband FM IFNTE708
ULN2113NLow Power Narrowband FM IFNTE709
ULN2165NFM IF Amplifier and DiscriminatorNTE712
ULN3859ALow Power Narrowband FM IF
UMA1014PLL Frequency Synthesizer

uA796Balanced modulator / Demodulator
uPB566CDual modulus prescaler, 900 MHz 400 mV
uPC358Low power Dual Operational Amplifier
uPC563Audio Power AmplifierNTE1081
uPC575C2Audio Power Amplifier
uPC577HBalanced RF AmplifierNTC1082
uPC1001Audio Power AmplifierNTE1127
uPC1024Audio Power Amplifier
uPC1025Audio Power AmplifierNTE1081A
uPC1028HFM IF Amplifier and Discriminator
uPC1037HDouble Balanced Mixer / Amplifier
uPC1156Audio Power Amplifier
uPC1167C2FM IF Amplifier and DiscriminatorNTE1488
uPC1182H5 Watt Audio Power AmplifierNTE1286
uPC1241H5 Watt Audio Power AmplifierNTE7101
uPC1242H5 Watt Audio Power Amplifier
uPC1352CNTSC video processorNTE1416
uPC1651G1200 MHz wideband MMIC amplifier, 19 dB gain
uPD858PLL Frequency SynthesizerNTE1198
uPD861CPLL Frequency SynthesizerNTE1254
uPD2810PLL Frequency Synthesizer
uPD2812PLL Frequency Synthesizer
uPD2814PLL Frequency Synthesizer
uPD2814CPLL Frequency Synthesizer
uPD2816PLL Frequency Synthesizer
uPD2819CPLL Frequency Synthesizer
uPD2824CPLL Frequency Synthesizer. ROM coded 40 ch.
uPD2833CPulse swallow PLL
uPD2834CPulse swallow PLL
uPD45104 bit up/down decade counter
uPD75024-bit CPU with LCD controller
uPD75034-bit CPU with LCD controller (found in AOR AR-2002)

24C162048*8 Serial EEPROM
74S188256-bit (32*8) TTL PROM