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Last modified 2009-12-20
Some catalogues are PDF:s and some are not, but I will convert them soon.

AllgonLate 70'sEnglish10.4 MB
Danita1987-88Swedish4.2 MB
Danita1993Danish4.4 MB
Diamond antenna2008English9.3 MB
DLS scanners1980'sSwedish2.2 MB
Hallicrafters1946English4.8 MBPoor quality
Handic1976Swedish11.3 MB
Handic1978Swedish11.5 MB
Heathkit1963English7.7 MB
Heathkit autumn1978English7.7 MB
Kenwood (amateur radio)2002English1.5 MB
Kraco/Saga Trading1980-81Swedish4.7 MB
Kraco/Saga Trading1982Swedish6.2 MB
Lafayette1969Swedish4.5 MB
Lafayette1978Swedish9.4 MB
Sommerkamp1978German4.5 MB
Sommerkamp1979English4.7 MB
Sommerkamp1980English4.5 MB
Sommerkamp1983German2.3 MB