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Panoramic Radio Products Inc.
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AD-55AC adapter16 VDC, 1.5 A

AD-56Battery pack charger adapterUse with BC-119N

AD-87Battery pack adapter

AD-88Terminal PC board for charger

AD-92SMASMA-to-BNC adapter

AD-94Battery pack charger adapterUse with BC-119N

AD-101Battery pack charger adapterUse with BC-119N
AT-100Automatic antenna tuner

AT-120Automatic antenna tunerFor the HF marine bands
AT-130EAutomatic antenna tunerFor the HF marine bands

AT-140Automatic antenna tuner

AT-150Automatic antenna tuner

AT-160Automatic antenna tuner
AT-180Automatic antenna tunerFor the IC-706 series
AT-500Automatic antenna tuner

BA-10Bottom slide cap

BC-10AMemory backup AC power supply

BC-16UWall chargerFor BP-7 and BP-8

BC-25UWall chargerFor BP-3

BC-30Desktop chargerFor BP-2, BP-3, BP-5 and BP-8

BC-30UWall chargerFor BP-2, BP-3 and BP-5

BC-35Desktop chargerFor BP-2, BP-3, BP-5, BP-7 and BP-8

BC-110A/AR/C/D/DR/VWall charger12 V, 200 mA

BC-119NDesktop rapid charger

BC-139Desktop rapid chargerWith AC adapter

BC-144NDesktop rapid charger

BC-145AC adapter16 V, 1 A

BC-145LAC adapter16 V, 1 A

BC-146Desktop regular charger

BC-147AC adapter12 V, 200 mA

BC-155A/DWall charger

BC-164Rapid charger

BP-2NiCd battery pack7.2 V, 450 mAh
BP-3NiCd battery pack8.4 V, 270 mAh
BP-4Battery case6*R6/AA batteries
BP-5NiCd battery pack10.8 V, 450 mAh

BP-5ANiCd battery pack10.8 V, 450 mAh
BP-7NiCd battery pack13.2 V, 450 mAh

BP-8NiCd battery pack8.4 V, 800 mAh
BP-70NiCd battery pack13.2 V, 270 mAh

BP-170Battery case4*R6/AA cells

BP-171NiCd battery pack4.8 V, 700 mAh

BP-172NiCd battery pack4.8 V, 950 mAh

BP-173NiCd battery pack9.6 V, 650 mAh

BP-180NiCd battery pack7.2 V, 600 mAh

BP-197Battery case3*R6/AA cells

BP-198Ni-MH battery pack4.8 V, 700 mAh

BP-199Ni-MH battery pack6 V, 700 mAh

BP-200Ni-MH battery pack9.6 V, 680 mAh

BP-208NBattery case6*R6/AA cells

BP-209NNiCd battery pack7.2 V, 1100 mAh

BP-210NNiMH battery pack7.2 V, 1650 mAh

BP-211NLi-Ion battery pack7.4 V, 1800 mAh

BP-216Battery case2*R6/AA batteries

BP-217Li-Ion battery pack7.4 V, 1300 mAh

BP-222NNiCd battery pack7.2 V, 600 mAh
BP-228NiCd battery pack9.6 V, 2800 mAh

BP-243Li-Ion battery pack3.7 V, 1800 mAh

CM-35AC battery charger

CP-1Cigarette lighter cable13.8 VDC, 4 A

CP-10Battery separation cable

CP-11Cigarette lighter cable with noise filter

CP-12LCigarette lighter cable with noise filter

CP-19RCigarette lighter cable with DC-DC converter11 VDC output

CP-21LRCigarette lighter cable with moise filter
CR-64High stability crystal unit+/- 0.5 ppm, -30C to +60C
CR-263High stability crystal unit
CR-282High stability crystal unit+/- 0.5 ppm
CR-293High stability crystal unit+/- 0.5 ppm
CR-338High stability crystal unit+/- 0.5 ppm

CR-502High stability crystal unit+/- 0.5 ppm, -30C to +60C

CS-D800Cloning software

CS-P7Cloning software

CS-T7Cloning software

CS-T81Cloning software

CS-T90ACloning software

CS-V8Cloning software

CS-V82Cloning software

CS-V8000Cloning software

CS-208Cloning softwareIC-208 series

CS-2100Cloning software

CS-2200HCloning software

CS-2720Cloning software

CT-10Computer interface/terminal unitFor remote control and RTTY

CT-15AQS adapter
CT-16Satellite interface unit
CT-17CI-V level converter

DC-1DC-DC converter, 12 VDC in to 9 VDC out

EX-20Automatic antenna selector

EX-106FM unit

EX-195Marker unitFor frequency calibration

EX-202LDA unitFor auto band switching

EX-203CW audio filter (150 Hz)

EX-205TRV unitFor transverter switching

EX-241Marker unitFor frequency calibration

EX-242FM unit
EX-243Electronic keyer unit

EX-293Electronic keyer unit

EX-309Interface unit

EX-310Voice synthesizer unit

EX-494Cloning unit

EX-627Automatic HF antenna selector

EX-766Interface unit-A

EX-1513Infrared sub receiverExtends the range of EX-1759

EX-1759Infrared receiverFor use with HM-90
FL-30SSB narrow filter (2.3 KHz)
FL-32CW narrow filter (500 Hz)
FL-32ACW narrow filter (500 Hz)
FL-33AM filter (6 KHz)
FL-34AM filter (5.2 KHz)

FL-44SSB crystal filter (2.4 KHz)
FL-44ASSB crystal filter (2.4 KHz)
FL-45CW narrow filter (500 Hz)
FL-52CW narrow filter (500 Hz)
FL-52ACW narrow filter (500 Hz)
FL-53CW narrow filter (250 Hz)
FL-53ACW narrow filter (250 Hz)
FL-54CW narrow filter (270 Hz)
FL-63CW narrow filter (250 Hz)
FL-63ACW narrow filter (250 Hz)
FL-70SSB narrow filter (2.8 KHz)
FL-80SSB narrow filter (2.6 KHz)
FL-83CW narrow filter (500 Hz)
FL-96SSB wide filter (2.8 KHz)
FL-100CW narrow filter (500 Hz)
FL-101CW narrow filter (250 Hz)
FL-102AM filter (6 KHz)
FL-103SSB wide filter (2.8 KHz)
FL-132CW narrow filter (500 Hz)For main band
FL-133CW narrow filter (500 Hz)For sub band
FL-222SSB narrow filter (1.8 KHz)
FL-223SSB narrow filter (1.9 KHz)
FL-232CW/RTTY narrow filter (350 Hz)
FL-257SSB wide filter (3.3 KHz)
FL-4301st IF filter (6 KHz)
FL-4311st IF filter (3 KHz)

HM-7Hand microphone


HM-12Hand microphone8-pin connector

HM-15Hand microphone with 1750 tone burst8-pin connector

HM-36Hand microphone8-pin connector

HM-46Speaker microphone

HM-46LSpeaker microphone

HM-54Speaker microphone

HM-59Hand microphone with 1750 tone burst8-pin connector
HM-70Speaker microphone

HM-71Wireless hand microphone
HM-75ASpeaker microphone with remote control

HM-77Hand microphone with DTMF pad and 1750 tone burstModular connector

HM-78Hand microphoneModular connector

HM-79Hand microphoneModular connector

HM-88Hand microphoneModular connector

HM-90Infrared wireless microphone

HM-95DTMF microphoneModular connector

HM-96Hand microphone

HM-97Hand microphone with tone callModular connector

HM-98Hand microphone with remote control
HM-103Hand microphoneModular connector

HM-118Hand microphone

HM-118NHand microphone

HM-118T/TADTMF microphones with keypad backlighting


HM-131Speaker microphone

HM-133Hand microphone with DTMF and remote controlModular connector

HM-133VHand microphone with DTMF and remote controlModular connector

HM-151Hand microphone for IC-7000 only, with DTMF padModular connector


HM-154Hand microphoneModular connector

HM-154THand microphone with DTMF padModular connector

HM-158LSpeaker microphone


HP-2Communication headphones

HS-10SAVOX unit

HS-10SBPTT switch box

HS-15Flexible mobile microphone

HS-15BSwitch box

HS-15SBSwitch box

HS-20SBSwitch box

HS-62Flexible mobile microphone

HS-85Hands-free headset with PTT and VOX

HS-94Earhook with boom microphone

HS-95Behind-the-ear headset with boom microphone

HS-97Throat microphone type
IC-AG1Pre-amp, 70 cm>15dB gain
IC-AG25Pre-amp, 2 m>15 dB gain

IC-AG30Pre-amp, 220 MHz>15 dB gain
IC-AG35Pre-amp, 70 cm>15 dB gain
IC-AG1200Pre-amp, 23 cm>10 dB gain
IC-AH2Automatic antenna tuner/antenna system
IC-AH3Automatic antenna tuner
IC-AH4Automatic antenna tuner

IC-BU1Memory backup battery unit

IC-EX1Extension terminal

IC-EX2Extension terminal with 25 KHz marker

IC-HM5Hand microphoneNoise cancelling

IC-HM8Hand microphone with DTMF pad
IC-HM10Hand microphone
IC-HM14Hand microphone with DTMF pad8-pin connector

IC-HP1Communication type headphones
IC-MB5Mobile mounting bracket

IC-RM2Computerized remote controller
IC-RM3Remote controller
IC-SP2External speakerPhone patch option

LC-11Carrying caseFor use with BP-2, BP-3 and BP-4

LC-12Carrying caseFor use with BP-5

LC-14Carrying caseFor use with BP-7 and BP-8

LC-136Carrying case

LC-137Carrying case

LC-148Carrying case

LC-152ACarrying case

LC-156Multi-bag with controller case

LC-161Carrying case

LC-163Carrying case

MB-12Mobile mounting bracket

MB-17AMobile mounting bracket
MB-19Rack mounting handles

MB-23Carrying handle

MB-27Mobile mounting bracket

MB-34Joint plates for stacking

MB-49Mobile mounting bracket

MB-50Remote controller bracket

MB-58Remote controller bracket

MB-59Basic mounting bracket

MB-62Mobile mounting bracket

MB-63Flat surface controller bracket

MB-65Mounting base

MB-72Carrying handle

MB-73Controller bracket

MB-83Swivel type belt clip

MB-84Controller bracket

MB-85Combination bracket

MB-86Swivel type belt clip

MB-96NLeather belt hangerIncluding MB-86

MB-96FFixed type leather belt hanger

MB-103Alligator type belt clip

MB-105Controller bracket

MB-106Carrying handle

MB-116Rack mounting handles

MB-117Carrying handle

MB-118Mobile mounting bracket

MB-121Carrying handle
MB-123Carrying handle

OPC-025ADC power cable20 A

OPC-025DDC power cable30 A

OPC-131DC power cable

OPC-207DC power cable, 13.8 VDC

OPC-254LDC power cable

OPC-332Separation kit3.5 m (11.5 ft)

OPC-333Separation kit7 m (23 ft)

OPC-335Speaker cable5 m (16.4 ft)

OPC-345DC power cable3 m

OPC-346DC power cable3 m

OPC-347DC power cable7 m (23 ft)

OPC-440Mic extension cable5 m (16.4 ft)

OPC-441Speaker extension cable5 m (16.4 ft)

OPC-474Cloning cableTransceiver-to-transceiver

OPC-478Cloning cablePC-to-transceiver

OPC-478UCloning cable, USBPC-to-transceiver

OPC-581Separation cable3.5 m (11.5 ft)

OPC-587Separation cable5 m (16.4 ft)

OPC-589Microphone adapter cable

OPC-598ACC cable, 13-pin7 m (22 ft)

OPC-599Adapter cable, 13-pin ACC to 7-pin + 8-pin ACC

OPC-600Separation cables3.5 m (11.5 ft)

OPC-601Separation cables7 m (23 ft)

OPC-639DC power cable with noise filter20 A

OPC-647Mic extension cable2.5 m

OPC-742ACC cable, 13-pin

OPC-782PLug adapter cable

OPC-1132DC power cable3 m (9.8 ft)

OPC-1156Separation cable3.5 m (11.5 ft)

OPC-1229DC power cable4 A

OPC-12483-pin DC cable to 6-pin connector

OPC-1384Data cablePC and GPS connection

OPC-1443Separation cable3.5 m (11.5 ft)

OPC-1444Separation cable5 m (16.4 ft)

OPC-1457DC power cable30 A

OPC-1457RDC power cable with noise filter30 A

OPC-1529RData communications cable, RS-232C

RC-10Frequency controller

RC-24Frequency controllerID-1

RS-BA1IP remote control software

RS-91Remote control and memory management software
SM-2Desktop microphone
SM-5Desktop microphone
SM-6Desktop microphone
SM-8Desktop microphone
SM-10Desktop microphone
SM-14Desktop microphone
SM-20Desktop microphone
SM-25Desktop microphone
SM-30Desktop microphoneUnidirectional electret with low cut and gain controls
SM-50Desktop microphoneUnidirectional dynamic with up/down switches, low cut and gain controls
SP-3External speaker
SP-5External speaker
SP-7External speaker
SP-8External speaker
SP-10External speaker
SP-12External speaker, slim dimensions2 m cable
SP-20External speaker with filter
SP-21External speaker
SP-22External speaker
SP-23External speaker with filter
SP-24External speaker, slim dimensions
SP-30External speaker, slim dimensions
SP-33External speaker
SP-35External speaker, slim dimensions

TS-32Encoder/decoder unitMounts on UT-15
TV-970Amateur TeleVision adapterMode A5 & A9 - AM video

TV-1200Amateur TeleVision adapterMode A5 & A9 - AM video

TV-1275Amateur TeleVision adapterMode A5 & A9 - AM video

TV-R7000TeleVision adapterAM video
TV-R7100TeleVision & FM stereo adapterAM video

UI-7AM/FM unit

UI-8FM unit

UI-9FM unit

UI-100DSP unit

UR-1Receiver protector unit

UT-15Tone squelch interface unitRequires also TS-32

UT-28DCS unit

UT-29Tone squelch unit

UT-30Programmable tone encoder unit88.5 Hz preset
UT-34Tone squelch unit
UT-36Voice synthesizer unitEnglish or japanese voice

UT-40Tone squelch unit

UT-50Tone squelch unit

UT-51Programmable Tone encoder unit

UT-55DTMF encoder/decoder unit

UT-66Voice synthesizer unit

UT-75DTMF decoder unit

UT-76Tone squelch unit

UT-84Tone squelch unit

UT-86Tone squelch unit
UT-89Tone squelch unit

UT-962/5-tone encoder/decoder unit

UT-101DTMF encoder/decoder unit
UT-102Voice synthesizer unitEnglish or japanese voice
UT-106Internal DSP unitANF & NR

UT-108DTMF decoder unit

UT-109Scrambler unit

UT-110Scrambler unit

UT-114Digital voice/scrambler unit

UT-118D-Star/DV unit
UT-121D-Star/DV unit

UT-122P25/DV unit

UX-19A10 m band unit10 W

UX-19E10 m band unit10 W

UX-29A2 m band unit25 W

UX-29E2 m band unit25 W

UX-29H2 m band unit45 W

UX-39A220 MHz band unit25 W

UX-49A70 cm band unit25 W

UX-49E70 cm band unit25 W

UX-59A6 m band unit10 W
UX-9723 cm band unit10 W
UX-9813 cm band unit1 W

UX-129A23 cm band unit10 W

UX-129E23 cm band unit10 W

UX-91023 cm band unit10 W

UX-91123 cm band unit10 W
UX-910023 cm band unit10 W

UX-R91MW/76-950 MHz receiver unit
UX-R9650-905 MHz receiver unit

UX-S922 m SSB/CW unit



AT-120Antenna tuner
AT-130Antenna tuner
AT-200Antenna tuner
AT-230Antenna tuner
AT-250Automatic antenna tuner

AT-300Automatic antenna tuner

AT-450Internal automatic antenna tunerFor TS-450S and TS-690S

AT-850Internal automatic antenna tunerFor TS-850S

AT-940Internal automatic antenna tuner, 10-160 mFor TS-940S

BC-2Battery charger for PB-10

BC-9Battery charger for PB-6 and PB-7

BC-10Rapid charger

BC-11Compact charger

BC-12Battery charger

BH-6Swivel mount

BM-1Bottom cover


BT-16Battery case6*R03/AAA

BU-1External memory backup Battery case
CD-10DCS callsign display

DC-4Mobile charger for PB-10

DC-5Mobile charger for PB-6, PB-7 and PB-9

DCK-1DC operation kit

DCK-2DC operation kit

DF-180Memory unit

DFC-230Digital frequency controller

DFK-3Detachable front panel mounting kit

DFK-4Detachable front panel mounting kit

DFK-5Detachable front panel mounting kit

DFK-7CDetachable front panel kit7 m cable

DG-1AInternal digital frequency counter

DRU-2Digital recording unit

DRU-3ADigital recording unit

DS-1ADC-DC converter

DSP-100External Digital Signal Processor

DTU-2DTMF unit

EPG-3GDC line noise filter

FA-4Cooling fan unit

FM-430FM unitFor TS-430S
HC-1World clock
HC-2World clock
HC-10Digital world clock

HMC-2Headset with VOX & PTT

HS-4Communications headphones8 ohms

HS-5Light-weight open air-type headphones8 ohms

HS-6Deluxe, very light-weight headphones


IC-10Interface IC kitEnables computer control

IF-10DInterface unit

IF-232CRS-232C interface/level converter

KB-1Deluxe flywheel VFO tuning knob

KES-5Mobile speaker4 ohms, 40 W!

KHS-22Headset with boom microphone PTT

KHS-26Clip microphone with earphone

KLF-2Line noise filter

KNB-63LLi-Ion battery pack1130 mAh

LF-30ALow pass filter

MB-11Mobile mount bracket

MB-13Mounting bracket

MB-14Mobile mounting bracket

MB-100Mobile mount

MB-430Mobile mount

MC-30SNoise cancelling hand microphone500 ohms

MC-35SNoise cancelling hand microphone50 Kohm
MC-42SDynamic hand microphone with up/down buttons500 ohms
MC-43SDynamic hand microphone with up/down buttons600 ohms

MC-45Multi-function microphone
MC-50Desktop microphone

MC-53DMMulti-function microphone with DTMF
MC-57Hand microphone
MC-58Hand microphone
MC-59Hand microphone with DTMF pad
MC-60Desktop microphoneWith pre-amplifier

MC-80Omnidirectional electret desk microphone with pre-amplifier

MC-85High-class unidirectional electret desk microphone with pre-amplifier and filter
MC-90Desktop microphoneInterchangeable heads

MJ-88Modular to 8-pin microphone adapter

MJ-89Modular plug microphone switch

PB-57.2 V, 200 mAh NiCd battery pack

PB-67.2 V, 600 mAh NiCd battery pack

PB-77.2 V, 1100 mAh NiCd battery pack

PB-812 V, 600 mAh NiCd battery pack

PB-107.2 V, 600 mAh NiCd battery packNot for rapid charger

PC-1APhone patchWith VU-meters

PG-2NDC power cable

PG-2SDC power cable

PG-2WDC power cable

PG-3BNoise filter power cable

PG-3FFiltered cigarette lighter power cable

PG-3GNoise filter power cable

PG-4KDetachable front panel kit

PG-4LDetachable front panel kit

PG-4XExtension cable kit

PG-4YPC serial programming cable

PG-5AData cable

QR-6FM87.5-108 MHz WFM tuner unitFor QR-666
QR-6MK500 KHz marker unitFor QR-666

RM-76Remote control unit with 6 memories and scanning

SC-28SoftcaseFor PB-5/6

SC-29SoftcaseFor PB-7/8/9

SMC-31Speaker microphone

SMC-32Speaker microphone

SMC-33Speaker microphoneWith remote functions

SMC-34Speaker microphoneWith remote functions and volume control

SO-1High stability crystal unit

SO-2High stability crystal unit

SP-23External speaker8 ohms
SP-31External speaker with filter8 ohms

SP-40Mobile speaker4 ohms

SP-41Mobile speaker4 ohms

SP-50BMobile speaker8 ohms

SP-70External speaker

SP-120External speaker

SP-230External speakerWith audio filters

SP-430External speaker
SP-820External speaker

SP-940Speaker with filters

TSU-5Programmable tone decoder unit

TSU-7CTCSS/PL tone unit

TSU-8CTCSS/PL tone unit
TU-8CTCSS/PL tone unit
UT-1023 cm band unit10 W
UT-2023 cm band unit10 W

UT-28S10 m band unit50 W

UT-50S6 m band unit50 W

UT-220S1.25 m band unit25 W

UT-120023 cm band unit10 W

VC-10Internal VHF converter unit118-174 MHz

VC-20Internal VHF converter unit108-174 MHz
VFO-30External VFO For TR-7200G & TR-2200GX
VFO-30GExternal VFO For TR-7200G & TR-2200GX

VFO-120External VFOFor TS-120S and TS-120V

VFO-180External VFOFor TS-180S

VFO-230External digital VFO20 Hz step and 5 memories

VFO-240External VFO

VFO-700SExternal VFOFor TS-700S
VFO-820External VFO For TS-820 and TS-820S

VFO-900External VFOFor TS-900

VOX-3VOX unit

VP-1Bumper mountFor MA-5 mobile HF antenna
VS-1Voice synthesizer unitEnglish or japanese voice

VS-2Voice synthesizer unit

VS-3Voice synthesizer unit

WR-1Water resistant bag
YF-107CCW filter (500 Hz)For TS-480
YF-107CNCW filter (270 Hz)For TS-480
YF-107SNSSB filter (1.8 KHz)For TS-480

YF-3395C-1CW narrow filter (500 Hz)IF: 3.395 MHz

YF-3395FFM filterIF: 3.395 MHz

YG-88AAM filter (8 KHz)IF 8.83 MHz
YG-88CCW filter (500 Hz)IF 8.83 MHz

YG-88CNCW filter (270 Hz)IF 8.83 MHz
YG-88SSSB filter (2.4 KHz)IF 8.83 MHz
YG-455CCW narrow filter (500 Hz)IF 455 KHz
YG-455C-1CW narrow filter (500 Hz)IF 455 KHz
YG-455CNCW narrow filter (270 Hz)IF 455 KHz
YG-455CN-1CW narrow filter (250 Hz)IF 455 KHz
YG-455S-1SSB filter (2.4 KHz)IF 455 KHz
YG-3395CCW filter (500 Hz)IF: 3.395 MHz
YG-3395SSSB filter (2.4 KHz)IF: 3.395 MHz
YK-88AAM filter (6 KHz)IF 8.83 MHz
YK-88A-1AM filter (6 KHz)IF 8.83 MHz
YK-88CCW narrow filter (500 Hz)IF 8.83 MHz
YK-88C-1CW narrow filter (500 Hz)IF 8.83 MHz
YK-88CNCW narrow filter (270 Hz)IF 8.83 MHz
YK-88CN-1CW narrow filter (270 Hz)IF 8.83 MHz
YK-88SSSB filter (2.4 KHz)IF 8.83 MHz
YK-88S1SSB filter (2.4 KHz)IF 8.83 MHz
YK-88S2SSB filter (3 KHz)IF 8.83 MHz
YK-88SNSSB filter (1.8 KHz)IF 8.83 MHz
YK-88SN-1SSB filter (1.8 KHz)IF 8.83 MHz
YK-107CCW narrow filter (500 Hz)IF 10.695 MHz
YK-455C-1CW narrow filter (500 Hz)IF 455 KHz



ADMS-4AWindows programming softwareFor FT-817 and FT-817ND

ADMS-400Windows programming softwareFor FTM-400DE and FTM-400XDE

ATU-2Internal automatic antenna tuner

BH-2ABluetooth headsetRequires BU-2 and CD-40

BU-2Bluetooth adaptor unit

CD-40Charger cradle for BH-2A

CNS-3SMA-to-BNC adapter

CS-17SoftcaseFT-727R with FNB-3A or FNB-5A

CS-18SoftcaseFT-727R with FNB-4A






CSC-83SoftcaseFor FT-817 and FT-817ND

CT-39APacket interface cable

CT-44Mic/ear adapter/splitter

CT-58Band data cable

CT-62CAT interface cable

CT-118Linear amplifier connection cableFor VL-1000

CT-162Separation cable6 m (19.6 ft)

DC-90113.5 V DC-DC converter

DCC-04PDC cable
DCC-2900Heavy duty DC cable20 A

DMU-2000Data Management Unit

DSP-1Internal DSP unitNotch, bandpass, CW peaking and noise reduction

DSP-2Internal DSP unit

DVS-1Digital voice memory unit

DVS-2Digital voice recording unit

DVS-4Digital voice recording unitSaves up to 16 seconds of audio

DVS-6Digital voice recording unit

E-DC-15Cigarrette lighter DC power cable

FAS-1-4RRemote antenna selectorFor use with FC-757AT or FL-7000

FBA-9Battery case for 6*R03/AAA type cells

FBA-10Battery case for 6*R6/AA type cells

FBA-17Compact battery case for 6*R6/AA type cells

FBA-20Battery case for R6/AA type cellVX-1R

FBA-28Battery case for 8*R6/AA type cell

FC-30Automatic antenna tuner
FC-40Automatic antenna tuner6-160 m
FC-301Antenna tuner10-160 m
FC-707Antenna tuner10-80 m + WARC

FC-800Antenna tuner. 10-160 m, 500 W

FC-901Remote automatic antenna tuner

FEX-736-1.223 cm band module10 W

FEX-736-506 m band module10 W

FEX-736-220220 MHz band module25 W

FEX-767-22 m band module10 W

FEX-767-66 m band module10 W

FEX-767-7A70 cm band module (440-450 MHz)10 W

FEX-767-7B70 cm band module (430-440 MHz)10 W

FF-501DXLow pass filter

FNB-52LILi-Ion battery packVX-1R

FFT-1FFT unit

FH-2Remote control keypad

FIF-MXCAT-interfaceFor MSX computers

FIF-65ACAT-interfaceFor Apple II computers


FM-1FM unit
FM-747FM unit

FMP-1AQS message processor & digital message display

FNB-3NiCd battery pack10.8 V, 425 mAh

FNB-3ANiCd battery pack10.8 V, 425 mAh

FNB-4ANiCd battery pack12 V, 500 mAh

FNB-5ADry cell battery case6*R6/AA

FNB-9NiCd battery pack7.2 V, 200 mAh

FNB-10NiCd battery pack7.2 V, 600 mAh

FNB-11NiCd battery pack12 V, 600 mAh

FNB-12NiCd battery pack12 V, 500 mAh

FNB-14NiCd battery pack7.2 V, 1000 mAh

FNB-17Compact NiCd battery pack7.2 V, 600 mAh

FNB-72NiCd battery pack9.6 V, 1000 mAh

FNB-78NiMH battery pack13.2 V, 4500 mAh

FNB-85NiMH battery pack9.6 V, 1400 mAh

FRB-757Relay box
FRT-7700Preselector0.15-30 MHz

FRV-8800Internal VHF converter unit118-174 MHz

FTS-8CTCSS/PL encoder/decoder unitFor FT-736, FT-767GX and more


FTS-22Dual CTCSS/PL decoder unit

FTS-64EDual CTCSS/PL encoder unit
FV-101External VFO
FV-101ZExternal VFO
FV-301External VFO

FV-901DMExternal synthesized VFO with 40 memories

FVS-1AVoice synthesizer unit

FVS-2Voice guide unit

HRI-200WIRES-X internet linking interface and software

Keyer unit BInternal iambic keyer unit
Landliner 301Phone-patch
LL-2Universal phone patch unit
LL-5Internal phone patch unitMounts inside of SP-5 or SP-6

MD-1B8Desktop microphone
MD-100A8XDesktop microphoneDynamic
MD-200A8XUltra high fidelity Desktop microphoneDynamic

MEK-2Microphone extension kit

MF-1A3BBoom microphone with flexible arm

MH-1B8Hand microphone


MH-14A8Hand speaker-microphone with burst button

MH-14B8Hand speaker-microphone

MH-14D8Standard hand microphone

MH-15C8Hand speaker-microphone with DTMF keypad

MH-15D8Hand microphone with DTMF autodialler memory

MH-18A2BCompact speaker-microphone


MH-27Hand microphone with DTMF

MH-31A8JHand microphoneUp/down buttons

MH-31B1SHand microphoneDynamic


MH-36E8JHand microphoneWith DTMF-pad

MH-42Hand microphone
MH-48A6JHand microphoneDTMF pad

MH-59A8JHand microphoneWith DTMF-pad and encoder wheel
MH-85A11USpeaker-microphoneBuilt-in camera

MLS-100High-power external speaker

MLS-200_M10Weatherproof external speaker

MMB-20Mobile mounting bracket

MMB-21Mobile hanger bracket

MMB-32AMobile hanger bracket
MMB-60Quick release mobile mounting bracket

MMB-62Mobile controller bracket

MMB-66Mobile mounting bracket

MMB-80Mounting bracket
MMB-83Mobile bracket
MMB-98Vacuum bracket for the control head

NC-9B/CCompact chargerFor FNB-3A

NC-15Quick charger/DC supply

NC-18B117 VAC compact chargerFor FNB-4A/-11/-12

NC-18C220-234 VAC compact chargerFor FNB-4A/-11/-12

NC-27B117 VAC compact chargerFor FNB-4A/-9

NC-27C220-234 VAC compact chargerFor FNB-4A/-9

NC-28B117 VAC compact chargerFor FNB-4A/-10/-17

NC-28C220-234 VAC compact chargerFor FNB-4A/-10/-17

NC-29Desktop rapid chargerFor many FNB packs

NC-34B117 VAC compact chargerFor FNB-4A/-14

NC-34C220-234 VAC compact chargerFor FNB-4A/-14

NC-66B/C/UAC power supply/chargerVX-1R

NC-72BBattery charger, 120 VAC

NC-72CBattery charger, 230-240 VAC

NC-72UBattery charger, 230 VAC

PA-3DC car adapter/trickle charger

PA-6Mobile DC adapter/chargerFor many FNB packs

PA-48CBattery charger, 100-240 VAC

PB-1707BFM unit

PB-1728Curtis 8043 keyer unit

PB-1728ACurtis 8044 keyer unit

PB-1787CMemory unit

SB-10PTT switch unit

SCU-20PC connecetion cable

SMB-201Cooling fan base

SP-4External speaker
SP-5External speakerWith filters and optional phone patch
SP-6External speakerWith filters and optional phone patch

SP-7External speaker

SP-55External speaker

SP-767External speakerWith filters

SP-767PExternal speakerWith filters and phone patch

SP-901External speaker

SP-901PExternal speakerWith phone patch
SP-2000External speakerWith filters
SU-1Barometric pressure sensor unit
TCXO-1High stability crystal unit? ppm
TCXO-2High stability crystal unit? ppm

TCXO-3High stability crystal unit? ppm
TCXO-4High stability crystal unit2 ppm

TCXO-6High stability crystal unit0.5 ppm
TCXO-7High stability crystal unit2 ppm
TCXO-8High stability crystal unit? ppm
TCXO-9High stability crystal unit0.5 ppm

TV-736Amateur TeleVision adapterFor FT-736. AM-video

USB-62CAT-interface, USB

VC-25VOX headset

XF-8.9HCCW narrow filter (600 Hz)IF: 8988.3 KHz

XF-30CCW narrow filter (600 Hz)IF: 3.1793 MHz

XF-90BAM filter (6 KHz)IF: 9 MHz

XF-90CCW narrow filter (600 Hz)IF: 8999.3 KHz

XF-110CCW narrow filter (500 Hz)IF: 455 KHz

XF-110CNCW narrow filter (250 Hz)IF: 455 KHz

XF-110SSSB filter (2.6 KHz)IF: 455 KHz
XF-115CCollins mechanical CW narrow filter (500 Hz)IF: 455 KHz
XF-115CNCollins mechanical CW narrow filter (300 Hz)IF: 455 KHz
XF-117CCW narrow filter (500 Hz)IF: 11.7 MHz
XF-118SSSB filter (2.4 KHz)IF: 11.7 MHz
XF-119SNCollins mechanical SSB filter (2.3 KHz)IF: 455 KHz

XF-127CCW narrow filter (600 Hz)IF: 9 MHz

XF-127CNCW narrow filter (300 Hz)IF: 9 MHz

XF-455MCCW narrow filter (600 Hz)IF: 455 KHz
YD-148Desktop microphone, dynamic600 ohms/50 kohms switchable

YD-844ADesk microphone600 ohms/50 kohms switchable

YE-7AStandard hand microphone

YF-110CNCW narrow filter (250 Hz)IF: 455 KHz

YF-110SNSSB narrow filter (2.0 KHz)IF: 455 KHz

YF-114CNCW narrow filter (250 Hz)IF: 8.2 MHz

YF-114SNSSB narrow filter (2.0 KHz)IF: 8.2 MHz

YF-115CCollins mechanical CW/RTTY filter (500 Hz)IF: 455 KHz

YF-115S-02Collins mechanical SSB filter (? KHz)

YF-116AAM filter (6 KHz)IF: ?

YF-116CCW narrow filter (500 Hz)IF: ?
YF-122CCollins mechanical CW narrow filter (500 Hz)IF: 455 KHz
YF-122CNCollins mechanical CW narrow filter (300 Hz)IF: 455 KHz
YF-122SCollins mechanical SSB filter (2.3 KHz)IF: 455 KHz

YH-1Headset with microphone


YH-77STAStereo headphones

YSK-857Separation cable

YSK-900Separation kitFor FT-900

YSK-8500Separation kitFor FT-8500

YSK-8900Separation kit. Front panel bracket and 6 m remote cableFor FT-8800R and FT-8900R



EA-HFM1Mobile whip for EDX-2

EBC-8Front control panel bracket

EBC-9Mobile underdash bracket

EDS-4Front panel remote cable, 1.5 meter

EDS-5Microphone extension cord

EDS-6Front panel remote cable, 4.5 meter

EDX-1Manual antenna tuner

EDX-2Automatic antenna tuner

EJ-26UCTCSS/PL encoder unit
EJ-43U20F3 GMSK DV unit
EJ-47U10F3 GMSK DV unit

EMS-14Desktop microphone



ABF-125VHF civil airband filter
ARD-300Digital voice decoderMulti-protocol
ARD-9000Digital voice modem
ARD-9800Digital voice modem

AS-5000Antenna switch module

DC-3000DC power cord

CR-5000Tape recorder cable

CT-5000CTCSS/PL tone decoder unit

DS-8000Voice inversion descrambler unit

MF-2.5Collins SSB filter (2.5 KHz)

MF-3Collins SSB filter (3 KHz)

MF-4Collins mechanical filter (4 KHz)
MF-6.0Collins AM filter (6 KHz)

MF-300Collins CW filter (300 Hz)
MF-500Collins narrow CW filter (500 Hz)
SDU-5000Spectrum display unit10.7 MHz IF input
SDU-5500Spectrum display unit10.7 MHz IF input
SDU-5600Spectrum display unit10.7 MHz IF input
TV-5000External NTSC TeleVision adapter
TV-5000AInternal NTSC TeleVision adapter
TVA-1External NTSC TeleVision adapter


CardinalHand microphone
D-104 Golden EagleDesktop microphone
D-104 M6BHand microphone
D-104 Silver EagleDesktop microphone
DN-HZ-SDesktop microphone
DR-10S SynabarDesktop microphone
DR-11S DynabarDesktop microphone
Road DevilHand microphoneElectret
Super SidebanderDesktop microphone
600-S ConneautDesktop microphone
636LHand microphone

Barker & Williamson

VS300AAntenna tuner10-160 m



SWF 5-40Preselector & preamp


BA-106Desktop microphone
BA-109Desktop microphone
BA-116Hand/Desktop microphone


RDS ManagerExternal RDS decoder


AF-406KActive filter

RX-110DXPre-amp, 2 m>15 dB
RX-430DXPre-amp, 70 cm>13 dB


DFDoppler direction finder
DF2Doppler direction finder


EC-2019Desktop microphone


DTR-3KAAntenna tuner
Jr. MonitorAntenna tuner


ATV-LOGOVideo text overlay unit


VV200 VOX-GaAsPre-amp, 2 m


ARS RCIUniversal rotor interface, azimuth1st generation
ARS RCI-ELUniversal rotor interface, elevation1st generation
ARS RCI-SEUniversal rotor interface, azimuth & elevation2nd generation

ARS-USB (Az)Universal rotor interface, azimuth3rd generation (formerly named RCI-USB)
ARS-USB (Az/El)Universal rotor interface, azimuth & elevation3rd generation (formerly named RCI-USB)





CS40Compact padded carrying case. Room for accessories

CS60Padded carrying case. Room for accessories & MH3 microphone

KXAT2Internal wide range auto-ATU

KXAT100Wide range 100 W auto-ATU that mounts inside KXPA100

KXBC2External charger for KXBT2

KXBT2Li-Ion battery pack. 11 V, 2.6 Ah. Internal or external use

KXIO2Real-time clock and general purpose outputs

KXPD2Attached precision keyer paddle

MH3Hand microphone with up/down buttons
P3Panoramic adapter


Cardax 950Desktop microphone
MercuryDesktop microphone
600-DHand microphone
630Desktop microphone

Euro CB

DM-466Hand microphone


Video-Script 550Video titler


HC-10SSB receiving converter


80Desktop microphone


QF-1Q multiplier

SA-2060-AAntenna tuner

Janel Laboratories

144PBPre-amp, 2 m

Kuhne Electronic


K.W. Electronics

Q-MultiplierQ Multiplier

LDG Electronics

AT-100 ProAutomatic antenna tuner
AT-1000Automatic antenna tuner
Z-100Automatic antenna tuner


SP-150Speaker/S-meter unit


MFJ 1118Power panel


PR-2BPre-amp, 2 m/70 cm16-20 dB
PR-145APre-amp, 2 m18 dB
PR-430APre-amp, 70 cm16 dB
PRH-145APre-amp, 2 m20 dB
PRH-430APre-amp, 70 cm20 dB

Microwave Modules


MMG 50-GFPPre-amp, 6 m

MMG 70-GFPPre-amp, 4 m

MMG 1440-GFPPre-amp, 2 m

MMG 144Vpre-amp, 2 m

MMG 1296GaAsFET pre-amp, 23 cm

MMG 1691GaAsFET pre-amp, 1691 MHz


KX-1Antenna tunerQRP
KX-2Antenna tunerQRP

KX-3Antenna tunerQRP
KX-S9Antenna tunerQRP
KX-QRPAntenna tunerQRP
MS-1Speaker-microphoneFor the "Pico" series transceivers
MX-1DMarker unit
VX-15External VXOFor MX-15



RA-2Pre-amp, 2 m12 dB

Panoramic Radio Products Inc.

PixModelTypeSweep widthQuicknote
PCA-2 T-200Panoramic spectrum display200 KHz1946

SA-1Panoramic spectrum display-1942

SA-2A T-100Panoramic spectrum display100 KHz1942

SA-2Panoramic spectrum display-1942

SA-3 T-50Panoramic spectrum display50 KHz

SA-3 T-100Panoramic spectrum display100 KHz

SA-3 T-200Panoramic spectrum display200 KHz

SA-3 T-1000Panoramic spectrum display1 MHz

SA-3 T-2000Panoramic spectrum display2 MHz

SA-3 T-3000Panoramic spectrum display3 MHz

SA-3 T-6000Panoramic spectrum display6 MHz

SB-1 T-200Panoramic spectrum display200 KHz1942

SB-3Panoramic spectrum display-


DRU-2pxDigital voice recorderFor TS-850 & TS-950SDX
EX-243pxIambic keyer boardFor IC-735, IC-740, IC-745 & IC-970
EX-310pxVoice synthesizerFor IC-751, IC-751A & IC-R71 and more
FTS-6pxCTCSS/PL encoder/decoderFor FT-209, FT-709 & FT-727
FTS-7ApxCTCSS/PL encoder/decoderFor FT-290RII, FT-690RII & FT-790RII
FTS-8pxCTCSS/PL encoder/decoderFor FT-650, FT-736, FT-767, FT-770, FT-2700RH and more
FTS-12pxCTCSS/PL encoder/decoderFor FT-23R, FT-33R, FT-212RH, FT-912RH and more
FTS-22pxDual CTCSS/PL encoder/decoderFor FT-4600, FT-5100, FT-5800, FT-8500 and more
IF-232pxRS-232 level converterFor various Kenwood radios

TSU-5pxCTCSS/PL decoderFor TS-790A & TM-221A
TSU-5DpxDual CTCSS/PL decoderFor TS-790A & TM-221A

TSU-6pxCTCSS/PL encoder/decoderFor TH-25AT, TH-45AT, TH-55AT, TM-231A, TM-541A and more
TU-3pxCTCSS/PL encoderFor TM-201 and TM-401
TU-5pxCTCSS/PL encoderFor TS-711A & TS-811A
TU-7pxCTCSS/PL encoderFor TR-751A
TU-8pxCTCSS/PL encoderFor TS-140S & TS-680S
TU-79pxCTCSS/PL encoderFor TR-7930 & TR-7950
UT-29pxCTCSS/PL encoder/decoderFor IC-28A & IC-28H
UT-34pxCTCSS/PL encoder/decoderFor IC-970
UT-34DpxDual CTCSS/PL encoder/decoderFor IC-970
UT-36pxVoice synthesizerFor IC-275, IC-475, IC765, IC-970, IC-R7100 and more
UT-40pxCTCSS/PL encoder/decoderFor IC-2GAT, IC-32A, IC-228, IC-2400, IC-901 and more
UT-50pxCTCSS/PL encoderFor IC-2SAT, IC-24, IC-229, IC-820 and more
UX-14pxSerial interface/band memory moduleFor IC-751, IC-751A & IC-R71A
VS-1pxVoice synthesizerFor TS-440, TS-711, TS-811, TS-940 and more
VS-2pxVoice synthesizerFor TS-450, TS-790, TS-850, TS-950 and more



ACDC200Mini microphone

ACFD093Remote speaker-microphone

ACFD193RJ45 extension cord, 2 meter

ACPB093Quick release bracket
LibertyWireless speaker-microphone


FC-102Antenna tuner


DAFM CWDigital audio filter moduleBW: 300 / 1000 Hz
DAFM General PurposeDigital audio filter moduleBW: 300 / 2400 Hz
DAFM SSBDigital audio filter moduleBW: 2100 / 2400 Hz
PowerPole Fuser-6Power panel
Laserbeam-817SSB/CW filter module for Yaesu FT-817BW: 500 / 2400 Hz

SSB Electronic

DBA-270Pre-amp, 2 m/70 cm20 dB
LNA-3000Pre-amp, 50-3000 MHz13 dB
LNA-5000Pre-amp, 50-5000 MHz20 dB
MHP-145Pre-amp, 2 m18 dB. QRO version

SP-6Pre-amp, 6 m20 dB
SP-13Pre-amp, 13 cm25 dB
SP-23Pre-amp, 23 m20 dB
SP-2000Pre-amp, 2 m20 dB
SP-7000Pre-amp, 70 cm20 dB


MP-716Hand microphone



CB-73Hand microphone
Roadking 56Hand microphone


Expander 500Desktop microphone
M+2/UHand microphone
Plus 2Desktop microphone
Plus 3Desktop microphone
Super SidekickDesktop microphone
22XDesktop microphone
454X Desktop microphone


BC906WWireless DECT speaker-microphone


WLMD-1Tone decoder systemCCIR/DTMF/EEA/ZVEI


QRM-EliminatorNoise canceller

West Mountain Radio

RigRunner 4005Power panel
RigRunner 4008Power panel
RigRunner 4010SPower panel
RigRunner 4012Power panel
RigRunner 8012Power panel