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Last modified 2024-02-24

FM-IF and receiver circuits

AN240PFM IF Amplifier and DiscriminatorNTE712
AN377FM IF-amplifier and DetectorNTE788
AN5215FM IF Amplifier and DiscriminatorNTE1234
AN5730FM IF Amplifier and DiscriminatorNTE1234
AN5732FM IF Amplifier and DiscriminatorNTE1234

BA403FM IF-Amplifier and DiscriminatorNTE1541
BA4112FM IF detector

CA3012FM IF Wideband AmplifierNTE726
CA3089FM IF-amplifier and DetectorNTE788
CX20111WFM/AM receiver
CXA1002M/NLow power FM IF

DBL1011FM/AM IF-amplifier and Detector

GL3201FM IF Amplifier and DiscriminatorNTE712

HA1124FM IF Amplifier and Discriminator
HA1125FM IF Amplifier and DiscriminatorNTE712
HA1137WFM IF-amplifier and DetectorNTE788
HA11225FM IF Amplifier and DiscriminatorNTE1488

IR3N06Low Power Narrowband FM IFNTE853

KA2101FM IF Amplifier and DiscriminatorNTE712
KA2245FM IF Amplifier and DiscriminatorNTE1541
KA3361BLow Power Narrowband FM IFNTE853
KB4402FM IF-amplifier and DetectorNTE788
KIA6003SFM IF-Amplifier and Discriminator
KIA6040PFM IF-Amplifier and Discriminator
KIA7130PFM IF Amplifier and Audio Preamplifier
KT3361BLow Power Narrowband FM IFNTE853

LA1140FM IF System for Car RadioNTE1604
LA1143FM IF System for Car Radio
LA1145FM IF System (Quadrature Detector)
LA1150NFM IF Amplifier and DiscriminatorNTE1541
LA1230FM IF system
LA1231NFM IF Amplifier and DiscriminatorNTE1441
LA1225MFM IF Detector
LA1235FM IF Amplifier and Discriminator
LA1365FM IF Amplifier and Discriminator
LM2111NLow Power Narrowband FM IFNTE708, ULN2111A
LM2111N-01Low Power Narrowband FM IFNTE708, ULN2111N
LM2113NLow Power Narrowband FM IFNTE709
LM3065NFM IF Amplifier and DiscriminatorNTE712
LM3089Low Power Narrowband FM IFNTE788
LM3189FM IF-amplifier and Detector
LM3361ALow Power Narrowband FM IF
LSC1008PFM IF Amplifier and DiscriminatorNTE712

M51173PFM IF Amplifier and Discriminator
MC1357Low Power Narrowband FM IFNTE708
MC3357Low power NFM IF and squelch
MC3359Low Power Narrowband FM IF
MC3361Low Power Narrowband FM IF
MC3361BLow Power Narrowband FM IF
MC3362Low power narrowband FM receiver
MC3363Low power narrowband FM receiver
MC3371Low Power Narrowband FM IF
MC3372Low Power Narrowband FM IF
MC13135Low Power Narrowband FM IF
MC13136Low Power Narrowband FM IF
ML13135Low Power Narrowband FM IF

NE605FM IF Amplifier and Discriminator
NE606FM IF Amplifier and Discriminator
NE616FM IF Amplifier and Discriminator
NJM2206FM IF-Amplifier and Discriminator
NJM3357Low Power Narrowband FM IFNTE853
NJM3359Low Power Narrowband FM IF

RCL10483Narrowband FM/AM IF-amplifier and Demodulator

SA604ALow Power Narrowband FM IFNTE129
SA605FM IF Amplifier and Discriminator
SA606Low voltage high performance mixer FM IF
SA2132CAM/FM receiver
SK3487FM IF Amplifier and DiscriminatorNTE124
SL5018Low Power Narrowband FM IF
SN76642NLow Power Narrowband FM IFNTE709
SN76643NLow Power Narrowband FM IFNTE708
SN76664NFM IF Amplifier and DiscriminatorNTE712

TA7061APFM-IF amplifier
TA7130PFM-IF amplifier and detectorNTE1234
TA7176PFM-IF amplifier and DiscriminatorNTE1236
TA7303PFM-IF amplifier and Discriminator
TCA3189FM-IF-amplifier and detectorNTE7016
TDA1047FM-IF amplifier and detector
TDA1200FM-IF-amplifier and detectorNTE788
TDA7000FM radio circuit
TDA7021TFM tuner with MPX output
TDA7040TPLL stereo decoder
TDA7088TFM receiver for battery supply
TK10420Narrowband FM/AM IF-amplifier and Demodulator
TK10483Narrowband FM/AM IF-amplifier and Demodulator
TK10487Narrowband FM/AM IF-amplifier and Demodulator
TK10930Narrowband FM/AM IF-amplifier and Demodulator

ULN2111ALow Power Narrowband FM IF
ULN2111NLow Power Narrowband FM IFNTE708
ULN2113NLow Power Narrowband FM IFNTE709
ULN2165NFM IF Amplifier and DiscriminatorNTE712
ULN3859ALow Power Narrowband FM IF

uPC1028HFM IF Amplifier and Discriminator
uPC1167C2FM IF Amplifier and DiscriminatorNTE1488