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Last modified 2024-01-13

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Kinetic Avionic SBS-1e

A picture of Kinetic Avionic SBS-1e


Type:SSR Mode-S/ADS-B virtual radar receiver (SSR = Secondary Surveillance Radar)
Frequency range: 1090 MHz
Tuning steps:-
Frequency stability:? ppm
Mode:Digital, 1 Mb/s PPM
Channels / memory management: One single channel
Power supply:5 VDC (Via USB connector or external PSU)
Current drain / power consumption:Max 100 mA (Max 200 mA with ethernet functions enabled)
Antenna impedance / connector:50 ohm / SMA (Magmount antenna is included)
Dimensions (W*H*D):130*25*95 mm (5.12*11.81*3.74")
Weight:175 g (6.17 oz)
Other features: Now with an improved receiver, smaller size and ethernet as standard!
USB and RS-232C connectivity. Connect to a PC, start the software and you'll get
a virtual radar screen that will display all properly equipped aircrafts in your covered
area, including ID, location, altitude and much more.

Receiver system: ? conversion superheterodyne
Image rejection:
AF output power / speaker:-
External speaker connector:-

Manufactured:2008-2009 (Discontinued)
Additional info:
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Modifications and fixes:
Options / Accessories:
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A rear picture of Kinetic Avionic SBS-1e