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Last modified 2011-08-08

Dressler ARA-2000HDX

Type:VHF/UHF active antenna
Band(s):50-2000 MHz
Gain:12.5-14.5 dB (NF: 3-5.5 dB)
Voltage:12.5 VDC
Current drain:Max 200 mA
Max power:RX only!
Impedance:50-75 ohms
Length:45 cm (9 cm diameter)
Weight:2 Kg
Manufactured:Germany, 200x-201x (Discontinued)
Other:A higher 3rd order IP3 +48 dBm compared to the LL-model = a better
choice in urban areas with lots of RF in the air, where the risk of
intermodulation distortion and images is high.
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