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It's been a while since my last update, but serious illness in my family has taken its toll on my spare time, leaving me
no choice but to almost completely halt my work with RigPix. Incoming emails have also been left unanswered during
this period. However, I'll now try to do some updates again and also go through my mailbox. So please be patient :-)

With that said, here we go again!

New "Fusion" mobiles from Yaesu: FTM-300DE (Europe) / FTM-300DR (USA)

Baofeng UV-5R Pro.
Bearcat BC-950XLT.
Belcom Liner 2 DX and Liner 10.
Beltek W3470.
Commander 134-B and 122-170.
Concorde Mark II Pro 20.
Danita Junior and Junior FM.
Emperor MX-5424 "Caesar".
Handic ML and 924 S.
Hira HH-857.
Icom IC-2GA, IC-2GE, IC-22U, IC-23, IC-24G, BC-30, BC-35, IC-RM1, IC-RM2 and UT-40.
Johnson Messenger 351 and Viking 352D.
Kraco Pro-40 Mark III and Super DeLuxe (KCB-4030).
Lafayette DC-24 AM/FM and HA-650 (99-2570WX).
Mach 2000.
Midland 79A-892.
PacComm Tiny-2.
President Himalaya and Himalaya WB.
Robyn Porta-scan 2000 and Pro-100.
Samlex SEC 1235M.
Scancom CB-60.
Scooper Jupiter.
Siglent SPD3303C and SPD3303X.
Silver 15AF-29B "Space Master".
Sommerkamp TS-732P.
Sony ICF-6800.
Svera/Svensk Radio Pro-16 and AM-FM001.
Telex CB-73 "Double header" and CB-88.
Tristar 747 (Mk1) and 747 (Mk2).
Universe 3900.
UPO Trooper M-5.
Zodiac U-3.

Better pictures of Belcom Liner 2, Daiwa LA-2080H, Icom IC-4E, Johnson Viking 352, Kenwood TH-D74E, Robyn Porta-Scan 2000B, Rystl CB-4082 and Yaesu FT-209RH.