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Last modified 2015-11-17

Sweden - SM0OFV

Some projects - old and current

80m QRP - CW TX
RH6 - 29 MHz repeater
R6x - 145 MHz repeater (in swedish only)

QTH:Solna, near Stockholm
QRV: All-mode: HF / 6 m / 2 m / 70 cm / 23 cm / 13 cm
D-Star on 2 m and 70 cm
DMR on 70 cm
ATV: 23 cm and 13 cm
I also have all-mode RX capability on 3 cm (10 GHz)
QSX:R6x repeater, 144.750 FM simplex and 14.320 USB.
1255 MHz simplex on ATV
QSL:Via bureau
Packet:Sporadically on APRS
E-mail:Please check the SM Callbook

For your amusement (!?), some pictures from my unknown musical career (cough!) back in
the seventies when I played guitar and bass with my friends in a band (sort of). I also did
some lead singing. Smoke on the water anyone?