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RX converters

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This area contains both purpose-built ATV gear as well as video transmission equipment suitable
for our hobby, with or without minor modifications. Some equipment for DXTV/TV-DXing can
also be found here.

As the 13 cm amateur band in many countries cover 2.3-2.45 or 2.4-2.45 GHz, various cheap
wireless video equipment can be used as building blocks for ATV use. Today, this also applies
to the 5.8 GHz band.

You should check that the audio sub-carrier and other standard parameters suits your particular
application. Manufacturers may also supply custom versions of some equipment. Just ask them.



AOR AR-STV900-2800 MHzFMPortable scanner

Comtech FM1200RTIM1240-1375 MHzFMDemo board

Comtech FM1394RTIM1240-1367.5 MHzFM"Platinum" demo board

Comtech FM2400RTIM82200-2710 MHzFMDemo board

Fongyao PVRW-24C2.4 GHzFMPortable receiver with MPEG4 recorder

FR632 (OEM)5.8 GHzFMDiversity and scanning

Hawksweep HS-5000A1.2 / 2.4 / 5.8 GHzFMScanning

Iftrontech Yellow Jacket Pro5.8 GHzFMDiversity receiver. 7 channels
Invent-Tech BC-0012.4 GHzFMPortable "Baby monitor"

König Electronic Vid-Trans12KN2.4 GHzFM4 channels

Lawmate SC-0825900-2520 MHzFMPortable scanner

LH RC832S5.8 GHzFM32 channels

Luda GP-7072.4 GHzFM4 channels

Luda GP-7082.4 GHzFM4 channels with scanning

Misumi WCS-99X900-2520 MHzFMPortable scanner

Misumi WCS-99XII-M900-2700 MHzFMPortable scanner

Misumi WCS-99XII-S900-2700 MHzFMPortable scanner

Optoelectronics Video Sweeper900-2520 MHzFMPortable scanner

Parabolic ATV-RX 23 cmFMRF out version

Parabolic ATV-RX 23 cmFMVideo/LF out version

PC Electronics ATVR-470 cmAMXTAL

RC-305 (OEM)5.8 GHzFM8 channels

RC-5808 (OEM)5.8 GHzFM8 channels

RX-LCD5802 (OEM)5.8 GHzFMDiversity and scanning with LCD screen

SpyTec Inc VS-1251.2 / 2.4 / 5.8 GHzFMPortable scanner

Videoscanner2.3-2.5 GHzFM



HS Publications D-100?-? MHzUHFFor TV-DXing

HS Publications D-100 De-Luxe44-105 / 140-300 / 470-820 MHzUHFFor TV-DXing

HS Publications D-500?-? MHzUHFFor TV-DXing

Microwave Modules MMC 435/600430-440 MHz~600 MHz (Ch. 35)

PC Electronics TVC-4G70 cmVHF Lo


PixModModelBand/QRGModeMax P/OQuicknote

Ajoka AJ-801T2.4 GHzFM1 W

Ajoka AJ-803T2.4 GHzFM3 W

Comtech FM1200TSIMG1240-1367.5 GHzFM50 mWDemo board

Comtech FM1394TSIM1240-1367.5 GHzFM50 mWDemo board

Comtech FM2350TSIMP2300-2555 MHzFM200 mWDemo board

Comtech FM2400TSIM2300-2555 MHzFM8 mWDemo board

Comtech FM2400TSIMG2300-2555 MHzFM>9 mWDemo board

Fortop TVT-43270 cmAM15 W3 channels, XTAL

Fortop TVT-43570 cmAM15 W2 channels, XTAL

FT-951 (OEM)5.8 GHzFM25 mW22 channels

ID Elektronik 6 cm TX5650-5850 MHzFM0.2 W

ID Elektronik 9 cm TX3400-3475 MHzFM0.2 W

ID Elektronik 13 cm TX2320-2450 MHzFM1.5 W

ID Elektronik 23 cm TX1240-1300 MHzFM2 W

Iftrontech Nano Stinger Pro5.8 GhzFM25 mW7 channels

König Electronic Vid-Trans12KN2.4 GHzFM10 mW4 channels

MFJ-8704433.97 MHzAM50 mW

MFJ-870870 cmAM50 mW4 channels

MFJ-870970 cmAM4.5 W4 channels

Microwave Modules MTV 435435 MHzAM20 W2 channels

Misumi MST-AB003M2.4 GHzFM30 mW4 channels

Misumi MST-AB010M2.4 GHzFM100 mW4 channels

Misumi MST-AB020M2.4 GHzFM200 mW4 channels

Misumi MST-AB050M2.4 GHzFM500 mW4 channels

Misumi MST-AB100M2.4 GHzFM1 W4 channels

Misumi MST-AB200M2.4 GHzFM2 W4 channels

Misumi MST-AB400M2.4 GHzFM4 W4 channels

Parabolic ATV-TX1240-1279 MHzFM200 mW

TS-582000 (OEM)5.8 GHzFM2 W8 channels

Videolynx Z23B23 cmFM2 W4 channels

Videolynx Z70A70 cmAM50 mW4 channels

Wood & Douglas ATV-170 cmAM3 WOne single channel


PixModModelBand/QRGModeMax P/OQuicknote

AEA FSTV-43070 cmAM? W1989

AEA FSTV-430A70 cmAM1 W1990

AEA VSB-7070 cmAM1 W

PC Electronics TC70-2070 cmAM20 W