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Last modified 2020-06-24

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SHF Design SHF-2328 (By WiMo)

A picture of SHF Design SHF-2328 (By WiMo)


Type:Amateur UHF yagi, 28 elements
Band(s):1240-1300 MHz (23 cm)
Gain:15.4 dBd, f/b 26 dB
Beamwidth (-3 dB):E-plane: ?
H-plane: 21.8
Max power:500 W
Impedance / connector:50 ohm / N-jack
Wind area:? m (? ft)
Dimensions:Boom length: 1.6 m (5.25 ft)
Longest element: ? mm (?")
Weight:? Kg (? lbs)
Mast mount diameter:?-? mm
Manufactured:Germany, 200x-20xx
Other:New price 2011 in Germany: 130.00 Euro
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