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Jaybeam D15/1296

A picture of Jaybeam D15/1296
Type:Amateur UHF yagi, 15+15 elements
Band(s):1280-1330 MHz (23 cm)
Gain:15 dBd, f/b ? dB
Beamwidth (-3 dB):E-plane: ?
H-plane: 28
Wind area:? m
Max power:150 W
Impedance / connector:50 ohms / N-jack
Dimensions:Boom: 87 cm (34.2")
Longest el: ? cm (?")
Weight:1.2 Kg (2.65 lbs)
Manufactured:England, 197x-198x (Discontinued)
Other: Slot fed skeleton yagi
New price 1978 in the UK: 23.00
New price 1979 in Sweden: SEK 287:- + VAT
Related documents:Assembly manual (3.4 MB)