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Last modified 2014-01-22



A 10 m repeater on channel RH6 (in compliance with IARU region 1 band plan)

The repeater is QRT until further notice due to lack of suitable QTH.

And the same message in swedish:

Repeatern är QRT tills vidare på grund av brist på lämpligt QTH.

Repeater facts RH6:

TX29.670 MHz
RadioZodiac Profi-6
Antenna1/2-wave vertical
HeightAbout - masl
ERP~75 W (PA: Zetagi B-300P) with forced cooling. Conservatively driven

RX 129.570 MHz
RadioZodiac M-5006LM
Antenna1/2-wave vertical
HeightAbout - masl

A spoken ID is transmitted every 15 minute.
The repeater has a "dah-dih-dah" courtesy beep and about 20 seconds "hang time" before closing.

Status info

QRT until further notice.

The 75 W transmitter is now online and transmitting audio from the R6x repeater. The receiver will come online when
the weather permits. A full hardware installation including antenna is required for this. There will be a period of various
adjustments and intermittent TX function for the next couple of weeks.

Older status info...