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CB terms and slang

"10" signalsMeaning
10-1Receiving poorly
10-2Receiving well
10-3Stop transmitting
10-4OK, message received
10-5Relay message
10-6Busy, stand by
10-7Out of service, leaving air
10-8In service, subject to call
10-9Repeat message
10-10Transmission completed, standing by
10-11Talking too rapidly
10-12Visitors present
10-13Advise weather/road conditions
10-16Make pickup at...
10-17Urgent business
10-18Anything for us?
10-19Nothing for you, return for base
10-20My location is...
10-21Call by telephone
10-22Report in person to...
10-23Stand by
10-24Completed last assignment
10-25Can you contact...
10-26Disregard last information
10-27I am moving to channel...
10-28Identify your station
10-29Time is up for contact
10-30Does not conform to FCC rules
10-32I will give you a radio check
10-33Emergency traffic at this station
10-34Trouble at this station, help needed
10-35Confidential information
10-36Correct time is
10-37Wrecker needed at...
10-38Ambulance needed at...
10-39Your message delivered
10-41Please tune to channel...
10-42Traffic accident at...
10-43Traffic tieup at...
10-44I have a message for you/or...
10-45All units within range, please report
10-46Assist motorist
10-50Break channel...
10-60What is next message number?
10-62Unable to copy, use phone
10-63Net directed to...
10-64Net clear
10-65Awaiting your next message/assignment
10-67All units comply
10-70Fire at...
10-71Proceed with transmission in sequence
10-73Speed trap at...
10-75You are causing interference
10-77Negative contact
10-81Reserve hotel room for...
10-82Reserve room for...
10-84My telephone number is...
10-85My address is...
10-89Radio repairman needed at...
10-90I have TVI
10-91Talk closer to mike
10-92Your transmitter is out of adjustment
10-93Check my frequency on this channel
10-94Please give me a long count
10-95Transmit dead carrier for 5 seconds
10-99Mission completed, all units secure
10-100Need to go to bathroom
10-200Police needed at...
A big 10-4OK, over and out
AppleA CB addict
Back doorLast rig in convoy
Ballet dancerA swaying antenna
Bear's denPolice station
Bear in the airPolice helicopter
BeastA CB rig
Breaker nnCut into CB channel nn
Bug outLeaving a channel
Chopped topShort antenna
Chicken coopWeighing station
County mountyLocal police
Cub scoutsSheriff's men
Double nickels55 Mph (US national speed limit)
Drop the hammerStep down on the gas
Flip sideReturn trip
Four wheelerPassenger car
Front doorFirst rig in convoy
Ghost townCasper, Wyoming
Good buddyAny other CB'er
Green stampsToll roads
Local yokelSmall town policeman
One eyed monsterTelevision
Plain wrapperUnmarked police car
Play deadStand by
Seat coverGirl in car
ShakytownLos Angeles, California
Smokey bearHighway patrol
Tijuana taxiPolice car with light flashing