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Yaesu FT-102

A picture of Yaesu FT-102


Type:Amateur HF transceiver
Frequency range: 10-160 m + WARC in 12 bands
1.8-2.0 MHz (160 m)
3.5-4.0 MHz (80 m)
7.0-7.5 MHz (40 m)
10.0-10.5 MHz (30 m)
14.0-14.5 MHz (20 m)
18.0-18.5 MHz (17 m)
21.0-21.5 MHz (15 m)
24.5-25.0 MHz (12 m)
28.0-28.5 MHz (10 m)
28.5-29.0 MHz (10 m)
29.0-29.5 MHz (10 m)
29.5-29.9 MHz (10 m)
Tuning steps:Analog / continuous
Frequency stability:Less than 100 Hz per hour after 30 minutes warmup
Mode:AM / SSB / CW (AM TX and FM RX/TX option)
Channels / memory management: No built-in (12 memories in optional FV-102DM)
Repeater shift / offset:No dedicated (Use split or memory operation in optional FV-102DM)
Power supply:Mains: 100 / 117 / 200 / 234 VAC
Current drain / power consumption:RX: 95 VA (Heaters off)
TX: Max 440 VA (100 W output)
Antenna impedance / connector:50-75 ohm / SO-239
Dimensions (W*H*D):368*129*310 mm (14.5*5.08*12.2")
Weight:15 Kg (33.1 lb)
Other features:VOX. NB. IF notch.

Receiver system: Double conversion superheterodyne
1st IF: 8.2 MHz
2nd IF: 455 KHz
Sensitivity: AM: 1 uV (10 dB (S+N)/N), RF-amp on, no optional filter
FM: 0.4 uV (20 dB quieting), RF-amp on (with optional AM/FM unit)
SSB: 0.25 uV (10 dB (S+N)/N), RF-amp on, no optional filter
CW: 0.18 uV (10 dB (S+N)/N), RF-amp on, no optional filter
Selectivity: AM/SSB/CW (With no filter options):
2.7 KHz (-6 dB)
4.8 KHz (-60 dB)

The "Width" control adjusts continuously from 2.7 KHz to 500 Hz (-6 dB)
Image rejection:1.8-21.5 MHz: >70 dB
24.5-29.9 MHz: >50 dB
AF output power / speaker:1.5 W at 10% distortion / 8 ohm
External speaker connector:4-16 ohm

RF output power:

1.8-25 MHz28.29.9 MHz
AM:~40 W (80 W input)~40 W (80 W input)
FM:~50 W (120 W input)~50 W (120 W input)
SSB (PEP):~100 W (240 W input)~75 W (160 W input)
CW (DC):~100 W (240 W input)~75 W (160 W input)

NB1! AM and FM transmit requires the optional AM/FM unit

NB2! The PA is very conservatively driven, and can produce significantly
higher output power if properly peaked and tuned.
Modulation system: AM: Low level (with optional AM/FM unit)
FM: Variable reactance (with optional AM/FM unit)
SSB: Balanced
Max FM deviation (Factory set):5 KHz
Spurious emissions:Better than -40 dB
Microphone impedance / connector:200-600 ohm / 8-pin (Metal locking ring connector)
Microphone input level:? mV

Manufactured:Japan, 1982-1984 (Discontinued)
Additional info: Tube hybrid: 12BY7A driver and three 6146B finals (Yes, three!)

New price, october 1982 in the UK: 719.00
New price, december 1982 in the UK: 690.00
New price, october 1983 in the UK: 799.00
Related documents: User manual (10.7 MB)
Service manual (40 MB)
Modifications and fixes:
Reviews: CQ: June 1984, page 24
QST: October 1983, page 43
Options / Accessories:
Antenna tuner, 10-160 m, 1.2 KW PEP
External synthesized VFO with memories
Desk microphone
Hand microphone with up/down buttons
AM TX and FM RX/TX unit
External speaker
External speaker with phone patch
AM filter, 6 KHz
CW narrow filter, 600 Hz
CW narrow filter, 300 Hz
SSB filter
CW narrow filter
Desk microphone
Hand microphone with up/down buttons
Hand microphone
Hand microphone
Desk microphone