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The initiative to build the database for RigPix was taken when I got fed up with the problem of keeping track of the vast number of radios manufactured. The aim is to provide pictures and basic specifications. I will try to keep the database updated as far as possible (a never-ending task, hehe!).

PLEASE NOTE that RigPix is NOT a commercial radio gear dealer or repair shop. It's only a database with pictures and information concerning radio communication gear.

Furthermore, I'm doing this on my spare time, so occasionally, I may not have the time to update as often as I would like to, but I will always try to whenever possible.

All indicated dates are ISO-compliant: YYYY-MM-DD.

Metric units are used as far as possible. Other units will be converted in due time.

WHAT YOU WON'T FIND: Common household radios for casual listening to local AM/FM broadcasts.
WHAT YOU WILL FIND: Ham-gear, communication receivers, scanners, CB and "Freeband" radios plus professional, military and various license-free radios and more.

Preferred screen resolution is at least 1400 pixels width. Otherwise, some layout oddities may occur. I am also slowly updating the old outdated html code to newer.

On the main page, the numbers within parentheses indicate the number of items in each area.

The pictures used are mostly scanned from ad's, product sheets and manuals. Some are produced by yours truly and some are sent to me by fellow radio nuts from all over the world. The quality may vary :-).

COPYRIGHT INFO: Picture copyrights belong to their respective owners. I can not give permission to use any pictures that are not mine. You are currently permitted to copy and use only the pictures that are clearly marked with my callsign (SM0OFV). If you use any of them, I would appreciate if you mentioned the source (The RigPix Database). You may NOT copy and/or modify this site, whole or in part, and put it online on another URL.

DISCLAIMER: The author does NOT accept any responsibility for ANY action taken due to the information on this site. The author also reserves the right to be wrong. There may be misspellings/language errors and/or other errors on this site. Visitors must keep in mind that it is very difficult to obtain absolute 100% accuracy and that english is not my native tongue.

73 DE SM0OFV/Janne