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Last modified 2008-04-13

Invent-Tech BC-001

Type:UHF video receiver/baby monitor
Frequency range:2.4 GHz (3 channels)
Ch1: 2.414 GHz
Ch2: 2.432 GHz
Ch3: 2.450 GHz
Mode:FM-video. Mono audio subcarrier
Voltage:7.2-9 VDC (6*R6/AA) or 9 VDC external
Current drain:Max 230 mA
Impedance:Built-in 1/4-wave wire antenna
Dimensions (W*H*D):88*164*56 mm
Weight:310 gr (with batteries)
Manufactured:China/Hong Kong, 200x-200x
Other:1.8" color LCD. A/V out jack
Silly design for ham use, but it works! On the other hand,
you can always put the electronics in a new housing and
add a scanning circuit.
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Modifications:Video squelch removal (142 Kb)