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Last modified 2023-04-03

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ABOARD THE INTERNATIONAL SPACE STATION (ISS), About 410 Km (255 miles) above earth

For current news about the HamTV experiment, please check out this place.

For current info about the ARISS system, check here.

Update (2023-04-03)

The DATV transmnitter is now repaired and will be returned to ISS. With a little luck, it may be commissioned
early this summer. Let's keep our fingers crossed.

Update (2021-04)

The DATV transmitter is still in Italy. The failing parts have been replaced. The TX is now undergoing tests.

Update (2019-04)

The DATV transmitter is in Italy, awaiting examination.

Update (2018-04)

The DATV transmitter has stopped working and will be returned to earth for repair or replacement.

Update (2014-07-23)

The DATV transmitter will be in blank transmission mode beginning july 22 @ 0955 UTC, and run permanently until
august 6. It will run in configuration 4, which is 2.395 GHz, 2 Ms/s.

DATV (Ham video) commissioning postponed (2014-02-08)

Possible dates for the four commissioning steps are
March 8 (step 1)
March 9 (step 2)
March 16 (step 3)
Step 3 could be turned into step 4.
These dates are all on the weekend.

With this agenda, we have just 1 week of blank transmissions.

The agenda is still to be finalized.

Hot news (2014-01-26)

Digital Amateur Television commissioning - Blank transmissions

There are four commissioning steps scheduled for february 8, 15, 16 and march 5. Blank Transmissions will start
immediately at the conclusion of Commissioning Step 1 and will continue until Commissioning Step 4. This means
that the Digital ATV transmitter will operate continuously during 25 days.

The DATV signal parameters will be:
  • Downlink frequency: 2.395 GHz
  • DVB-S (QPSK modulation, MPEG2)
  • Symbol rate: 2 Ms/s
  • FEC :
  • Video PID = 256
  • Audio PID = 257
  • RF radiated power: approximately 10 W EIRP
Ham Video will operate with a Canon XF-305 camera, but the camera will be turned off during the blank transmissions.


News (2013-08-14)

IARU coordination panel has announced that the Ham TV project on ISS will be using the 13 cm band.
The frequencies are 2422.0 and 2437.0 MHz with a transmitter power of 10 W EIRP in the DVB-S format.

The equipment is now located in the Columbus module and will be used primarily during school contacts
but can also transmit prerecorded video material for up to 24 hours/day.

Voice and packet frequencies

QRGV/U repeater
145.990 FMUplink 3 KHz doppler. CTCSS/PL 67.0 Hz
437.800 FMDownlink 10 KHz doppler
143.625 FMPrimary non-ham downlink. Do NOT transmit here!
145.800 FMHam voice/SSTV downlink, worldwide
145.825 FMHam packet up/downlink, worldwide
145.200 FMHam voice uplink, region 1 (Europe, Russia and Africa)
144.490 FMHam voice uplink, region 2 & 3 (Americas, Asia & Oceania)
437.550 FMHam packet up/downlink, worldwide