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Last modified 2020-12-22

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Xiegu GSOC

A picture of Xiegu GSOC


Type:Universal controller & data terminal
Power supply:10.5-16.5 VDC
Current drain/power consumption:Max 600 mA
Dimensions (W*H*D):230*130*45 mm (9.06*5.12*1.77")
Weight:1.2 Kg (2.65 lb)
Manufactured:China, 2020-202x
Other: Connects to the IF output from applicable radios.
7" color LCD touch screen, 1024*600 pixels.
200 KHz bandwidth spectrum display and waterfall.
PSK, RTTY and CW modes. Voice call and preset messages.
Adds FM mode to Xiegu G90. Supports mouse & keyboard.
Multiband RX & TX equalizers, and more...
Related documents: User manual (1.1 MB)
Quick guide (75 KB)
Modifications and fixes:
Applicable radios: Xiegu G90
Xiegu X5105
Another picture of Xiegu GSOC
Yet another picture of Xiegu GSOC