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Last modified 2013-02-11

Icom IC-R7100

A picture of Icom IC-R7100
Type:HF/VHF/UHF receiver/scanner
Frequency range:25-2000 MHz
Mode:AM (6 KHz BW)
FM (15 KHz BW)
FM-N (6 KHz BW)
Receiver system:Triple-conversion superheterodyne (AM/FM/SSB)
Double conversion superheterodyne (WFM)
25-512 MHz:
1st IF: 778.7 MHz
2nd IF: 10.7 MHz
3rd IF: 455 KHz (AM/FM/SSB)
512-1025 MHz:
1st IF: 266.7 MHz
2nd IF: 10.7 MHz
3rd IF: 455 KHz (AM/FM/SSB)
(Crystal converter system above 1025 MHz)
Sensitivity:AM: 1.6 uV (10 dB S/N)
FM: 0.35 uV (12 dB SINAD)
WFM: 1 uV (12 dB SINAD)
SSB: 0.2 uV (10 dB S/N)
Selectivity:AM/FM-N: 6 KHz (-6 dB)
FM/AM-W: 15 KHz (-6 dB)
WFM: 150 KHz (-6 dB)
SSB: 2.4 KHz (-6 dB)
Image rejection:>50 dB
Voltage:13.8 VDC or mains
Current drain:1.5-1.9 A
Impedance:50 ohms, N
Dimensions (W*H*D):241*94*239 mm
Weight:6 Kg
Manufactured:Japan, 1991-1998 (Discontinued)
Other:900 memories. TV option, CI-V
New price 1991 in Sweden: 11645:- SEK
Related documents:User manual (3.4 MB)
Service manual (28.5 MB)
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3SK121 Dual gate MOSFET
Modifications:Discriminator tap (1 KB)
TV receive & FM stereo adapter
Voice synthesizer unit
Mobile mounting bracket
Carrying handle
A rear picture of Icom IC-R7100