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Last modified 2020-11-15

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Radiosystem AB RS-211

A picture of Radiosystem AB RS-211


Type:VHF power amplifier
Frequency range:68-88 MHz
Output power:120 W (80-100 W nominal, 100% duty cycle)
Drive power:20 W (Max 25 W)
Power supply:14 VDC (From integrated PSU RS-210)
Current drain/power consumption:16-19 A
Impedance/connectors:50 ohm / Two N-jacks
Dimensions (W*H*D):482*130*270 mm (18.98*5.12*10.63"), complete with RS-210
Weight:14 Kg (30.86 lb), complete with RS-210
Manufactured:Sweden, 19xx-19xx (Discontinued)
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