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Last modified 2022-12-22

RF/Coax relays

60-24014248 VDC, 500 MHz
CCR-33S and CR-33SSMA, DC-18 and DC-22 GHz
CX-120A10-14 VDC, 1000 MHz. Direct connection
CX-120P10-14 VDC, 1000 MHz. PCB mounting
CX-520D10-14 VDC, 2000 MHz. N-jack
CX-600M10-14 VDC, 500 MHz. SO-239 (M-jack)
CX-600N10-14 VDC, 2000 MHz. N-jack
CX-600NL10-14 VDC, 1000 MHz. N-jack
CX-800M10-14 VDC, 500 MHz. SO-239 (M-jack)
CZX-350010-14 VDC, 4000 MHz. N-jack