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WHAT'S NEW 2024?

A new SDR receiver from SDRPlay: RSPdx-R2.
Two new DV capable scanners from Uniden Bearcat: BCD-160DN and BCD-260DN.

Alinco DJ-V57E and DJ-V57T.
AOR AR-880.
Bromeco CD-10X.
Diamond SX-20C, SX-40C, SX-100, SX-200, SX-240C, SX-400, SX-600 och SX-1100.
Lafayette Atena.
NorthStar NS-9500.
Radioddity QT60.
The "Sylvan Twins": CR-9 and MT-25W.
Thunderpole T-600
TIDRadio TD-H8 (2nd gen).

I've created an equipment accessibility reference list for visually impaired hams and SWLs.
This time I also removed the "Operator gallery" as it did see very little use.

A new SDR receiver from SDRplay; the RSP1B.
A new HF / 6 m transceiver from Xiegu; the X6200.
Baofeng's new triband HT; the 5RM.
A new CB/export base transceiver from Ranger: RCI-29 Base.

Alinco EDS-9.
AOR AR-2500 and AR-2800.
Cobra 31 Plus.
Danita 424S.
Handic 004 UHF and 365A.
Icom AH-24, AH-56, AH-100, AH-109PB and CX-10G.
Lafayette Petrusse.
Nova-Tech Nova Pal (RDF-410).
Outdoors Technologies StrikeAlert (LD1000).
Regency XL-2000 (XLH-250B).
RGO One "Little Warrior" (By LZ2JR).
Royce 641 (1-641).
Ten-Tec Omni VII+ (588+).
Timewave DSP-9 and DSP-9+.

The following areas have now been overhauled with corrected errors, some new pictures, documents and updated
HTML for 4.01 compliance; "ATV and DXTV", "Receiving converters", "Transmitting converters", "Transverters",
"Specialized radios" and "Accessories & options".