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Last modified 2017-06-29

Various MCU and CPU

DeviceDescriptionClockRAMI/O ports
Intel 80518-bit microprocessor with I/O3.5-12 MHz32 KB4*8 bit
Intel 8080A8-bit microprocessor2 MHz

Intel 8080A-18-bit microprocessor3.12 MHz

Intel 8080A-28-bit microprocessor2.67 MHz

M68HC11E family8-bit microprocessorDC-3 MHz256/512/768 bytes38 pins in 5 ports
MOS 65108-bit microprocessor with I/O1 or 2 MHz256 bytes1*8 bit
Samsung S3P7324CMOS microcontroller0.4-6 MHz256*4-bit8*I, 8*O, 16*I/O