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Last modified 2013-11-09

Tonna 220921

Type:Amateur UHF Yagi, 21 elements
Band(s):432-434 MHz
Gain:15.9 dBd, f/b 29.7 dB
Beamwidth (-3 dB):E-plane: 23.6°
H-plane: 24.4°
Wind area:Max 0.16 mē
Max power:1 KW
Impedance:50 ohms, N-jack
Dimensions:Boom: 4.6 m
Longest el: 360 mm
Weight:3.1 Kg
Manufactured:France, 19xx-20xx (Discontinued)
Other:The driven element is a folded dipole with a
quarter wave bazooka sleeve at the feed point
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