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Mobile VHF/UHF
HF transceivers

Swan Electronics was founded in 1961 by Herb Johnson, W6QKI. The name Swan was chosen in memory
of Herb's dad, whose name in the old country, Sweden, was Sven, but was Americanized to Swan when
he came to the USA. Swan became a subsidiary of Cubic Corporation in 1967. In 1974, Herb moved on
and started his second company, Atlas Radio.


PixModelBand/QRGModeMax P/OQuicknote
FM-2XA2 mFM10 W12 channels, XTAL
FM-1210A2 mFM10 W


PixModelBand/QRGModeMax P/OQuicknote
2506 mSSB/CW/AM100 W1965-19xx
250C6 mSSB/CW/AM100 W1968-19xx


PixModelBand/QRGModeMax P/OQuicknote
Astro 10310-160 m + WARCSSB/CW/RTTY100 W
Astro 15010-80 mSSB/CW100 W
Astro 150A10-80 mSSB/CW100 W

Astro 15115-160 mSSB/CW100 W
SS-200A10-80 mSSB/CW? W

SW-11515 mUSB150 W
SW-12020 mUSB150 W
SW-14040 mLSB150 W
SW-160X? m?? W

SW-17580 mLSB150 W
SW-24020/40/80 mSSB/CW/AM100 W
100 MX10-80 mSSB/CW100 W
102 BX10-160 mSSB/CW100 W
260 Cygnet10-80 mSSB/CW/AM100 W
270 Cygnet10-80 mSSB/CW/AM100 W

270B Cygnet10-80 mSSB/CW/AM100 W
35010-80 mSSB/CW/AM200 W1964-1965
350 MkII10-80 mSSB/CW/AM200 W1965-196x

350A10-80 mSSB/CW/AM200 W196x-196x

350B10-80 mSSB/CW/AM200 W196x-196x
350C10-80 mSSB/CW/AM200 W1968-197x
350D10-80 mSSB/CW/AM200 WDigital readout. 1977-19xx
40010-80 mSSB/CW/AM200 W1964-19xx

50010-80 mSSB/CW/AM200 W1967-19xx
500C10-80 mSSB/CW/AM200 W1968-19xx
500CX10-80 mSSB/CW/AM200 W1970-197x
700??? W
75010-80 mSSB/CW300 W1977-19xx