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Electrotone M-100.
Globe Electronics Mobiline Six.
Heathkit GC-1A and GC-1U "Mohican".
Icom IC-HM5, IC-M1 Euro and IC-M1 Euro V.
Lafayette HA-39, HA-45, HA-146, HA-460, HE-45, HE-45A, HE-50 and KT-390 Starflite.
Mini-Products B-24 and M-4.
Mosley TA-36.
P & H Electronics LA-400C.
QYT KT-7900D.
Revco RS-2000 and RS-3000.
Solar Electronics System VI.
Surecom KT-8900D.

A better pix of Trio 9R-59.

Alinco DM-330FX(E/T).
Colonel 324 and CB-512S.
Hy-Gain 11 (1291) and 12 (1292).

Icom IC-M33, IC-M34, IC-M35, IC-M36, BC-139, BC-177, BP-216, BP-217, BP-256, EX-310, OPC-025A, OPC-025D, OPC-088,
OPC-131, OPC-440, OPC-478, OPC-478UC, OPC-499, OPC-581,OPC-587, OPC-589, OPC-1156, OPC-1457R, OPC-1529R, OPC-1655,
TV-R7000 and TV-1275.

Norlin SR-2070, SR-2090 and SR-2093.
President SX8020M.
Realistic Pro-2045 (20-9418).
Yaesu FT-902D.

Pictures of Dressler D-200S and Realistic Pro-21.
Better picture of JIL SX-400.