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Last modified 2022-12-22


AA135Germanium diode
BB105ACapacitance diode
BB105BCapacitance diode
BB105GCapacitance diode
MA4853Medium barrier mixer diode
MA4882Medium barrier mixer diode
MA40103Low barrier mixer diode
MA40153Medium barrier mixer diode
BB156Low-voltage variable capacitance diode
MI204Pin diodeXB15A204
MI301Pin diode/RF switch (5 W)
MI303Pin diode/RF switch (10 W)
MI308Pin diode/RF switch (10 W)XB15A308
MI402Pin diode/RF switch (25 W)XB15A402
MMBV3700LT1High voltage silicon pin diode
MPN3700High voltage silicon pin diode
XB15A204Pin diodeMI204
XB15A301Pin diode/RF switch
XB15A303Pin diode/RF switch
XB15A308Pin diode/RF switchMI308
XB15A402Pin diode/RF switchMI402
1N4148High-speed switching diode
1N4448High-speed switching diode
1SS355High-speed switching diode
60S05Rectifier diode. 50 V, 6 A
60S1Rectifier diode. 100 V, 6 A
60S2Rectifier diode. 200 V, 6 A
60S4Rectifier diode. 400 V, 6 A
60S6Rectifier diode. 600 V, 6 A
60S8Rectifier diode. 800 V, 6 A
60S10Rectifier diode. 1000 V, 6 A