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Last modified 2024-05-24

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Kenwood MC-60

A picture of Kenwood MC-60


Type:Dynamic desktop microphone
Frequency response:? Hz (-6 dB)
Sensitivity:? dB (? Hz, ? cm)
Output level:? mV
Output impedance / connector:? ohm / ?-pin (Female locking ring plug)
Power supply:? VDC (? batteries) or supplied by radio
Current drain:? mA
Dimensions (W*H*D): Base: 90*170*160 mm (3.54*6.69*6.3")
Mike, length: 170 mm (6.69")
Weight: Base: 795 g (1.75 lbs)
Mike: 190 g (6.7 oz)
Manufactured:Japan, 19xx-19xx (Discontinued)
Other: There appears to exist two versions of this model; one amplified and
one without amplifier. There is no indication of this in the model
number though. The amplified version can be powered either from internal
batteries or from the transceiver. The amplifier can also be switched
in or out underneath the base stand.

The amplified MC-60 version appears to be identical to MC-60A.
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