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Mobile VHF/UHF
HF and more

Yaesu Musen Company Ltd. was founded in 1959 by Mr Sako Hasegawa.



FR-5010-80 mAM/SSB/CW1966

FR-50B10-80 mAM/SSB/CW

FR-10110-160 m/8*BC bandsAM/FM/SSB/CW/RTTY6 m and 2 m options

FR-101D10-160 m/8*BC bandsAM/FM/SSB/CW/RTTY6 m and 2 m options

FR-101S10-160 m/8*BC bandsAM/FM/SSB/CW/RTTY6 m and 2 m options

FRdx-40010-160 mAM/SSB/CW6 m and 2 m options

FRdx-50010-80 mAM/FM/SSB/CW2 m option

FRG-70.5-30 MHzAM/SSB/CW1976-1980

FRG-1000.05-30 MHzAM/SSB/CWFM option. 1994-2000

FRG-96560-905 MHzAM/FM/WFM/SSB

FRG-70000.5-30 MHzAM/SSB/CW1977-1980

FRG-77000.15-30 MHzAM/FM/SSB/CW1981-1984

FRG-88000.15-30 MHzAM/FM/SSB/CW118-174 MHz option. 1985-1993

FRG-960060-905 MHzAM/FM/WFM/SSBSSB up to 460 MHz only

VR-1200.1-1300 MHzAM/FM/WFM

VR-120D0.1-1300 MHzAM/FM/WFM640 memories

VR-5000.1-1300 MHzAM/FM/WFM/SSB/CW1000 memories

VR-50000.1-2600 MHzAM/NAM/WAM/NFM/WFM/SSB/CW2000 memories


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FL-5010-80 mAM/SSB/CW25 WFR-50 companion. 1966

FL-50B10-80 mAM/SSB/CW75 WFR-50B companion

FL-10110-160 mAM/SSB/CW100 WFR-101D or S companion.

FLdx-40010-80 mAM/SSB/CW100 WFRDX-400 companion.

FLdx-50010-80 mAM/SSB/CW240 WFRDX-500 companion.


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FT-1DE2 m/70cmFM/DV5/5 WRX: 0.5-999 MHz. Twin RX

FT-1DR2 m/70cmFM/DV5/5 WRX: 0.5-999 MHz (Less cellular). Twin RX

FT-10R2 mFM5 WKeyboard. RX: 140-174 MHz

FT-11R2 mFM5 WKeyboard. RX: 110-180 MHz AM/FM

FT-23R2 mFM5 W

FT-262 mFM5 WRX: 140-174 MHz

FT-33R220 MHzFM5 W

FT-40R70 cmFM5 WKeyboard. RX: 420-470 MHz

FT-41R70 cmFM4.5 WKeyboard

FT-50R2 m/70 cmFM5/5 WKeyboard. RX: 76-200 / 300-540 / 590-999 MHz

FT-51R2 m/70 cmFM5/5 W

FT-60R2 m/70 cmFM5/5 WRX: 108-520 / 700-999 MHz

FT-73R70 cmFM5 W

FT-7670 cmFM5 W

FT-10423 cmFM1 W

FT-109RH220 MHzFM5 W


FT-203R2 mFM2.5 W

FT-207R2 mFM2.5 W

FT-208R2 mFM2.5 W

FT-209R2 mFM3.5 W

FT-209RH2 mFM5 W

FT-250R2 mFM5 WRX: 136-174 MHz

FT-2522 mFM5 WRX: 136-174 MHz

FT-25770 cmFM5 WRX: 400-480 MHz

FT-2702 mFM5 WRX: 136-174 MHz

FT-290R2 mFM/SSB/CW2.5 W

FT-290RII2 mFM/SSB/CW2.5 W

FT-404R70 cmFM? W

FT-411MKII2 mFM5 W

FT-411R2 mFM5 WRX: 140-174 MHz

FT-4152 mFM5 WRX: 130-174 MHz

FT-4162 mFM5 W

FT-4702 m/70 cmFM5/5 WTwin RX

FT-5302m/70cmFM5/5 WTwin RX

FT-690R6 mFM/SSB/CW2.5 W

FT-690RII6 mFM/SSB/CW2.5 W

FT-703R70 cmFM? W

FT-708R70 cmFM1 W

FT-709R70 cmFM? W

FT-727R2 m/70 cmFM5/4.5 W

FT-790R70 cmFM/SSB/CW1 W

FT-790RII70 cmFM/SSB/CW2.5 W

FT-81170 cmFM5 W

FT-81570 cmFM5 W

FT-81670 cmFM5 W

FT-81710-160 m + WARC/6 m/2 m/70 cmAM/FM/SSB/CW5/5/5/5 WRX: 0.1-56 / 76-154 / 420-470 MHz

FT-817ND10-160 m + WARC and 60 m/6 m/2 m/70 cmAM/FM/SSB/CW5/5/5/5 WRX: 0.1-56 / 76-154 / 420-470 MHz

FT-91123 cmFM1 W

FT-230323 cmFM1 W

VX-1R2 m/70 cmFM500 mW/500 mWRX: 0.5-1.7 / 76-999 MHz

VX-2R2 m/70 cmFM3 / 2 WRX: 0.5-999 MHz

VX-3R2 m/70 cmFM1.5 / 1 WRX: 0.5-999 MHz

VX-5R6 m/2 m/70 cmFM5/5/5 WRX: 0.5-16 / 48-729 / 800-999 MHz

VX-6R2 m/(222 MHz)/70 cmFM5/5 WRX: 0.5-999 MHz.

VX-7R6 m/2 m/(222 MHz)/70 cmFM5/5/5 WRX: 0.5-999 MHz. Twin RX

VX-8DE6 m/2 m/70 cmFM5/5/5 WTwin RX. APRS. Bluetooth and GPS options

VX-8E6 m/2 m/70 cmFM5/5/5 WTwin RX. APRS. Bluetooth and GPS options

VX-8GE2 m/70 cmFM5/5 WTwin RX. APRS. Built-in GPS

VX-8R6 m/2 m/222 MHz/70 cmFM5/5/1.5/5 WTwin RX. APRS. Bluetooth and GPS options


VX-1102 mFM5 WRX: 140-174 MHz

VX-1202 mFM5 WRX: 137-174 MHz

VX-1502 mFM5 WDTMF keypad. RX: 140-174 MHz

VX-1702 mFM5 WRX: 137-174 MHz


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CPU-2500R2 mFM25 W


FT-2 Auto2 mFM10 WXTAL

FT-90R2 m/70 cmFM50/35 WRX: 100-230 / 300-530 / 810-1000 MHz

FT-211RH2 mFM45 W

FT-212RH2 mFM45 W

FT-2152 mFM50 W

FT-2242 mFM10 WXTAL

FT-227R2 mFM10 W

FT-230R2 mFM25 W

FT-270R2 mFM25 W

FT-270RH2 mFM45 W

FT-311RM220 MHzFM25 W

FT-480R2 mFM/SSB/CW10 W

FT-627RA6 mFM10 W

FT-680R6 mAM/FM/SSB/CW10 W

FT-711RH70 cmFM35 W

FT-712RH70 cmFM35 W

FT-715H70 cmFM35 W

FT-720R2 m/70 cmFM25/10 W

FT-730R70 cmFM10 W

FT-770RH70 cmFM25 W

FT-780R70 cmFM/SSB/CW10 W

FT-912R23 cmFM10 W

FT-1500M2 mFM50 WRX: 134-174 MHz

FT-1802E2 mFM50 WRX: 136-174 MHz

FT-1900R2 mFM55 WRX: 136-174 MHz

FT-22002 mFM50 W

FT-2311R23 cmFM10 W

FT-2312R23 cmFM10 W

FT-24002 mFM50 WRX: 140-174 MHz

FT-2500M2 mFM50 W

FT-2600M2 mFM60 WRX: 134-174 MHz

FT-2700R2 m/70 cmFM?/? W

FT-2700RH2 m/70 cmFM25/25 W

FT-2800M2 mFM65 WRX: 137-174 MHz

FT-2900R2 mFM75 WRX: 136-174 MHz

FT-3000M2 mFM50 WTwin RX

FT-37002 m/70 cmFM?/? W

FT-38002 mFM? W

FT-390070 cmFM? W

FT-4600H2 m/70 cmFM?/? WTwin RX

FT-4700RH2 m/70 cmFM50/40 WTwin RX

FT-4800H2 m/70 cmFM50/35 WTwin RX

FT-4800M2 m/70 cmFM25/25 WTwin RX

FT-51002 m/70 cmFM50/35 WTwin RX

FT-52002 m/70 cmFM50/35 WTwin RX

FT-5800H70 cm/23 cmFM35/10 WTwin RX

FT-5800M70 cm/23 cmFM25/10 WTwin RX

FT-620070 cm/23 cmFM35/10 WTwin RX

FT-7100M2 m/70 cmFM50/35 WRX: 108-180 / 320-480 / 810-1000 MHz. Twin RX

FT-720070 cmFM35 W

FT-7400H70 cmFM35 WRX: 420-470 MHz

FT-7800 (Older)2 m/70 cm/23 cmFM?/?/10 WTriple RX

FT-7800R2 m/70 cmFM50/40 W

FT-7900R2 m/70 cmFM50/45 WRX: 108-520 / 700-990 MHz

FT-8000R2 m/70 cmFM50/35 WTwin RX

FT-81002 m/70 cmFM20/20 WTwin RX

FT-8100R2 m/70 cmFM50/35 WTwin RX

FT-85002 m/70 cmFM50/35 WTwin RX

FT-8800R2 m/70 cmFM50/35 WTwin RX

FTM-10R2 m/70 cmFM50/40 WBluetooth. Twin RX

FTM-3502 m/70 cmFM50/50 WGPS/APRS. Bluetooth. Twin RX

FTM-400D2 m/70 cmFM/DV50/50 WTouch screen. GPS/APRS. Bluetooth. Twin RX

Sigmasizer 200R2 mFM10 W


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FT-2202 mFM/SSB/CW10 W1974

FT-2212 mAM/FM/SSB/CW10 WAnalog display

FT-221R2 mAM/FM/SSB/CW10 WAnalog display

FT-221RD2 mAM/FM/SSB/CW10 WDigital display

FT-225R2 mAM/FM/SSB/CW25 WAnalog display

FT-225RD2 mAM/FM/SSB/CW25 WDigital display

FT-620B6 mAM/SSB/CW20 W

FT-625R6 mAM/FM/SSB/CW25 WAnalog display

FT-625RD6 mAM/FM/SSB/CW25 WDigital display

FT-726R2 mFM/SSB/CW10 W6m or 70 cm option

FT-736R2 m/70 cmFM/SSB/CW25/25 W6m & 23cm option


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FT-One10-160 m + WARCAM/SSB/CW/(FM)100 WRX: 0.15-30 MHz

FT-710-80 mSSB/CW10 W

FT-7B10-80 mAM/SSB/CW50 W

FT-5010-80 mAM/SSB/CW100 W1967

FT-7510-80 mSSB/CW20 WVXO

FT-7710-80 m + WARCFM/SSB/CW100 W

FT-100 (older)10-80 mAM/SSB/CW150 W1966

FT-10010-160 m + WARC/6m/2m/70cmAM/FM/SSB/CW100/100/50/20 WRX: 0.1-970 MHz

FT-100D10-160 m + WARC/6m/2m/70cmAM/FM/SSB/CW100/100/50/20 WDSP. RX: 0.1-970 MHz

FT-10110-80 mAM/SSB/CW100 W

FT-101B10-160 mAM/SSB/CW100 W

FT-101E10-160 mAM/SSB/CW100 W

FT-101EE10-160 mAM/SSB/CW100 W

FT-101FE10-160 mAM/SSB/CW100 W

FT-101FX10-160 mAM/SSB/CW100 W


FT-101Z10-160 mSSB/CW100 W

FT-101ZD10-160 m (+ WARC)AM/SSB/CW100 WEarly versions did not
feature the WARC bands

FT-10210-160 m + WARCAM/SSB/CW100 WFM option. Tube hybrid

FT-10710-160 mAM/SSB/CW100 W

FT-200HFAM/SSB/CW100 WTubes

FT-20110-80 mAM/SSB/CW? WTubes

FT-201S10-80 mAM/SSB/CW100 WTubes

FT-25010-80 mAM/SSB/CW100 WTubes

FT-30110-160 mAM/SSB/CW100 WAnalogue readout

FT-301D10-160 mAM/SSB/CW100 WDigital readout

FT-301S10-160 mAM/SSB/CW10 WAnalogue readout

FT-301SD10-160 mAM/SSB/CW10 WDigital readout

FT-45010-160 m + WARC / 6 mAM/FM/SSB/CW100/100 W

FT-450D10-160 m + WARC / 6 mAM/FM/SSB/CW100/100 W

FT-60010-160 m + WARCAM/SSB/CW100 W

FT-6506-12 mAll-mode100 W

FT-6556-12 mAll-mode100 W

FT-655S6-12 mAll-mode100 W

FT-70710-80 m + WARCAM/SSB/CW100 W

FT-707S10-80 m + WARCAM/SSB/CW10 W

FT-747GX10-160 m + WARCAll-mode100 WRX: 0.1-30 MHz. 1988

FT-747SX10-160 m + WARCAll-mode10 WRX: 0.1-30 MHz. 1988

FT-757GX10-160 m + WARCAll-mode100 WRX: General coverage

FT-757GXII10-160 m + WARCAll-mode100 WRX: General coverage

FT-767GX10-160 m + WARCAM/FM/SSB/CW/AFSK100 WRX: 0.1-30 MHz, 6 m/2 m/70 cm options

FT-84010-160 m + WARCAM/SSB/CW100 WRX: 0.1-30 MHz. FM option

FT-84710-160 m + WARC/6 m/2 m/70 cmAll-mode100/100/50/50 WRX: 0.1-512 MHz with gaps
FT-85710-160 m + WARC / 6 m / 2 m / 70 cmAll-mode100/100/50/20 WDSP option
FT-857D10-160 m + WARC and 60 m / 6 m / 2 m / 70 cmAll-mode100/100/50/20 WDSP

FT-89010-160 m + WARCAll-mode? WRX: General coverage
FT-89710-160 m + WARC/6 m/2 m/70 cmAll-mode100/100/50/20 WDSP
FT-897D10-160 m + WARC and 60 m/6 m/2 m/70 cmAll-mode100/100/50/20 WDSP and TXCO


FT-90010-160 m + WARCAll-mode100 WDetachable head. RX: 0.1-30 MHz

FT-901DM10-160 mAll-mode100 W

FT-902DM10-160 m + WARCAll-mode100 W

FT-920AF10-160 m + WARC / 6 mAM/SSB/CW100/100 WRX: 0.1-30 MHz. FM option. DSP

FT-95010-160 m + WARC / 6 mAM/FM/NFM/SSB/CW/RTTY/Packet100/100 WRX: 0.03-56 MHz. IF-DSP

FT-98010-160 m + WARCAll-mode100 WRX: 0.15-30 MHz

FT-99010-160 m + WARCAll-mode? WRX: General coverage

FT-99110-160 m + WARC / 2 m / 70 cmAM/FM/SSB/CW/RTTY/PSK/DV100/50/50 W32-bit IF DSP

FT-1000D10-160 m + WARCAll-mode200 WRX: 0.1-30 MHz, Twin RX

FT-1000MP10-160 m + WARCAll-mode100 WRX: 0.1-30 MHz, Twin RX

FT-1000MP Mark V10-160 m + WARCAll-mode200 WRX: 0.1-30 MHz, Twin RX

FT-1000MP Mark V Field10-160 m + WARCAll-mode100 WRX: 0.1-30 MHz, Twin RX

FT-200010-160 m + WARC / 6 mAll-mode100 WTwin RX

FT-2000D10-160 m + WARC / 6 mAll-mode200 WTwin RX
FT-8900R10 m/6 m/2 m/70 cmFM/NFM50/50/50/35 WTwin RX

FTdx-10010-80 mAM/SSB/CW75 W

FTdx-40010-80 mAM/SSB/CW560 W

FTdx-40110-80 m + 30 mSSB/CW560 W

FTdx-120010-160 m + WARC / 6 mAM/FM/NFM/SSB/CW/RTTY/Packet100/100 WRX: 0.03-56 MHz

FTdx-300010-160 m + WARC / 6 mAM/FM/SSB/CW/RTTY/Packet100/100 W

FTdx-500010-160 m + WARC / 6 mAM/FM/SSB/CW/RTTY/Packet200/200 WRX: 0.03-60 MHz. Twin RX

FTdx-5000D10-160 m + WARC / 6 mAM/FM/SSB/CW/RTTY/Packet200/200 WRX: 0.03-60 MHz. Twin RX

FTdx-5000MP10-160 m + WARC / 6 mAM/FM/SSB/CW/RTTY/Packet200/200 WRX: 0.03-60 MHz. Twin RX

FTdx-9000 Contest10-160 m + WARC / 6 mAM/FM/SSB/CW/RTTY/Packet200 W

FTdx-9000D10-160 m + WARC / 6 mAM/FM/SSB/CW/RTTY/Packet200 W

FTdx-9000MP10-160 m + WARC / 6 mAM/FM/SSB/CW/RTTY/Packet400 W