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Last modified 2007-06-29


General purpose PLL frequency synthesizer

Manufacturer: NEC
f (VCO) max: 14 MHz
Voltage: 5.0 VDC
Package: 18 pin DIP

Pin Name Description
1 STB Stroke input pin for 17 bit latch to specify "N" valve
2 R Input of phase comparator in case of rolling type of LPF, the standard input
3 P-Out Output pin of programmable divider
4 P-In Input pin of programmable divider
5 PSC ./. P at H; ./.(P-1) at Lo of continuous output of prescaler
6 Data Data input pin of 17 bit
7 CK Clock input pin of 17
8 V Variable input of phase comparator. In case of rolling LPF, connection with 3 pin
9 VSS Ground
10 LD Lock detec, High=Lock, Pulse=unlock
11 EO Phase comparator output (TV: state)
12 EOD Phase comparator output (Charge pump)
13 EOU Phase comparator output (CMOS output)
14 Q7 Standard frequency divider output ./. 128
15 Q10 Standard frequency divider output ./. 1024
16 Q9 Standard frequency divider output ./. 512
17 R=In Standard frequency divider input 1V p-p
18 VDD +5 VDC supply voltage

See also the explanation of PLL pin functions