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Nordisk Teleproduktion Antilop AB1017

A picture of Nordisk Teleproduktion Antilop AB1017


Type:VHF "Supermarket" receiver
Frequency range: 169.500-169.900 MHz
Tuning steps:Channelized
Frequency stability:? ppm
Channels / memory management: 1 regular
XTAL controlled
Power supply:Mains: 110/130, 220/240 VAC
Current drain / power consumption:Max ? W
Antenna impedance / connector:50 ohm / SO-239
Dimensions (W*H*D):460*180*220 mm (18.11*7.09*8.66")
Weight:? Kg (? lb)
Other features:

Receiver system: Double conversion superheterodyne
1st IF: 35 MHz
2nd IF: 2 MHz
Image rejection:
AF output power / speaker:? W at ?% distortion / ? ohm
External speaker connector:

Manufactured:Sweden, 196x-196x (Discontinued)
Additional info: This receivera was used by the swedish supermarket chain Konsum, to receive
special price offerings in their stores.

When the system was scrapped, the receivers were sold as surplus. Many found
a new home with radio amateurs who converted them with a homebrew VFO for
reception of the 2 meter band.

Surplus price 1972 in Sweden: SEK 2479:-
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Modifications and fixes:
Options / Accessories:
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A picture of Nordisk Teleproduktion Antilop, four-knob version (Modified)
Four knob version (Modified)