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10 meter
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Recommended CTCSS/PL

Last modified 2015-06-20
Here in Sweden, setting up a repeater is OK for any licensed ham without special permit (including on 6 m, a general ham band
in Sweden since 2009-01-29) as this activity is completely deregulated by the authorities. It is however advisable to coordinate
frequencies with SSA (Sveriges Sändare Amatörer), our national association, but sadly this is not required.

For access, a common method is to transmit a 1750 Hz tone burst to "fire up" the repeater. The duration of this tone is depending
on repeater design, but usually 0.2-2 seconds will do the trick. Once the repeater is opened, no more tone is needed until it has
closed. According to IARU recommendations, all repeaters should be using CTCSS/PL tone by the end of 2014. There are still some
repeaters on 6 m, 2 m and 70 cm with nothing but a carrier required for startup, but this is simply poor and lazy design.

I will NOT list repeaters utilizing simplex frequencies as main input/output.

This list also contains neighbouring repeaters that are possible to reach from Stockholm under fair operating conditions.

Click the links for more info. For a nice repeater and beacon map over the Scandinavian countries, click here!

Recommended CTCSS/PL-tones for repeaters in all swedish districts can be found at the bottom of this page.

10 meter

DesignationCallOutputInputMax BWQTHAccessEchoLinkIRLPNotes
RH1SK0RFO/R29.62029.5206 KHzKista/Tensta1750 Hz or CTCSS/PL 88.5 Hz--QRT when checked, spring 2014
RH2-29.63029.530- KHz----
RH3-29.64029.540- KHz----
RH4-29.65029.550- KHz----
RH5-29.66029.560- KHz----
RH6-29.67029.5706 KHz-----
RH7-29.68029.580- KHz----
RH8-29.69029.590- KHz----

6 meter

DesignationCallOutputInputMax BWQTHAccessEchoLinkIRLPNotes
RF81SE2E/R51.81051.21016 KHzSaltsjö BooCarrier--
RF83-51.83051.230- KHz-----
RF85SK5LW/R51.85051.25016 KHzEskilstunaCarrier--Planned
RF87-51.87051.270- KHz-----
RF89-51.89051.290- KHz-----
RF91-51.91051.310- KHz-----
RF93-51.93051.330- KHz-----
RF95SL0DZ/R51.95051.3508 KHzMusköCTCSS/PL 77.0 Hz--Planned
RF97SK0RYG/R51.97051.370- KHz-CTCSS/PL 77.0 Hz--Linked with RU3/RU374 and R7x/RV63
RF99-51.99051.390- KHz-----

2 meter

Old / new
CallOutputInputMax BWQTHAccessEchoLinkIRLPNotes
--- / RV46SK5LW/R145.575144.9758 KHzEskilstunaCTCSS/PL 82.5 Hz or DTMF 5--Ärla water tower
R0 / RV48SL0ZS/R145.600145.00016 KHzStockholm1750 Hz204538-Linked with RU12 / RU392
R0 / RV48SK5RO/R145.600145.00016 KHzÖsthammar---
R0x / RV49SK5LW/R145.6125145.01258 KHzEskilstunaCTCSS/PL 82.5 Hz or DTMF 0--Hällby water tower
R1 / RV50SK0RIX145.625145.0258 KHzNacka/EktorpCarrier--20W ERP. No hangtime at all
R2 / RV52SK0RDZ145.650145.05016 KHzBrottby1750 Hz--
R2x / RV53SL0DZ/R145.6625145.06258 KHzNynäshamnCTCSS/PL 77.0 Hz--Temporary QTH
R3 / RV54SK0PQ/R145.675145.07516 KHzStockholm NW1750 Hz or CTCSS/PL 123.0 Hz--
R3x / RV55SK0QO/R145.6875145.087516 KHzHaningeCTCSS/PL 77.0 Hz--Linked with RU6 / RU380
R3x / RV55SM0GJK/R145.6875145.087516 KHzNorrtäljeCarrier--Linked with RU12 / RU392
R4 / RV56SK0MK/R145.700145.10016 KHzMariefred/Läggesta1750 Hz--
R4x / RV57SK0BJ/R145.7125145.11258 KHzNynäshamnCTCSS/PL 77.0 Hz--
R5 / RV58SM0HGS/R145.725145.12516 KHzSkärholmenCarrier7485-Linked with RU13 / RU394
R6 / RV60SK5DB/R145.750145.1508 KHzUppsala/Vedyxa1750 Hz or CTCSS/PL 82.5 Hz--
R6x / RV61SM0OFV/R145.7625145.16258 KHzSolnaCTCSS/PL 123.0 Hz688385-Relaunched 2007-06-18. New callsign 2008-04-25
R7 / RV62SK5RHQ145.775145.17516 KHzVästeråsCTCSS/PL 82.5 Hz--
R7x / RV63SM0DWC/R145.7875145.187516 KHzStockholm NE1750 Hz or CTCSS/PL 77.0 Hz--Linked with RU3 / RU374 (SK0RYG/R)

70 centimeter

Old / new
CallOutputInputMax BWQTHAccessEchoLinkIRLPNotes
RU0 / RU368?434.600432.60016 KHzStockholm southCarrier--
RU0 / RU368SK5RO/R434.600433.00016 KHzÖsthammar - --Launched 1989
RU1 / RU370SK0CT/R434.625432.62516 KHzKista Science Tower1750 Hz or CTCSS/PL 77.0 Hz390539-
RU2 / RU372SM0WAJ/R434.650432.65016 KHzJohanneshovCarrier--
RU3 / RU374SK0RYG/R434.675432.67516 KHzUpplands VäsbyCTCSS/PL 77.0 Hz--Linked with R7x / RV63 and RF97
RU3x / RU375SK0MG/R434.6875432.68758 KHzStockholm/LidingöCTCSS/PL 77.0 Hz--NFM & DMR
RU4 / RU376SK0MT/R434.700436.30016 KHzTäbyCarrier--Linked with 145.525 simplex
RU5 / RU378SM0YIX/R434.725432.72516 KHzStockholm southCarrier--
RU5x / RU379SK0MT/R434.7375432.737516 KHzTäbyCTCSS/PL 77.0 Hz--Planned
RU6 / RU380SK0QO/R434.750432.75016 KHzHaningeCTCSS/PL 77.0 Hz--Linked with R3x / RV55
RU6 / RU380SK5DB/R434.750432.75016 KHzUppsala1750 Hz or CTCSS/PL 82.5 Hz--
RU6x / RU381SK0RYG434.7625432.76258 KHzUpplands VäsbyCTCSS/PL 123.0 Hz--NFM & DMR
RU7 / RU382SK0NN/R434.775432.77516 KHzHaningeCarrier--
RU7 / RU382SK5RHQ434.775432.77516 KHzVästeråsCTCSS/PL 82.5 Hz--
RU8 / RU384SA0AZT/R434.800432.80016 KHzVallentuna/Kvarnberget1750 Hz or CTCSS/PL 77.0 Hz377608-
RU9 / RU386SM0DWC/R434.825432.82516 KHzSödertälje1750 Hz or CTCSS/PL 77.0 Hz--
RU9x / RU387SM0WAJ/R434.8375432.83758 KHzStockholmCarrier?--Planned
RU10 / RU388SK0ZA/R434.850432.85016 KHzStockholm NWCTCSS/PL 123.0 Hz--New callsign 2014-10-12
RU11 / RU390SM0WIU/R434.875436.47516 KHzBotkyrkaCarrier--Linked with 145.475 simplex
RU11x / RU391SK0RPF434.8875432.88758 KHzSigtunaCTCSS/PL 123.0 Hz--NFM & DMR
RU12 / RU392SL0ZS/R434.900432.90016 KHzVästberga1750 Hz204538-Linked with R0 / RV48
RU12 / RU392SM0GJK/R434.900432.90016 KHzNorrtäljeCarrier--Linked with R3x / RV55
RU13 / RU394SM0WAJ/R434.925436.52516 KHzSätraCarrier7485-Linked with R5 / RV58
RU14 / RU396SK0CT/R434.950432.95016 KHzStockholm N1750 Hz or CTCSS/PL 77.0 Hz--
RU14 / RU396SM5KFL/R434.950432.95016 KHzEnköpingCTCSS/PL 156.7 Hz--Relaunched 2008
RU15 / RU398SK0VR/R434.975432.97516 KHzVärmdö1750 Hz--
RU15 / RU398SK5RUZ434.975432.97516 KHzEskilstuna cityCTCSS/PL 151.4 Hz--Short hangtime

2 meter D-Star

For more information, goto (in english) or (in swedish)

DesignationCallOutputInputMax BWQTHLinkedNotes
RV47SK0MQ145.5875144.98756 KHzStockholmREF031A (0600-0000)
REF001C (0000-0600)

70 centimeter D-Star

For more information, goto (in english) or (in swedish)

DesignationCallOutputInputMax BWQTHLinkedNotes
U363SB0K434.5375432.53756 KHzTäbyREF031QRT?
U364SK0PT434.550432.5506 KHzKungsängen--
U366SK0QO434.575432.5756 KHzStockholm southREF031
RU10 / RU388SK5LW/R434.850432.8506 KHzEskilstuna
Hällby water tower

70 centimeter DMR/MotoTRBO

For more information, goto (in english) or (in swedish)

DesignationCallOutputInputMax BWQTHLinkedNotes
U361SK0RMQ434.5125432.51256 KHzNacka or Tyresö?DMR-MARC NetworkID: 240010
U363SK0NN434.5375432.53756 KHzTyresöDMR-MARC NetworkID: ?
U365SK0MQ434.5625432.56256 KHzTäbyDMR-MARC NetworkID: 240013
RU3x / RU375SK0MG/R434.6875432.68756 KHzStockholm/LidingöDMR-MARC NetworkID: 240099. DMR & NFM (77.0 Hz)
RU6x / RU381SK0RYG434.7625432.76256 KHzStockholm/Upplands Väsby-DMR & NFM (123.0 Hz). Planned
RU11x / RU391SK0RPF434.8875432.88756 KHzSigtuna-DMR & NFM (123.0 Hz)
RU15x / RU399SA0AZT/R434.9875432.98756 KHzStockholm/Kista-

23 centimeter

DesignationCall OutputInputMax BWQTHAccessEchoLinkIRLPNotes
RM1SK0CT/R1297.0251291.02516 KHzKistaCarrier--

Recommended CTCSS/PL-tones for all districts

DistrictPrimary Secondary 1Secondary 2Secondary 3
SM077.0 Hz123.0 Hz67.0 Hz100.0 Hz
SM1218.1 Hz233.6 Hz

SM2107.2 Hz146.2 Hz162.2 Hz186.2 Hz
SM3127.3 Hz141.3 Hz250.3 Hz
SM474.4 Hz85.4 Hz151.4 Hz
SM582.5 Hz91.5 Hz103.5 Hz203.5 Hz
SM6114.8 Hz118.8 Hz94.8 Hz131.8 Hz
SM779.7 Hz156.7 Hz210.7 Hz225.7 Hz