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Last modified 2017-01-03

Icom TV-R7000

A picture of Icom TVR-7000
Type:Television adapter
Video:AM, 1 Vp-p @ 75 ohm
Carrier input: 15.2 MHz (USA version), 16.2 MHz (European version)
Audio:Mono, 300 mV @ 47 kohm
IF: 4.5 MHz (USA version), 5.5 MHz (European version)
Voltage:9 VDC supplied by radio
Current drain:80 mA
Dimensions (W*H*D):35*110*200 mm (1.4*4.3*7.9")
Weight:620 gr (1.37 lbs)
Manufactured:Japan, 198x-198x (Discontinued)
Other:New price 1989 in the US: $129.95
Related documents:User manual (735 KB)
Applicable radios: IC-R7000
and possibly other radios...