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Last modified 2012-06-06

Force 12 C3

Type:Amateur HF yagi, 7 elements
Band(s):10/15/20 m (12/17 m with tuner)
Gain:12.3-12.6 dBi (Slightly less on WARC), f/b 14-22 dB
Beamwidth (-3 dB):E-plane: ?°
H-plane: ?°
Wind area:? mē
Max power:5 KW
Impedance:50 ohms
Dimensions:Boom: 5.5 m
Longest el: 11.3 m
Weight:25 Kg
Manufactured:USA, 1993-20xx
Other:New price 2009 in the US: $1087.00
New price 2012 in Sweden: 14950:- SEK
Related documents:Assembly manual (1.6 Mb)